Gacha In Marvel and the Multiverse

Mc gets transmigrated into the world of Marvel with a Gacha system,Watch as our MC battles against all odds to fight through the events of Marvel Tags: No Harem,Multiversal story,Weak to strong.Gacha with template World: Main or first world: Marvel Second World:MHA or can be discussed in comments Third world:Recommend

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Chapter 17

Tom woke up the next day and was greeted with the sight of a system prompt

[Ding! System Updated]

Swiping away at the notification,Tom went into the washroom to wash his face and brush his teeth,he had already waited for such a long time and an extra ten minutes won't make a difference for now

After taking a bath,Tom put on new and Cody clothes as he made some coffee for himself as he sat down on his couch to take a look

"Alright system! What's new?" Tom asked

[Ding! System has been successfully updated]

[New Features: Rare Gacha, New missions added]

"hmm! You mean I can now get better Gacha,GIMME!"

Tom immediately pulled up the Gacha roll section,completely forgetting about the other feature as he ordered

"System show me"

[GP: 5000]

[Gacha rolls]

[Common Gacha-100 GP]

[Uncommon Gacha-500 GP]

[Rare Gacha-1000 GP]

"System! Is there any guarantee that I will only get good stuff from this Gacha" Tom asked worriedly as he looked at the sky high price

He could make ten Uncommon level Gacha rolls with the same amount

[No host! The Gacha is completely random and cannot be predicted even by the system,unlock higher level system updates for such features]

"hah! Are you saying you can help me predict Gacha outcomes if I level you up,isn't that you cheating on yourself" Tom asked a little weirded out by the system

[Ding! The system was made to be helpful to the host]

"whatever I guess,give me five a rare level Gacha rolls "

As soon as Tom said so,the familiar sounds of Gacha roulette started in his mind before they came to a halt

[Ding! Five Gacha rolls have been pulled]

[Rare Gacha item:Boots of Hermes(Percy Jacskson]

[Rare Gacha item: Seven Marine Arts(One Piece]

[Rare Gacha talent: Hightened Reflexes]

[Rare Gacha item: 500,000 dollar]

Tom immediately understood what most of the things were as he had already watched the movie Percy Jackson and the lightning thief,plus he had some understanding of One Piece,but he was more enamoured with Bleach and dragon ball Z so he didn't watch the anime

It was his first time getting a talent,the system explained to him that talent was something that people are born with,and with this,his natural reflexes were now faster

He gave a nod at the good stuff he had got,though it also brought an unsettling feeling to his mind,as whenever something really good happens to him,he finds that those close to him suffer

Tom shook of his thoughts as he looked at the rather much more brighter notification,it seems he had really pulled up something cool

[Rare Gacha Item: Character Card]

The last item had him a bit confused,Tom who was currently watching the table saw a giant stack of cash appear along with a pair of normal looking boots except they had small pair of wings on them that gave them life,he also saw a book appear,the last thing to appear was a glowing card that gave off blue light

"System! What is this blue card?" Tom asked a bit confused

[Character Card-Blue]

[Description- A character card can be drawn to get the skill set of a Rare character,It can be a random Rare level character]

"So that's what it is,is it like a template card or something" Tom flipped the card over and noticed nothing on it ,the card was just a glowing piece of paper for now

"Since we are all the way here and my luck is good enough to not get anything crappy,might as well go ahead and claim it"

[Ding! Using Rare level character card]

[Ding! User has obtained Rare Card {Eijiro Kirishima}]

The card in Toms hand suddenly growled brightly as it left his hand and went inside his body

Immediately his mind was flooded with another information,he had gained the ability of hardening,he can now fortify his body,this gives him a ragged and rocky looking body,but the hardening is not as good as when Kirishima had it,he has to train this for a good while before it can be put to good enough use

Tom also noticed that the shoes had forcibly put themselves on him,fitting shot to his feet

"Can you guys help me fly?" Tom asked and the boots flapped their wings in reply

"not now,though I will try later" Tom caressed the shoes,though he soon heard the sound of someone crashing into his house

"huh!" Tom immediately stood up from the sofa and covered the table with a cloth to cover the big stash of cash

Picking up a kitchen knife,Tom immediately ran towards the bedroom where the sound came from and jumped in

One hand holding the knife and the other ready to cast a spell,one limitation with the spells was that he needed some kind of hand movement in order to cast those Harry Potter spells,thankfully he didn't have to hold a wand or else

"huh! It's you!" Tom shouted in surprise as he saw the beat up Daredevil huffing like a dead man

"Oi! Don't die in my bed,or I won't be able to explain to the cops" Tom hurriedly pulled out a dirt aid box and tore off Daredevils clothes

'Guess he isn't going to meet the beautiful nurse from the tub series,his loss' Tom thought as he tried his best to stitch the wounds shut

Though because he didn't clearly remember the setting,he didn't know that Daredevil was currently going to be tailed and that's why he came here instead of his original route

"Ugg! We need to save the kids" Daredevil yelled as Tom applied the stitches,

"I get you man! Just let me deal with your wound and then we can go and do something about that" Tom advised as he pushed Daredevil back to bed


ENJOY THE THREE CHAPTERS FOR TODAY,little bummed out by what webnovel did to me today regarding the fresh stories section,I just hope this novel reaches a greater height so I can be pumped about writing it,I will try my best to satisfy you guys

Also the Gacha is like having everything in the multiverse and he will start to get better pulls as time goes on ,suggest some powers so that I can add them to the randomiser and use it