Gacha In Marvel and the Multiverse

Mc gets transmigrated into the world of Marvel with a Gacha system,Watch as our MC battles against all odds to fight through the events of Marvel Tags: No Harem,Multiversal story,Weak to strong.Gacha with template World: Main or first world: Marvel Second World:MHA or can be discussed in comments Third world:Recommend

Smalltimewriter · Anime & Comics
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102 Chs

Chapter 18

Daredevil woke up with a gasp as he looked around,the memories coming back to him as he got up,Sliding away the sandpaper like blandlet off his body

His sonar like vision found the familiar man sitting on a sofa next room watching the as he ate some chips

"Oh! You are up rather fast" Tom replied as Daredevil looked at his Face,

"Can't believe a blind man was going around fighting crime" Tom said as he smiled

Daredevil gasped in horror as he touched his face,though he soon calmed down as two could play this game

"I could say the same,you don't have a good reputation with the streets thugs yourself" Daredevil,or Matt Murdock retorted as he move toward the exit

"haha! That sense of yours is really something" Tom smirked as he finally got another reaction from Daredevil who stared straight at Tom with his blind but seeing eyes

"What do you want?" Daredevil said,his hands resting on the doorknob,although he was hurting all over,he had a mission to do,a child to protect

"I just wanna help you,I don't think you understand who you are messing with" Tom said

"I don't need help" Daredevil snapped back,Though he also fell in pain as the blood started gushing from his wound

"Sigh! Is your personal preference really that important in the face of a person'a life,not to mention a kid who might be dead because the streets wanted you dead" Tom said in disappointment as Daredevil went quiet

"Sorry" he whispered

"It's alright,now what is it about the kid you said" Tom asked,as he remembered a kid being captured to ambush Daredevil,he was just surprised that no one made any plans against him yet

He half expected the thugs to burst into his home and kill him

"I need to leave,you can help if you want-" Dare devil spoke as he stood up,but soon went quiet as he looked to his left where the exit was

"too late" Daredevil said

Tom suddenly had a bad premonition as he asked

"What do you mean?" Tom asked

"They are already here" he said

"Then what are we waiting for,let's run away from the back door" Tom spoke as he moved ahead and headed for the bed room followed by Daredevil who kept looking at the front door

"it's better if we leave unnoticed,this way he will not be brothering this building" Tom spoke as he pushed open the window as jumped through landing on the back alleyway

"I think he heard us or something,he is coming over " Daredevil warned

"I guess we can only do this the hard way then" Tom spoke as he covered his face with his cloak and both the vigilante waited for the man to come over

Daredevil picked up a meta pipe from the trash bin as he stared counting



A white trail of light was released from Tom'/s hands as he struck the incoming thug ,paralysing him

Daredevil looked dumbly at the passed out Thug,turning his head to look at the one beside him

"What! I thought it was better we caught him without a fight,let's question him,he is only paralysed from the waist down" Tom walked forward as he lowered his hood

Daredevil stared at Toms back before he walked alongside Tom,he had seen Tom use powers that he didn't understand, the ability to use a force field to deflect attacks, Using weird projects that ca paralyse enemies without using any lethal force and even now he had become stronger and Daredevil could feel it

" Speak! Who do you work for!?" Daredevil grabbed the man by the neck as he squeezed it,Tom on the other hand nodded his head from behind,Clearly impressed by the fear tactics employed by the Daredevil

"Where is she?" Matt punched at the man as his nose issued a cracking sound,though the poor man could only cry through his eyes as his mouth was shut

'Oh! I forgot to weaken the effect' Tom couldn't help but sweat as he willed and the hold on the man decreased as he started coughing mouthful of blood that drenched the asphalt road

"Gah! It's a dead end for you,Masked man!" The Russian spat as he looked at Tom and Daredevik with a crazy smile

"they have prepared a very welcoming gift for you,you thought you could end the Russian brothers so easily,well take a look! We are still standing strong"

Daredevil whsipered,"Wrong answer"

*Bam bam bam* three consecutive punched landed on his face as even Tom flinched due to the ferocity with which Daredevil acted

"hahaha! I will tell you,but do you dare to go ahead and fight,even with your weird friend,It won't be easy to defend against a hundred of our brothers armed to the teeth" The Russian laughed as he gave the address

Tom didn't waste any time as he used his previous life'a skills to get rob a car as they both sat in and Tom stepped on the paddle

The engine whirred to life as they made way for the hideout