1 EP.1

It was no wonder that I frowned as soon as I saw it, but the studio room was so full of trash that it was, as expected, full of a disgusting smell.

If you look carefully, you might be skeptical as to whether people could live in a place like this where you might meet Mr. Ba, but surprisingly, there were people living there.

The problem is that that person is me.

"Why... haha... why didn't I know at the time?"

A photo of a very beautiful woman is displayed on the monitor.

As I was looking at that photo and waving my hand downwards, I felt an extreme sense of shame and regret.


The hand that was shaking vigorously stopped and I carefully captured the name of the woman in the photo.

Her name is Han Na-young.

She was a woman of the same age as me who was famous not only in Korea but all over the world.

Not only are we the same age, but we were also in the same elementary school and class when we were young. When I think about the last time I was the child who bullied her, even now, she got up from her sleep and hit the ground, and I regret it.

At that time, I was an elementary school student and my breasts and pelvis were as big as they are now, but I thought it was because I gained weight due to my obese body type.

It wasn't this pretty back then.

To some extent, it wasn't just that he was ugly, but his face was full of pimples and acne, which made him feel ugly, making him the target of direct teasing from kids.

However, it turns out that it is a gemstone that can be transformed from a pebble rolling around anywhere into a black diamond if you take good care of it.

Because of this, I can't help but regret it.

What if... what if?

What would have happened if I had helped her who was being bullied instead of bullying her at that time?

Well, by now. He may have given infinite love to me, who had nothing to boast about.

I would have been enjoying a life full of happiness in real time, with others envious, jealous, and even cursing me for not fitting in.


I took a deep sigh.

When I look back on the past, when I was young. Around me, there were quite a few women like Han Na-young who were so ugly that I thought that this life was bad and that the best way would be to be reborn.

These are women who were ugly, but for some reason were processed and came out into the world and turned out to be more beautiful than any other woman.

I wish I had taken pity on at least one person and treated them well, and then developed into a romantic relationship where you were the only person who was nice to me.

I still felt regret.

No, no.

At that time, they must have been persecuted so much that I was the only one who approached them willingly, so it might have been possible to make them all my women...?

Plus, you can hit the jackpot with coins and stocks and live a life where you don't have to worry about money.

Ugh... I feel happy just thinking about it. I'm happy, but I feel ashamed.

I sighed deeply again.

I hadn't pulled out a single step, but I had no desire to do so, so I pulled up my pants and turned off the computer.

I laid down on the thin blanket that had already been laid out, looking at the lamp that had not been turned on in the first place.

"Ah. I want to go back to the past."

I slowly lowered my eyelids with the thought that I would have to go look for a job tomorrow, as I expressed a wish that I desperately wanted but could never come true.

Before I knew it, I had become a man that could never be achieved in reality, but in my imagination or delusion, I had already become a man that everyone would envy.

I didn't even know that it could actually be possible.

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The future smartphone remake begins! While editing, there were so many awkward and incorrect parts. And from what I can see, it lacks anti-magic power... Haha, so I mostly followed the existing story but changed a lot of the details. This is my personal opinion, but I think it's much better than before the remake! Please note that by default, they are all adults! i look forward to!



"Jihoon! Jihoon! Lee Jihoon!"

"Ah. Just a little longer…!"

"Why won't you wake up just a little longer?! You're not going to school today?!"

"What kind of school is this all of a sudden...?"

I don't know what kind of nonsense this woman is talking about all of a sudden.

It's been a while since I graduated from school, and now I have to go out and look for a job...

uh? Why is mom here?

"Uh, Mom?!"

I realized too late that my mother was in the small studio room where I lived alone.

But it was so absurd that the family was in such a mess and that they were talking about school instead of pushing me as I was living each day in a pitiful way.

I wonder if I heard it wrong, but why is the surrounding scenery like this?

My mother's face, which had not withstood the ravages of time and had wrinkles forming, was as clean as my memory.

In addition, I was now able to see what my room at home looked like, as if I had been sleeping in a narrow studio room that was no different from a garbage dump.

No matter how much I try to remember, I can't remember coming home.

"If he wakes up, he should quickly wash up and eat. He's looking around to see if there's something to see, right?"


He spoke in a slightly annoyed voice and forced me to get off the bed.

"I have to get up quickly and go to school!"

Since I kept bringing up school from earlier, I thought for a moment that my mother was crazy, but the lowered outlook was very strange.

I quickly left the room and found the restroom.

"what's this..."

When I looked at the bathroom mirror, I groped my face with a dumbfounded expression.

Not only did I become shorter, but my face also became younger, just like my mother's younger face.

It's hard to believe even if you're an elementary school student.

I was momentarily confused by the absurd situation, but then a thought came to me.

Dream... yes. This must be a dream.

I stretched out my palm and thought about the yellow cabbage leaves on it.

I wonder if just thinking isn't enough.


I tried saying it, but nothing happened and something appeared in the palm of my hand.


I heard that in lucid dreaming, everything I wish for comes true, didn't I?

"Money! Money! Woman! Pretty woman! Audi A8! Lamborghini!"

I tried shouting out other things, but it seemed like it was pointless.

If it's not a dream, there's no way to explain it, but since this is my first time experiencing it, I have no idea how to get out of here or how to enjoy it.

"Lee Ji-hoon! What are you doing in the bathroom when you're not washing up? You're going to be late for school! Are you really going to make your mom angry?!"

"Oh, okay!"

As I heard my mother yelling from outside, I roughly splashed water on my face and was greeted by a vivid sensation.

I guess lucid dreaming was originally about feeling sensations.

Anyway, I came out of the bathroom and headed straight to the kitchen.

There was a simple breakfast table there.

"There's no time. Eat quickly."


As I sat on the chair, held a spoon, and ate the steaming warm rice and soup, I felt like crying.

I didn't have the courage to see my mom and dad, who were having a hard time because of my selfish and ugly son, so I ignored their orders to come home, so the time I wasn't able to see them became much longer than I expected.

Likewise, my mother's cooking, which I had not tried in a long time, broke my heart.

I didn't leave home and start living on my own to live like this.

There was a time, even before I left home, when I was determined to succeed and make the two of us happy.

But now... what am I doing?

I felt pitiful and sad at the same time.

Even though it was simply grilled in a frying pan, the nostalgic taste of spam that felt oddly more delicious wrapped around my tongue.

The area around my eyes became moist and filled with tears, and the accumulated tears began to flow.

"Ji… Hoon?"

My mother, who had just found me crying while eating, wondered where the girl who had been urging me to go to school had gone. Tears also formed in the corners of her mother's eyes.

"Jihoon, I'm sorry. Wasn't your mom too harsh?"

He gently brought my face to his chest.

I was tormented with guilt because I thought to myself that I had been irritated by my young son for no reason.

"Maybe because something bad happened these days, I took out my anger on my son without realizing it... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything, mom."

Ah... now that I think about it. When I was young, there was a time when my father's business wasn't doing well and the family was in trouble and had to move on.

Considering that they haven't moved to a house that was extremely cramped for three people, it seems like they are seriously reeling, although not to that extent yet.

So, it was understandable that my mother, who didn't get angry easily, became sensitive and reacted sharply.

"No... Mom. I love you. And I'm sorry."

I didn't know why, but I felt like even this was my fault, so I said I was sorry after saying I loved you.

"Why is the kid like this this morning?"

He got angry as if he didn't hear what I was saying, but when he told me I loved him, he seemed a little embarrassed, but he put a smile on his face as if he didn't feel too bad.

"Mom, our Jihoon loves you too."

I gently patted his head and told him I loved him back.


Not to be disappointed, I ended up being late because I was crying and hugging my mom.

I don't know if it was before, but right now our house wasn't in a very comfortable situation.

The only car I had was my father who went to work early in the morning, and since I was close to being late, I just left the house and ran towards school, refusing my mother who tried to send me by taxi.

"Heo-eok... gasp... hu-eup... heo-eok."

I was already out of breath as if I was exhausted from how much I had run, despite my poor stamina.

This brings me to my thoughts again.

I began to doubt whether this was a dream.

The lucid dreams I heard about on the Internet or on TV were not like this.

"School! Teleportation! Teleportation!"

I guess this isn't really a dream.

The assumption that it was not a dream was becoming an established fact, as my senses were functioning properly and nothing I wanted even though I was in a lucid dream was happening.

If this is the case, being late to school is a bit like that.

Just imagine, you were hugging each other and even crying, and then you were told that you were late.

There were no unfilial children.

"Heo-eok... Heo-eok... Seup... Haa... Hum... Ha."

Somehow I arrived at school.

It was already late, so I took my time and caught my breath.


When I arrived at school, a problem arose.

It's a school that's been around for almost 10 years.

"What class am I in?"

I don't remember half.

Wouldn't it be strange that I even remembered it in the first place?

I put my brain to work and came up with a way to overcome this situation.

That's how it came out.

I put down the backpack hanging on my back and searched inside.

At this age, it is clear that the class, number, and name will be written on every object.

There is no way that he would have just started going out at this time and would have rebelled against the teacher's instructions to write his class, number, and name on his belongings and not written them down.

Fortunately, my class number was written down, so I went to the shoe cabinet with my number, changed into indoor shoes, and headed to my class.

Arriving at class, I carefully open the back door. opened.

"Jihoon. Are you here?"

The young teacher, who couldn't come to mind even though I searched through all my memories, looked at me and said.


"No. You might be late."

Perhaps because I wasn't often late when I was young, the teacher told me to take my seat without saying anything.

"Tsk! Are you late after pooping?"

"Ugh! You bastard! You bastard!"

"Ugh! The smell~!

The boys continued their childish pranks as they looked around, found an empty seat, and headed there.

We laughed at each other and laughed at each other, wondering what was so funny.

When he thought of young Lee Ji-hoon, he would have been so angry that he would have shouted no, but even though his body was younger, his mind was an adult, different from these kids.

Still, I'll hang out with you.

"how did you know?"

It was confirmed.

"Uh, huh...? Really?"

"Are you late for pooping?"

Wasn't this it? Embarrassment appeared on the children's faces.

I think they were just innocent children who were very playful.

An empty seat, leaving those children behind. So, I arrived at what I thought was my seat.

All I had to do was sit down, but I couldn't bear to sit down.

As expected, sitting next to him was a girl who was much larger than the average boys and had so many strange things on her face that she looked like she was sick.

As if he was aware of his hideous face, his long bangs covered the front, but they could not completely cover the area of ​​his face, which had become enlarged due to the flesh.

I knew her name.

Even though I don't remember any of the names of the other kids in my class.

Her name is none other than



Without realizing it, I put her name in my mouth and spit it out.

The gigantic body twitched, its flesh rippling.

"What are you doing? Not sitting down quickly? Giggling!"

"Quickly sit next to the virus!"

"Jihoon is going to catch a virus!"

Poor Han Na-young, nicknamed Virus because of the things covering her face, remains silent even when the boys curse at her, perhaps because she is used to it.

This time, if Lee Ji-hoon had been younger, he might have yelled at him during class to stop teasing him.

No, I must have shouted.

But now I couldn't help but be happy.

I vaguely remembered the uproar I had caused when I was selected as Han Na-young's partner when I was looking for a new position through a lottery.

I think I probably did something bad to Nayoung Han, but I couldn't remember that.



As I said hello to Nayoung Han, the look in her eyes scared me.

this. It seems like it's already been committed.

"Quiet! Quiet!"

The teacher, who had set the mood in the noisy class, looked at me.

"Jihoon. What's going on?"

I think I noticed that the kids' eyes were on me. She asked a question, but just calmly waved it away with a smile.

What's going on?

It has to be there.

I was able to do what I had always wanted.

"She's going to become very pretty later on."

She is so pretty that in a famous magazine, the name Han Na-young was proudly listed among the beauties chosen by people around the world.

Do the boys who constantly tease and ridicule me when I sit next to Han Na-young even know this?

It will be fortunate if you don't hit the ground and regret it sooner or later.

Anyway, I wonder if my words came out in vain this time.

"Pretty? Are you by any chance Han Na-young?"

"Puhahaha! It's pretty! It's pretty! Hahahaha!"

"Teacher! I think Jihoon has a headache right now!"

I couldn't meet the people I knew these days because they were busy with their social lives, and my interpersonal relationships deteriorated rapidly because I couldn't find a job.

Maybe that's why I didn't know that increased self-talk would have such an effect.

Since I wasn't really lying, it didn't really hurt me, but Nayoung Han, who was sitting next to me, must have had a big impact, so she whimpered.

We need to improve our relationship, but what if we make it worse?

"Quiet, quiet! Be quiet! Jihoon. Are you really sick?"

"No. It's okay."

"Are you really sick? I guess you've lost your manners?"

The teacher was busy calming down the children who tilted their heads but soon shook off their doubts and still refused to stop.

As time passed, the teacher resumed class with the children who had calmed down.

"Huh... black."

However, Han Na-young still cried silently.

The sound of crying coming from the seat next to me kept bothering me.

I don't really need to listen to it because I'm not too stupid to solve a problem of this magnitude.

hmm. How should I comfort this?

Even if I apologize right away because it was something I did, I feel like they won't accept it as an apology.


I sighed deeply.

I didn't know it when I was young, but Han Na-young, who was the one who teased me as a joke, was wiping away tears during class without anyone noticing.

It hurts even more to not be able to see it as a skill that has made me cry once or twice.

More than anything, I wanted to apologize as soon as possible, thinking that this girl would be reborn as a beauty so beautiful that I could not believe my own eyes, if she were to take good care of herself.

The problem is that I, who have been single since birth, don't know if it's possible for me to properly apologize.

Instead, I couldn't say anything because I felt like it was going to get worse and the relationship would deteriorate to the point where it couldn't be improved.

Still, I can't just sit still.

Let's think about how to apologize so that Nayoung Han can understand my sincerity as much as possible.

I thought about her age and tried to find a way to take into account everything that children of this age would like, but I couldn't come up with anything suitable.

Even when time passed and the next period came and lunch time came, it was the same.

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The full-scale remake begins!


Episode 1. return

"Lee Ji-hoon! Let's go to the PC room!"

"Oh, I'm busy with work, so you guys should go on your own."

"Huh? What happened?"

"There is. That."

The class that felt so long has come to an end.

As soon as class ended, a group of boys whose faces and names I couldn't remember approached me, and I refused to go to the PC room and left the class.

I still haven't even been able to say anything, let alone say I'm sorry, but Han Na-young has already quickly left the class, so I can't help but feel impatient.

I kicked the ground and ran towards the school gate, but I was already out of breath, wondering why my stamina was so low.

Did you not run around and play with your kids when you were young?

Still, I was somehow able to catch up with Nayoung Han, who was walking alone in the distance.

The kids around her were whispering about her, treating her like a germ, as if she was being ignored and made fun of not only by me and my class, but also by one grade and even another grade, and it seemed so pitiful that she tried to pretend not to notice it.

I don't remember exactly why I started bothering Nayoung Han.

You may have teased them in the same way because other kids were teasing them, or you may have incited them to make fun of you first.

Both the former and the latter were trash, but they won't do that anymore.

Even if all the friends I have now but don't care about are gone.

Just for my desires.

"Me, Nayoung!"


"Me, Nayoung!"


Nayoung. Has there ever been a child who called you this kindly?

The number of children who didn't even want to be called Hanna-young, virus Hanna-young, germ Hanna-young, or even her name was increasing, but this was the first time that a peer called her Na-young, even though she wasn't a teacher or family member.

A partner who is especially keen on tormenting you. When Lee Ji-hoon approaches you and calls you that, sweating profusely, you can't help but be embarrassed.

"Nayoung... uh... I'm sorry."

This time, he was suddenly apologizing for some kind of prank.

Is that really a sincere apology? Of course I thought Nayoung wouldn't, but I was confused when I saw his sincere expression.

Still, how much has it happened? It's probably part of a new round of bullying.

"I didn't do it on purpose. I'm really sorry."

But I can't help but wonder why it doesn't feel like a joke.

Why would I apologize so openly in a place with so many kids around me? He wouldn't be so clever that he'd do something that would cause controversy just to play a prank.

"I won't bother you next time."

As he said that, he stretched out his hand.

Except for her teachers, no one at school hated having anything touch her body.

When she saw parts of her body, as well as objects, she immediately freaked out and started running around in all directions, thinking that she had transferred them to someone else's body.

Lee Ji-hoon's hand gently approached and readily held Na-young's hand without any resistance.

As a result, Nayoung, not him, trembled.

"If there are kids who bother you, I will scold them. Nayoung."


"So let's be friends."

She had never received such favor before, so even if it was just a prank, she was thrilled.

This was done in front of everyone, creating an optical illusion that made Lee Ji-hoon, who had an ordinary appearance, look more handsome than the handsome men on TV.

I was filled with joy and my heart pounded with unknown emotions.

Eventually, the corners of my eyes became moist and tears began to flow.

It's a lie, but tomorrow not only Lee Ji-hoon but the entire class will know about Na-young's tears of happiness, even though everyone said it was a joke, but for now, I was more happy than anything else.

"Do you like tteokbokki? I'll buy it for you. Would you like to eat it together?"

He didn't stop there, and without letting go of his joined hands, he offered to buy me tteokbokki and told me to go with him.

Normally, I would have refused because there was absolutely no reason to show myself a favor for no reason. Na-young was led by Lee Ji-hoon's hand into a snack shop nearby, as if it were her own body but not his.

"If it's not enough, you can order more."

Shortly after we sat down, the tteokbokki that Jihoon Lee ordered was placed on the table.

Is this really... Is it really worth buying it?

An uncertain future unfolded in Nayoung's mind.

A future where you eat as much as you want because they told you to buy it, but then suddenly run away saying you have to go to the bathroom.

As you can see from his physique, he has a large appetite, so this is probably a little... no, a lot. Nayoung secretly rummaged through her pockets.

Even if I could calculate what I ordered now, I had so much money on hand that I wouldn't be able to calculate it if I ordered again later.

So I shook my head and put the cooling tteokbokki in my mouth.

Tsk tsk tsk.

I looked at Lee Ji-hoon sitting in front of me while chewing the red rice cake eagerly.

I didn't expect to be able to eat this whole thing by myself.

On the contrary, I eat it out of desperation, thinking that it will of course be taken away, but I don't understand why I don't eat it at all.

Moreover, even though the kids sitting at other tables around us were whispering about us, they didn't seem to care at all.

"Why? Doesn't it taste good?"

I was embarrassed that he even asked me a friendly question while holding his chin.


Nayoung shook her head.

I bought it from outside and ate it at home, but this was my first time eating it this warm, so it was really delicious.


Even her parents said she was such an ugly daughter that they only gave her a rough meal. She didn't treat me like a proper daughter.

So, it's been a really long time since I've had a meal with someone like this.

Today, it seems like I can't hear any of the voices around me.

"So... delicious..."

The tears that had subsided rose again.

I was sobbing and tears were pouring down, but I didn't even think about wiping them away.

Jihoon Lee didn't seem to feel uncomfortable because he was already crying with an ugly face when he was sobbing like this, so he took out a tissue and wiped his eyes instead.

"Ugh. My pretty face will all be ruined."

I stopped moving at Lee Ji-hoon's words, to the point where I even forgot about crying.

Even when I looked at myself, I could see how ugly I was. He doesn't even sound empty.

"That's… a lie… hibb… hibb… maal…"

I don't believe it.

can not believe it.

"You're lying."

"Lie... I mean... hehe... I'm not pretty... hehe... ah."

"Why do you think so?"

"When I look at him... he's ugly... and all the other kids are too... hehe... ugly."

How can you think you're pretty when not only yourself but others all say you're ugly?

Jihoon Lee seemed to have given up on wiping away the tears that would not be wiped away no matter how much he tried, resting his chin on his face like before and smiling.

"Can I be honest?"

I can guess what words will come out of that honesty, but for some reason, I wish those words wouldn't come out of that mouth for now.

"That's right. You're ugly. Nayoung, you are."

I know it, but hearing it in person made my heart ache without knowing why.

I thought it was nothing because I heard it so often.

"Maybe because I'm fat, I have a lot of fat on my face. Is it acne? Pimples? Anyway, there's so much of it that it's ugly."

I knew it. I pinpointed exactly the part that was complex.

"But it's still there, Nayoung."

I stretched out my hand.

Before she knew it, Lee Ji-hoon's hand had come up to Na-young's face and was slowly brushing the bangs that covered her face behind her ear.

"Why do I think you look pretty?"


What nonsense.

It's full of contradictions.

You say you're ugly, but when you point out the ugly points, you suddenly look pretty. Empty words... yes. Those are probably empty words. Thinking about Nayoung's feelings, I say things that I don't even mean...

why? Why on earth would you think about how a child you are trying to bully might feel and say something nice to them?

"No. It's definitely pretty. But the problem is that that beauty is being obscured right now."


"You won't believe it, will you?"

It was natural.

"Doesn't that sound stupid?"

Of course.

"Then do you want to bet with me?"


The crying suddenly stopped.

"Yeah. About the bet. I'm betting that you're actually pretty, so how about you bet that you're ugly?"

Even if you didn't bother to look at the result of the bet, the answer was there.

"plastic surgery.....?"

"Do you have the money for that? And you're not going to get plastic surgery for your kids?"

"is it...?"

"Actually, I don't know."

From what I've heard, it doesn't seem like plastic surgery.

"Nayoung. If you win, what will you wish for?"

To be honest, I didn't have any particular wish.

I'm just asking them not to bother me anymore, but it doesn't seem any different even if only one person, Jihoon Lee, stops bothering me.

"If you don't remember it now, you can say it later, or you can say it when you make a wish… but the latter won't happen. I will win."


I don't know on what basis they are confident that they will win.

As a result, I started laughing inadvertently, but then I became aware of my surroundings and lowered my head, covering my mouth.

"It's better because you laugh."


It's even uglier. It's not better...

"Well, think like that now, and later you'll say what I said was right."

Still full of confidence.

"Ah. It's all cold. Let's eat quickly."


The tteokbokki lost all its warm energy when it met the cold air, but Nayoung's cold heart warmed up a little.


A day has passed.

As if I wasn't wrong in my belief that it wasn't a dream, the next day I was still young and stuck in the past.

"Ugh…! Sigh… The atmosphere was good, but I don't know if I'm really doing well."

The atmosphere was quite good until we parted ways after eating tteokbokki together yesterday.

If I just keep going like this, there won't be any problems, but I don't want to keep dragging it on, so it's time to move on to the next step.

Even if I don't want to go over, I will be forced to go over.

"Bullying kids isn't a big deal, right?"

If Nayoung, who was the target of bullying, suddenly saw me hanging around her, she would naturally try to bully me along with Nayoung. Aren't all the little kids there?

And mentally, I am an adult.

Such an absurd thing like this, where I'm mentally torn apart by the bullying of little kids, will never happen.

"It would be nice to become prettier quickly."

Considering Nayoung's appearance as an adult, wouldn't Nayoung as a child be pretty enough and a goddess herself?

If you think of Nayoung as a gemstone, it's not that I can't see Nayoung right now, but it's much better if she's pretty and cute.

"Jihoon! Wake up! Do you have to eat... Ji...?"

"Good morning?"

"Uh, huh?"

The mother, who opened the door and came in, looked embarrassed as her son, who almost never woke up on time, woke up on time and was already ready for school.

"thank you for this food."

I went out to the kitchen and put the breakfast in my mouth, which was worse than yesterday.

Dad's company situation is decreasing day by day, so he must have reduced the amount of food he eats.

My mother, who was trying to explain the reason for the shabby dinner table, got moist eyes when she saw me start eating without asking anything.

'It can't go on like this.'

I couldn't sleep well and barely had anything to put in my mouth. Looking at my mother who had lost weight and looked tired, I felt like I had to do whatever it took.

Even though it looks like a maggot to me now because I was wealthy in the past, it takes time to mine Bitcoin little by little with a computer equipped with the latest musk.

If I had known this would happen, I would have memorized the lottery numbers.

I left my regrets behind and headed to school.

"Hey...Jihoon. Did you really go eat tteokbokki with that guy?"

Perhaps because it was uncomfortable to call her by name, she called Nayoung that.

"It's a lie, right? It's a lie that you didn't play with us and ate tteokbokki with the virus, right?"


I don't know who it was, but the boys approached me and started talking to me with shocked faces.

Since I can't remember their faces, it means that they are people I will later break up with and lose contact with.

"That's right. I ate tteokbokki with Nayoung. Why?"


My name is Nayoung. When I called it in a friendly way, the kids were dumbfounded.

I left the side of the girls who weren't saying anything anymore and sat down next to Nayoung, who was glancing at me.

"Nayoung. Hello? Did you go home well yesterday?"


Nayoung was so surprised that her body even trembled.

I thought it was a joke or something, but it was natural to be surprised that he stopped talking to the kids who were making fun of him.

"Nayoung. You didn't forget the bet yesterday, right?"

"Uh, uhm..."

"But for the bet to work, you have to make an effort to make yourself pretty. So, can you follow me?"

I didn't expect much, but I nodded as if I couldn't help it.

A few people who overheard me burst out laughing and started spreading rumors, but I don't care.

I just smiled brightly and stroked Nayoung's messy hair as she was shaking with anxiety.

Um... I made fun of it because it was dirty, but I never thought it would be really dirty.

Her hair felt greasy and a strange foreign substance caught in my palm.

Well, I guess I have to fix this too.

"Nayoung. It might be a little difficult."

why. Isn't there a saying like that?

If I could just go back to the past, I would be willing to live harder than I really am in this life.

So do I.

Since I am still young, I plan to put aside my studies and start exercising to change my short height and physique in the future.

I'm also going to put Nayoung on a diet.

"We can do this, right?"

"Uh, uhm..."

Nayoung was still reluctantly agreeing.

A word from the author (author review)

Even though it has the 19+ tag, it seems like the 19+ version will come out a little later. I still feel like I skipped it quickly because I thought it would have to come out quickly since it had the 19+ tag. As a result, some people said that time passed by too quickly, and that it was disappointing that there was too much of a daily routine because there was too much focus on the story. I don't reflect all of your opinions, but I think similarly and it seems like quite a bit will be added to my daily life. And again, we actively accept opinions. Aside from the typos, I think this kind of story would be good. I wish there was a story like this too. As I said before, we won't reflect everything, but we will seriously consider it, so if you have anything to say, please let us know! I work hard to write it!

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