Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

After five years, Ning Xi returned to the place that had pushed her away — home. With a sister who turned her parents against her and made her childhood sweetheart betray her, the odds seemed grey. However, five years abroad had changed her, and she came home to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming an actress. Despite her evil sister still out to get her, tables will be turned. One day, after falling into one of her sister's schemes, she saves an adorable kid and found herself staying at his house to help him come out of his shell. Slowly, his father Lu Tingxiao began falling for her. This was before they realised how their lives had been intertwined all this while without their knowledge.

Jiong Jiong You Yao · Urban
Not enough ratings
2165 Chs

The Consequences Of Going All The Way

Translator: Henyee

Lu Jingli looked like he was expecting praise and a reward. Lu Tingxiao responded generously. "Vacation extended to a month."

Lu Jingli was so excited he almost jumped up to do a whole set of exercises right there, but instantly he felt immeasurable regret. "Brother, you’ll start to lose momentum if you let this drag on, why didn't you seize the chance to go all the way with her? Such a pity!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at him coldly. "What do you think the consequences would be if I had done that?"

"Hmm…" Lu Jingli stroked his jaw, and spoke in a low voice. "You’ve been using Little Treasure as an excuse all this time to make her lower her guard, so that she would slowly become less wary of you. If you give the game away now… Xiao Xi Xi would immediately run for the hills!"

Lu Tingxiao:"…"

Even though it was the truth, hearing Lu Jingli lay it all out so bluntly really spoiled his mood.