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Maelriel is a child born in the outskirts of the Elban Kingdom, a place of peace and tranquility. However, he possesses the memories of someone from a different world. Using his mediocre knowledge of science, he will advance and develop magic in this world. After secretly plagiarizing the works of great artists, he will be known as a man of art. He will use his knowledge to get ahead in life. "Damn, I should've listened more to my Music Classes." Maelriel said as he plays Canon in D, to the kingdom's nobility. Don't get too invested though, this is a story I write just for fun. I could drop this if I no longer find it that fun to write **No System - the MC will work through everything in a logical manner **The story will depict incestuous relationships, so if your are not into that, avoid reading this **All Chapters are and will always be free **Picture is not mine and I'll take it down if the artists wishes me to do so. **This story might contain fantasy content that some readers might find disturbing, read at your own accord. Tags: Incest, Smut, MILFS, Lying, Sexual Fantasy

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Sister's Innocence

-Celine POV-

I woke up a little bit later than usual today as I saw rays of sunshine come through the window. Usually I would wake up when it's still dark, but I was pretty tired from last night when Riel gave me his love, so I must've slept longer than usual.

"Today's study day~ that means no training." I said as I rolled in my bed

I felt like I was getting lazier the more I started to read. I was slowly losing motivation in training every hour in every day. Like, as long as I keep my body fit I would be fine. I started thinking to myself, what would benefit me more?

When you're already at tip-top condition, training further just gives diminishing returns. Like what's the difference between hitting someone with the strength of 10 men or the strength of 12? In the end, they'll die anyway if you land a clean shot in their body. Just keeping my body in it's current state should be enough.

Instead of using precious hours trying to 'break my limits' even further, why not just learn about which poison does this and that. Learn more about what commonly found plants is edible. Plus since I want to be an officer and not a foot soldier, learning more about managing people would be far more useful. Getting on your superior's good sides, plus making sure people have good opinions towards you. I should focus more on learning these.

"Agghhhh~ Oh? Fufu, I forgot you're still sleeping." I bumped against my brother's body as I rolled over

I poked him in his cheeks as I watched him sleep peacefully. I remembered him thrusting his hips on my butt last night as he was doing the 'love-making' to me.

Shame slowly crept up my face, as I remembered him spanking me calling me a 'vulgar woman' when I cursed. Plus that sloppy look on my face as I was helplessly pinned down on the floor as he continued thrusting back and forth inside me. I was supposed to be the older sibling, yet I ruined my image like that.

'But to think he could be that rough with his big sister' I thought to myself as I placed my hands on my butt and my crotch. I never thought that his cock could go inside me like that.

"Well, he said love-making is something you do with the person you love the most right? And he wanted to do it with me~ Fufu." I felt a grin come to my face as I remembered his sweet words from last night

'And just like him, I really love her as well', it's like music to my ears. He should just drop his lessons with his stupid teacher already. With words like those, he doesn't need instruments to make my ears feel pleasant.

'In the end he loves his Big Sis the most.' I thought as I got off the bed. He even dressed me up again. Considering it's winter already, I could've caught a cold if he didn't. There also was a faint but sweet scent lingering in the air, but I didn't pay that much mind to it. Because there was a pain in my abdomen as I started walking.

As I went downstairs, I put out the fire in some of the wall lamps as the sun is about to rise soon. I then took an apple from the basket in our table. Pouring water in a glass and taking a few slices of bread, I then had my light breakfast before Mom and my brother woke up.

This was my usual morning routine, and if it were a few months ago, I would then go outside to start running around the forest before starting my training. But this is not the naive me anymore, I now know better than to train mindlessly everyday.

So after I was done eating, I went back to my room as I took out 'Maria' from my bookshelf. If I remember correctly, I stopped at chapter 7, while Riel read ahead of me and is currently at chapter 19. It's a pretty good book, about a girl who wanted to protect her family from being dragged into war, atleast that's what I initially thought it was. It was actually a romance story.

Their father was already dead, and Claude was the only man in the house. Thus when the draft was issued, every family must send a man from their family. But Claude was a sickly person, because of that he was someone who just liked to stay inside and read books. So Maria pretended to be a boy, as she took her brother's place. She knew he wouldn't agree, so she left a letter before sneaking out with their father's old armor.

A lot of things happened, and they met again. Her brother apparently was so worried that he went to the city, to ask how can you talk to the people who where drafted. However, back in the normal days it was Maria who goes to the capital to sell their crops. Claude usually stayed at home, thus he was the definition of a sheltered boy. Unlike in their rural village, where everyone knew and was kind to each other. The city was a much more predatory place.

Unfortunately, he was duped and was struggling until a rich woman saw his good looks and 'saved' him from his troubles. Seeing how sheltered he was and how he is currently alone, far from his family, and struggling with money, the woman appeared to be kind as she took him in her household, to slowly make him her little lover and that was the part where I stopped.

Or atleast that's how I saw it.

Actually, she only saved him before taking him into her household. She gave him a job, so he could have a way to earn money while he was in the city.

However I was fuming as I read those chapters. It felt like it hit too close to home, though she wasn't a music teacher. Reading about how Claude remained so clueless, despite how the job the woman gave him was to 'entertain' her, I felt like the novel was talking to me in a spiritual level. Really, how can he not notice the desire in her eyes everytime she slowly corrupted him.

I was hooked instantly, since this was a novel, this should have a happy ending right? I re-opened the book as I started reading it with such expectations.



I was using all of the bad words that I picked up from those geezers at the guardhouse towards this bitch of a character.

Since Riel said that he learned about Love-making around chapter 12-16, I assumed that the rich woman was just a minor character who will quickly go out of the story. Riel- I mean Claude and Maria already reunited, however Maria still didn't know what the fucking whore was doing to her brother. Claude introduced her as his benefactor and helper and Maria didn't know better.

From the way Riel described it, I thought that the love-making scene would be between Maria and Claude. However... however... she just had to ruin everything. Claude was completely under her thumb, as she slowly tainted him while he remained completely clueless, thinking that it was only his job to 'entertain' her.

It was currently around 10 in the morning and I was reading through the book like a madwoman. Riel and Mom are both already up. Riel didn't have lessons today so he went up to the treetop to tend his garden and practice music, and Mom was out buying ingredients for lunch. Otherwise they would have heard my screams of pain as I forced myself to read the chapters where Claude made love to that vile 'creature'.

However what truly made it painful for me was that Claude was feeling pleasure when he did those acts with her.

'NOOOO, that's only supposed to be with your sister! She went to the military for you!'

Thinking about her fighting, constantly avoiding death, while the person she tried to protect was being held in the arms of someone else. I felt my blood boil in rage.

"Wait... there was that chapter right? where Maria sucked her brother's cock... There's still hope" I said as strength came back to me

'Also the woman stated that 'Love-making' is something you only do with the person you love the most... since Riel believed that and still decided to do it with me, then all is completely well'

But the story though. Even if I know it's not Riel and it's all fictional, just reading about this bitch made me seethe in anger. I never hated someone this much in my life. I mean, even Riel's music teacher actually was worried when she found out that Mom was gone, and even taught us how to cook. But this bitch is just the scum of the earth, tainting such a pure man, and taking him away from his loved ones.

I'll relish on the chapters when you finally get what you fucking deserve. But for now I need to cleanse my eyes with my cute little brother. He just probably breezed through this chapters no problem, heck the rich woman might not even be that bad of a character for him. But it's a completely different story for me, I can't help but wait for Maria's wrath when she finally finds out how she tainted her poor brother.

I closed the book as I gulped down a glass of cold water, before heading towards my brother's garden.


Once I was at the treetop, I saw him sitting at a branch as he peacefully played a musical piece with his harp. I wasn't an expert at music, but I can atleast tell if something feels soothing to the ears and right now, his music definitely soothed me as I felt some of the anger I had earlier cool down.

"Sis? You're already at chapter 19?" he was first shocked when he saw me, but he then asked as he couldn't believe that I could read that fast

"No, I took a short break" I answered him

"Really? Why?" he asked as he tilted his head

Sigh... considering he can't think of any reason, he really did have no problems when he read those vile chapters. Well she wasn't explicitly said to be a villain, but more like a love rival. But she was no love rival to me, she was the devil incarnate.

"What do you feel about Hannah?" I asked him about his opinions

"Hannah? Well she's really kind isn't she?" He honestly answered

Sigh, well I shouldn't get too worked up about a book. I thought as I sat down on another branch in the treetop

"Can you play something special for your Sister?" I asked him

"What kind of song?" He asked

"Something that can soothe my spirits"

"Oh... then I have something for you Sis~ I made this one myself, you'll be the first to hear it" he smiled at me as he started playing

I was pretty happy when I found out that I would be the first one to hear this composition of his. He was already starting to grow, in a few years he will probably pass me in height. I also had a thought a few months back, that this is the last weeks we have, where the only people we know is each other. I wanted a few special memories that I could cherish before we went to the next chapters in our life.

As he continued to play I was absorbed by the melody that he made. There was something very nostalgic feel about his piece, even though it was my first time hearing it. But it definitely struck a chord in my heart, as I looked at his face which had his eyes closed as he focused on playing.

As quiet as I could be, I used wind magic to silently land in front of him. I stood in front of him who was sitting down as he played music. I leaned forward as I held his face with both my hands before giving him a kiss on his lips.

"Mmmn?" I saw Riel open his eyes in shock at the surprise kiss I gave him

Due to his shock he opened his mouth, and unlike any of the kisses did before. I decided to use what I also learned from those accursed chapters as my tongue invaded his mouth. He probably also read those parts because he closed his eyes, as he responded to me.

Due to it being our first time doing it, it was a very clumsy kiss. But I was more than satisfied, seeing his blushing face as we did a 'Lover's kiss' as it was called in the book. Still holding his face with my hands, our lips finally separated. He opened his eyes again as he gazed directly at me.

"What is the name of the piece you are playing?" I asked as I met his gaze head on

"It's called 'River Flows In You' Big Sis..."

"I see... I really like it" I smiled before sitting at his side

"Let's stay like this for a while okay?" I said as I rest my head on his shoulders

"Un" he replied as he resumed playing his music

I felt like I could just sit here and listen to him all day. We were at the top branches of the gigantic trees where our house is built, we were about a few hundred meters up. At this height, the wind continued to blow coolly, as the branches in front of us weakened it. The sun was already shining bright in the sky, as the shade of the leaves and branches above covered the two of us. Though the music was really nice, I felt that what really soothes me is the person who was playing it for me

It was just the two of us peacefully sitting together like a pair of lovers enjoying their time together as he continued playing while I listened.

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