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Fulfilling my Lustful Fantasies


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Maelriel is a child born in the outskirts of the Elban Kingdom, a place of peace and tranquility. However, he possesses the memories of someone from a different world. Using his mediocre knowledge of science, he will advance and develop magic in this world. After secretly plagiarizing the works of great artists, he will be known as a man of art. He will use his knowledge to get ahead in life. "Damn, I should've listened more to my Music Classes." Maelriel said as he plays Canon in D, to the kingdom's nobility. Don't get too invested though, this is a story I write just for fun. I could drop this if I no longer find it that fun to write **No System - the MC will work through everything in a logical manner **The story will depict incestuous relationships, so if your are not into that, avoid reading this **All Chapters are and will always be free **Picture is not mine and I'll take it down if the artists wishes me to do so. **This story might contain fantasy content that some readers might find disturbing, read at your own accord. Tags: Incest, Smut, MILFS, Lying, Sexual Fantasy


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