1 New Home

In an ancient-style house that appears to be made of sturdy materials, several well-built individuals stand tall and strong in various locations throughout the house.

A seven-year-old boy is having fun in a large garden. There is a small pond in the garden with fish that keeps swimming as if they don't understand the word tired. The small pond had water as clear as glass that reflected the shadow of a boy playing alone nearby.

The boy's black hair, which was neither short nor long, seemed to be dancing as if playing with him, who was running and jumping. He had a pair of beautiful, clear eyes, as clear as water in the morning leaves.

"Jono has a very high aptitude, and the strength of his body and soul exceeds the strength of ordinary humans; he should have awakened his super abilities," observed an elderly white-haired woman through a glass window.

"Does this have anything to do with a mysterious object that Jono recently ate by accident?"

"It's a mysterious object left by one of our ancestors," an elderly man with white hair explained.

"We've been researching that thing for years, but to no avail; therefore, it's just a toy for children," the elderly woman explained.

"But we don't know if there will be an effect if eaten," continued the elderly woman.

"For thousands of years, super abilities have remained something very mysterious," said the elderly man.

After chatting while watching Jono have fun, they took a deep breath, as if something was currently worrying them both. While the boy who was playing alone, Jono, appeared to be the most cheerful swordsman in this magical world, swinging a small dry tree trunk.

A few years later, a large convoy of vehicles moved through a dense forest with towering trees. The vehicle resembles a bus, but it is much larger than a bus in general.

"Passengers in this vehicle, no matter who they are, are not permitted to use super abilities!" someone in a brown-and-black uniform shouted from the front of the bus.

The uniformed person's gaze fell on a teenage boy who was controlling his friend's drinking water next to him. The water he controlled slithered out of his friend's drinking bottle and moved through the air like a snake.

After hearing the warning from the uniformed man, the teenage boy canceled his water control and splash, which caused the water to spill into his friend's pants. It immediately enraged his friend. But he couldn't do anything because the uniformed man kept his gaze fixed on them so as not to cause further chaos.

Many people laughed at the incident, but there was another teenage boy who looked envious when he saw the trouble-making teenager. The envious teenager had a pair of clear eyes with a few strands of black hair covering those beautiful eyes. During that minor incident, the bus kept moving toward its destination.

A few hours later, the bus arrived at the destination city. However, this bus does not enter the city and only stops at a special bus stop located outside the outer fortress of the big city. The outer fort stands firmly at a height of about 15 meters.

The passengers disembarked and dispersed in various directions. Several passengers made their way to the city's entrance.

One of them was a young boy with stunning dark brown eyes. He strolled leisurely towards the gate that was visible from his current position. He looked in amazement at the gate, which was about 10 meters high and wide. Above the gate is a large old-style inscription.

In a low voice, the boy read the writing, "West Witwur City."

At that gate, there is a guard post and police who are in charge of checking every person and vehicle that will enter or leave West Witwur City. At the top of the fort, they assigned many soldiers to guard the city gates. Every person who enters the city must have an official identity recognized by the country's government.

A young boy with clear eyes stood near the city gate, admiring the splendor of the city fortress gate. He stands about 155 cm tall, wearing a gray hoodie with black sports trousers and carrying a large bag that is too large to be worn by him. The boy then walked towards the entrance, where about a dozen people were waiting in line to do an identity data check as a condition for entering West Witwur City.

"If many people and vehicles want to enter this average city, then how many people enter Central Witwur City every day?" he asked, looking around.

"Central Witwur City is the biggest city in this province, after all; there must be a lot more!" he thought as he queued.

"One day I'll go there to see," he said.

When it is the teenage boy's turn, he takes out a square identity card with certain codes and patterns drawn on it. He then performs another body examination procedure, all of which lasts no more than three minutes.

After completing the examination process, the boy went in through the city gate. After the boy entered the city by passing through the outermost fortress gate, which looked majestic and sturdy, he saw a row of buildings, some of which were even taller than the city fortress.

Most buildings are about two to three stories high. Only a few are more than three stories high. The majority of the structures appear to be made of a material such as hard brick, though some appear to be made of metal.

The boy was standing in the outermost area of the city, near the fortress gate. He then went to the deepest part of the outer area of the city by taking public transportation, such as a bus. He looks like he's used to using public transportation. After entering the innermost part of the outer area, the rows of buildings look more magnificent, and many of the buildings are much higher than the outermost part. Many buildings are over ten meters tall. Some of the buildings in the innermost parts of the outer area are even more than twenty meters tall.

The boy headed straight to the Oaf Public Settlement District in the southwestern part of West Witwur's innermost outer area. He headed to one of the apartment buildings in the Oaf Public Settlement District. This apartment looks like a five-story building with the length and width of a football field. He entered the entry code in front of the apartment building's door and headed for his apartment room.

He put his identification card on the side of the door and entered the passcode number. After hearing a certain marker sound and a click, the apartment door opened. He then entered and headed straight to his bedroom, where he put his bag on the floor. His apartment is 10x10 meters in size and has several parts, such as a toilet, a kitchen with a dining table, a bedroom, a living room, a mini gym, and a small balcony.

The boy sits in bed and then opens his head cover. He is about fourteen years old. He has a fairly round face shape with a not-too-sharp chin, thin lips, a slightly sharp nose, large sharp eyes that have brownish black pupils with thin eyebrows, and black hair that is long enough to cover his ears but not too long to touch his shoulders. His name is Jono Sagara, but he is usually called Jono.

"I've finally arrived at my new house, my new home," he said with a smile on his face.

Jono just moved from Ulin City because there he could not find cheap houses or apartments for sale. There, they mostly only rented out their apartments or houses, but Jono wanted to buy an apartment or house for himself. When Jono searched online, someone was selling an apartment at an affordable price. He immediately bought the apartment, and fortunately, the apartment is still in excellent condition.

When Jono went to the balcony from the door of his room, he could see the city atmosphere around his apartment. His view was a little blocked by several tall buildings, but even though he was now on the fourth floor, he could see several apartment buildings in this Oaf Public Settlement District.

After about thirty minutes, he was enjoying the surrounding scenery from the balcony. He went into his room again and took his bag. Jono took out his belongings and put them in the right places around his apartment room, which he thought would be suitable.

After finishing tidying up his belongings, Jono sat in the living room and then took out his identification card, or ID card, and put the card on his smartwatch. The watch carried out a scan. After finishing the scan, a hologram screen appeared on the smartwatch, showing Jono's data.

"I have updated my data; it's just that... huh," he sighed with a displeased look while looking at his data.

Name: Jono Sagara

Place, Date of Birth: Ulin City, 09-08-7234

Address: OPS10-02, Outer Area, West Witwur, Apartment No. 0505

Aptitude: C

Super ability: Unregistered

"What super abilities do I have?"

"It's been years since my super abilities have awakened, and I still don't know the effects of my super abilities," complained Jono.

A super ability is a kind of supernatural ability that is buried deep in one's body and soul. In human life, they will awaken super abilities. Most humans awaken super abilities in their teens.

Normally, humans are aware when super abilities awaken in their bodies. But it's not the same for Jono.

Jono himself did not know or did not realize for sure when his super abilities had awakened. He only found out one year ago through a letter left by his grandfather before he disappeared.

Jono was not pleased after reading the letter and learning that his super ability had awakened at that time. This was because he had no idea what super ability he had awakened.

Apart from not knowing his super abilities, Jono also thinks that his talent is low. Not being aware of the rise of his super abilities, not knowing what his super abilities were, and only having average aptitude—these three things made him even more depressed.

Even though his grandfather always said that the aptitude test was just a formality and that the one he took might have been wrong when it was done, Jono was quite concerned about the results he got because this also affected his future.

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