Fourth Sky: Puppeteer Book

novel - Fantasy

Fourth Sky: Puppeteer


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Everyone will definitely have super abilities in time. Likewise with other creatures, including beasts. A person who can control elements, someone who can transform into other creatures; someone who has a guardian spirit; and those who have other super abilities. Being the best, greatest, and strongest is everyone's goal. Many of them seek strength by justifying everything. Many super-capable groups emerged that wanted to have power. Big families, organizations, companies, sects, and guilds sprang up to fight for power. Threats from beasts and other creatures appear. In addition, threats from other countries and kingdoms are commonplace. A teenage boy who lost his family due to a power struggle awakens a super ability that has mutated and is likely to mutate again. A super ability that allows him to use various kinds of super abilities by making special puppets. Revenge? Become the strongest? Create the largest organization? He wants to do all that; he is Jono Sagara!


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