Fourth Scourge of Star Wars Book

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Fourth Scourge of Star Wars


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Take over a《Homeworld》Mothership and then travel to the world of《Star Wars》? Tang Xiao: “ This world is so dangerous, Mom, I'm going home. ” Wait a minute, the Mothership database actually has various science fiction game technologies, 《 Sins of a Solar Empire 》, 《 Halo 》, 《 EVE 》, 《 Starcraft 》, 《 Stellaris 》 ?? And there are still Jim Raynor, Master Chief, and Archbishop Artanis sleeping in the freezer? Tang Xiao: “Humph! They will all bow down at my feet!!” The Fourth Calamity… ah no, long live the Fourth Empire! Official Translation This is the Official Translation of "The Empire Begins With The Fourth Scourge" by Author 镜大人 also known as Kagami. This Translation has the Author's full endorsement and is supported on WebNovel. The Chinese version by Kagami is linked below! Original Book: qidian.com/book/1026417206/ Novel Discord: discord.gg/QjzwEMmPx4