3 Chapter 3: The Affluent Family is Indeed Not Simple

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Qin Xiang covered her mouth and laughed, "Is your father Chen Jianguo, 48 years old this year, and your family is local to the capital, and your dad works as a construction worker in Shangcheng?"

Chen Kai's mouth opened wide: "How do you know all this?"

"That's right! From now on, you're my adorable little brother," Qin Xiang said happily, "Ever since I was little, I always wanted a younger brother, but my mom kept having daughters. Now my dream has finally come true."

As she spoke, she leaned her head on Chen Kai's shoulder and affectionately looped her arm through his, her face filled with joy, which left Chen Kai feeling a bit unsettled.

In the midst of his joy, Chen Kai was also puzzled.

"What on earth is going on? Could you explain it to me, beautiful lady?"

"Alright, to cut a long story short," Qin Xiang lifted her head, "Many years ago, my mother was left homeless with us sisters due to a failed business venture. Your father saw our plight and took us in, even giving my mother two thousand yuan. So, I owe everything I have today to your father!"

"Later, when we made money, we've been looking for your dad. We only just found him right now,

Chen Kai's eyes widened. He suddenly remembered that when he was little, his father did bring a woman home once!

This woman even had four little girls with her!

Back then, he thought the woman would become his stepmother and incessantly bullied the four little girls that came along with her!

It was due to his strong opposition that the woman, along with the four girls, had gone away. And when he became older, every time he thought about this situation, he would feel guilty, wondering how the girls were faring in life.

Turns out, Qin Xiang was the older sister from back then!

"So, everything we have now, you should also have a share in it. From now on, you will be my only younger brother!" Qin Xiang paused, and sighed with a pang of heartache.

Quite clearly, she held no grudges against Chen Kai from their past, after all he was just a child then.

"I know that the reason you blackmailed Lin Dongsheng was to pay for your grandpa's hospitalization, right? Don't worry, the local medical facilities are not good enough, and I've already arranged to have your grandpa transferred to the nearest top-grade hospital. My mother and your dad are both there, you don't have to worry. The experts have said your grandpa will be fine!"

After Qin Xiang finished speaking, Chen Kai finally saw the light!

They say all good things must come to an end, but for the people we hold dear, everyone hopes this end comes later rather than sooner.

"Thank you." Chen Kai truly felt grateful towards Qin Xiang, but to be honest, he was at a loss for words with her since he was still processing the fact that this stunning lady was his long-lost sister.

Qin Xiang and Chen Kai cheerfully chatted a lot, and it wasn't until they arrived at their destination that Chen Kai learnt that Qin Xiang had three younger sisters, and Qin Xiang was about to introduce him to them all.

In the Rattan Pavilion Villa Area, right in the middle stood the biggest villa.

This villa, seen from outside, resembled a small castle, with three storeys, and an opulent facade.

The Rattan Pavilion Villa Area was located near Chen Kai's college, so he had some idea about the house prices there, and just this villa alone, wouldn't sell below 200 million!

It was hard to imagine that Qin Xiang's mother made all her capital from the two thousand yuan provided by his father years ago.

"Due to some special reasons, my three sisters might have their complaints against you. Don't think too much about it. I will always be there for you," Qin Xiang reassured Chen Kai before they entered.


Chen Kai could understand, he was a child and naïve back then and seemed to have bullied their sisters more than once.

"I understand," Chen Kai replied, then followed Qin Xiang into the villa.

But the moment he entered the villa, Chen Kai was shocked!

Inside, there was none of the luxury he had imagined, instead it was a chaotic party!

Coloured disco lights were moving everywhere, with a DJ, and men and women dancing wildly! A party was in full swing?

The deafening music made Chen Kai realize that a mansion worth millions indeed had its own benefits! It was so soundproof that he couldn't hear a thing until he entered!

The color drained from Qin Xiang's face!

"Miss...Miss, third miss insisted on throwing a house party, I...I..." a middle-aged woman came forward, looking troubled.

Qin Xiang waved her off, signaling her to stop talking.

She then cut off the main power switch at the entrance!

All the lights and music inside the room came to a sudden halt! It plunged into darkness!

"Everyone, out!" A chilling voice rang out, and it was none other than Qin Xiang standing beside Chen Kai!

"Who the hell is it! Tell me to get out?"

In the darkness, there were people swearing loudly, their insults fueled by alcohol.

And some of them were sober!

"Damn! Who are you swearing at? Can't you recognize the voice of the Miss of the Qin Family?"

"The Miss of the Qin Family? Qin Xiang?"

The housemaid hastened to lower the electric curtain, and the lights in the villa were restored at once. Qin Xiang stood at the entrance, her face expressionless as she watched the scene unfold.

"Oh, the Miss is really back. Our apologies, we were invited here by your third sister."

"Who just insulted the Miss!"

"Right! Step forward, see if I don't break your legs!"

The crowd was in confusion. It seemed as though everyone was looking for the person who had insulted Qin Xiang, while many wisely chose to leave.

"Oh! The eldest sister is back!"

From the crowd emerged a punk girl, dressed in leather from head to toe with messy dreadlocks and heavy eye makeup. She held a bottle of red wine, the very picture of a rebellious young girl.

Without a doubt, this was the third sister, Chen Kai's third sister, Qin Min.

Qin Min was a bit shorter than Qin Xiang, but still about 1.65 meters tall. She was petite, but curvy.

Her face was not bad, rather similar to Qin Xiang's. But caked in makeup, it didn't look as attractive.

Chen Kai remembered when he was little, Qin Min was always the most gluttonous. Every time he had a snack, Qin Min would foolishly drool watching him...

And he loved eating in front of her!

And wouldn't give her any!

"You, come upstairs with me! The rest of you! I expect you to have left by the time I come back downstairs!" Qin Xiang glared at Qin Min and strode upstairs.

Chen Kai followed Qin Xiang. When they walked past Qin Min, he heard her snort disdainfully. Nevertheless, she obediently followed them upstairs.

When they were upstairs, Chen Kai got to see a sight that truly opened his eyes.

He had been to night parties at villas.

But this was the first pool party he'd seen at a villa. Where was there water in a villa?

Yet the Qin Family's fourth sister, Qin Yue, had indeed thrown a pool party inside the villa. And except for her, everyone else was male! All of them had bodies like models!

"What an eye-opening experience."

Chen Kai couldn't help marveling at the various tones of triceps and pecs around him. It's often said that men are lustful, but women don't seem to be much different.

The rich are really something else!

Who would have thought that the timid youngest girl back then had become so open-minded?

Only the second sister of the Qin family remained relatively quiet.

But she was weird enough, wearing a gray dress smudged with greasy stains, as filthy as if it hadn't been washed in ages. The lustrous black hair was so oily that you could probably fry chips with it.

Wearing square glasses, she looked as scruffy as can be!

As for the second sister, Qin Ying, Chen Kai didn't really remember much about her. He remembered she had been the most bookish of the four girls, never thought she would turn out to be so shabby.

Half an hour later.

All the partygoers on the first and second floors had been chased away.

The second, third, and fourth sisters of the Qin family stood obediently in front of Qin Xiang.

An unkempt bookworm, a rebellious clubbing young woman, and a hot beauty in a bikini.

Qin Xiang crossed her legs, the anger written all over her face as she looked at her three sisters who were as mischievous as ghosts. Chen Kai sat next to Qin Xiang, waiting for the drama to unfold.

Everyone was here. Qin Xiang kicked away the tea table in front of her in exasperation. "What are you all up to? What is the meaning of this? Do you think by doing this, you can resist mum's arrangements? No way! One of you will have to become Chen Kai's wife! Chen Kai will choose!"

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