Forgotten Souls (JJK)

A lost soul of a dying world and a devil, what would happen if they come into contact in a more appropriate setting? A Devil who only want a normal relationship with someone and a Ring Knight who fail to uphold his duty. What will sparkle between them when they go to the multiverse? Makima x Ashen One Obviously I don't know what the fk I'm doing. I yonk the cover on Pinterest.

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21 Chs

7. Finding accomodation

"So, can you remind me again why we're here?" Veilhem folded his arms in front of his chest and tilted his head, staring at the large compound in front of him. It was the Zenin Household that he had seen in the file earlier. 

It was opulent and grand. The architecture was not something he had seen before as the exterior of this grandeur was marvelous and remarkable.

"We can't sleep on the street now, can we?" Came the voice of Makima who was pretty much indifferent to his question. 

"Also, we need to find some money and information so this place is perfect for that category." She added.

"Fair enough." He nodded. 

The two of them stood outside the gate. He was wondering how they should move in as he didn't want to cause too much trouble. While he was contemplating, Makima had already moved and approached the guard while keeping the usual smile on her face.

"Stop, identify yourself." One of the two guards keeping the gate exclaimed and stepped up to stop them.

"Hello, I'm Makima and my friend here is V. I believe we have a reservation with the clan head. Can you lead the way?" Makika responded calmly. Her action was so fluid and natural as if she didn't tell any lies.

The guard turned his head to his friend and raised his eyebrow. The other man shrugged his shoulders as he wasn't told that there would be a visitor today. The guard frowned, however, the moment he fixed his gaze upon locking into her hypnosis golden irises, the man halted in his tracks.

"That is an order." Makima spoke in a commanding voice.

"Uh… We're very sorry for not recognizing you earlier lady Makima. Please follow this way." The guard opened the gate and let them in.

When they were touring around the Zenin's estate, a few glances were casted at them but magically, they all turned away as soon as they saw them. If it wasn't because of Makima, who would have known?

Makima put into their subconsciousness a fact that they were one of the Zenin and the trick worked perfectly. Being one of the three big clans, Zenin had a lot of small branches in their clan so seeing a new face once in a while wasn't an odd thing.

Veilhem appreciated the view of this place and people already. It wasn't everyday that he could be in a place that was not depressing and full of lamenting. But something caught his sight as he noticed someone was staring at him with a confused gaze.

Veilhem turned his head toward the direction he sensed and saw the little girl with golden eyes and long black hair looking at him. He halted in his tracks and it got noticed by Makima. 

She too turned in that direction and saw the girl. Although Makima only used her ability in the minimum output, the fact that a little girl could resist her manipulating sure caught some attention. 

Either she had a powerful mental power to resist Makima's manipulating or she had some kind of resistance to mind control. 

Makima approached her and squatted down to the girl's eyes level, reaching out her hand. Her captivating eyes left the tiny girl stumped in place, admiring her beauty. It was as if she was witnessing the saintess due to her beauty and elegance.

"Do you want to become my dog?" 

"W-wait WHAT?!" The girl got out of her daze and jerked a few steps back, her face reddened and a slight blush was visible on her face even though she used her hand to cover it hard.

Seeing her frightened reaction made Makima want the little girl more. She would be a cute puppy in Makima's opinion. 

Thankfully, Veilhem placed his hand on Makima's shoulder and rescued the poor girl that had been placed in Makima's eyes. "I know that being a dog in your eyes is a high evaluation and all but people might think differently." 

"Then what should I say?" Makima rubbed her chin as she seriously pondered hard about it. Seeing this side of her made him frustrated. He covered his face like he had a migrant. 

"You know what? Go with your usual line."

Seeing this eccentric couple in front of her, Maki found them to be quite harmonious which brought her a smile.

"Alright kid, who are you?" Veilhem asked in a serious tone. Makima's power was not something to be taken lightly. The past few weeks were enough to make him realize how powerful she can be. If she wanted, controlling the whole population of this country was not that hard for her.

"I'm Maki Zenin, nice to meet you." Maki introduced herself.

While scrutinizing Maki, Veilhem noticed the fine muscle and athletic build this girl had despite not being older than 6. "Kid, have you trained before?"

"Yes, I have." She gave him a side glance, she didn't seem to be bothered by this sudden question. That was apparent in the way she walked, breathed, and observed.

"Perfect, you, me, on the training field." He picked her up by the scuff of her collar and proceeded to go to the training hall he saw earlier.

"What?! Who are you?! Let me down!" Maki was extremely displeased with him already. It was shown by the fact that she was hitting him with her hands. She gritted her teeth while giving him an angry glance.

"A fierce cat ain't you?"

Before he could walk off, Makima held him back by pulling his cape to which he nodded in reply.

"Then I will join you after finishing the work." She said.

"Good luck." Veilhem waved his hand at her. An unknown warth seeped into a corner of the Devil as she found herself couldn't control the rising of her lips.

Veilhem then walked off with Maki in his hand and Makima continued her walk toward the clan head's office. 

Knocking the door a few times, she waited for a bit.

"Come in." The voice of an old man echoed behind the door.

Makima opened the door and found the man that she was seeking. He was drinking sake from the gourd. The said man was wearing a male kimono and a smirk was visible from his face. (A/N: ain't know what's that costume called tbh.)

"So to what pleasure do I own you and your medieval knight, Curse User." He poured the wine into his mouth, gulping it down and letting out a satisfying grunt before speaking. He was a man in his late years with black hair and some strands of gray hair. His sharp eyes locked upon Makima.

"I believe this isn't a proper way to greet you, head clan of the Zenin, Naobito Zenin. I come to say hello to the esteemed Fastest Sorcerer. " Makima stood in front of him, hand clasped behind her back, maintaining her normal calculating smile.. 

"For a beauty like you to say that to me, should I consider myself lucky or not?" The sarcasm was evident in his tone.

"Oh my, I already have the one I like." She said.

Then their conversation continued for a while with Makima and Naobito going back and forth in their sarcastic remarks. 

"Alright, tell me the real reason why you are here." Naobito, who had had enough of this meaningless talk, spoke up. His eyebrows knitted together into a frown.

"I'd like to stay here for a while with the access to the information and resources from the clan." Makima answered. On the surface, her politeness and action was genuine but Naobito couldn't help feeling an ominous aura from her.

"Why would I do that, young lady?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Because it's not a request, it's a command." 

Her reply shocked Naobito greatly by the sheer arrogance and audacity in her voice. Cracking a sneer, Naobito could feel a vein popping up on his forehead. 

Who is he? A grade 1 Sorcerer and the current clan head of Zenin, one of the three biggest influence clans in the Jujutsu Society.

However, her voice was like honey to his eardrums as it made him calm and relax. Naobito felt like he needed to obey her like a prey that was caught in an invisible spider web, waiting for their death. His instinct and years of experience kicked in and he got out of the daze and stared at Makima with a vicious smile. 

Holding back the rage that was about to erupt, Naobito asked. "Don't you think you will get killed by me right here?"

In a blink, Naobito disappeared and reappeared in front of Makima, cracking his neck from side to side. His speed was too fast for any normal human to see through but that didn't make Makima flinch a single bit.

Despite the warning, Makima still kept her calm and collected expression and locked her gaze with Naobito. She slowly reached out her hand toward Naobito.

Strangely enough, Naobito found his body frozen in place. His eyes widened in awe.

"As I said before, it is an order, not a request. Are we clear?" Makima pulled him by the collar and whispered in his ear. The mind numbing sensation he felt right that moment was even stronger. She slightly increased the output of her mind control.

"Haha, this bitch!" Naobito jumped a few meters back as he got into his fighting stance.


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