Forgemaster: My Legendary Weapons Turn Max Level Automatically Book

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Forgemaster: My Legendary Weapons Turn Max Level Automatically


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When the dimensions broke and the world was mutated, the game became a reality. The abyss descended, the fierce beasts were rampant, and humans gained the ability to change classes. Combat classes: killing monsters and leveling up, pursuing the path of supremacy. Life classes: working as logistics at the back of the battlefield. Lin Xiu transmigrated and awakened the life class [Forger]. He thought he would spend an ordinary life by the fireplace, drumming and hammering. However, the system awakened. Lin Xiu found that the legendary weapons he forged would automatically be upgraded to full level. "Iron Sword"-"Sword of Oath of Victory" "Wooden Shield"-"Legion Holy Shield" "Broken Spear"-"Lance of Longinus" "Bronze Bow"-"Bow of the Sun" The top experts bowed down, and the battlefield of ten thousand tribes submitted, just to get a legendary weapon. Many years later, on top of the peak, Lin Xiu was hailed as the Forgemaster. "King's Treasury" plummeted like rain! "Sorry, I don't need to level up, but I am still the strongest!"


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