Force to protect the Male Lead [BL] Book

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Force to protect the Male Lead [BL]


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Lucien Blake is a twenty six years old shut in otaku. He live his life reading novels, watching animes, eating and staring at computer all day. One day he went out to buy his favorite chicken lunch box meal at the nearest convenience store. But a robber came in and decided to rob the store. Without knowing why or what for, the robber shot him in the chest before running away.  Can his life as shut in otaku get any worse?    A series of beeps flooded his head, forcing him to wake up. When he open his eyes he found himself in another world very much like his own. Except for one thing. His beloved protagonist from his favorite anime is staring at him face to face. A notif pop into his head saying, [Dear host, find and help the protagonist escape his fate of getting killed. Help him in his mission of eliminating the demons. Points will be added. Failure to do so will result to deduction. Zero points will lead to your death. Good luck.] Lucien was left no choice but to adapt to his life as a mob character, helping the protagonist pave his path into greathood. It was all good at first, if you count off the number of times he has to pick up his butt running away from hideous creatures drooling after his flesh, his life being protected from protagonist halo was awesome.  That is until.... the protagonist pushed him down to bed. _______________________________________________ Updates are on Wednesday and Thursday