7 Chapter 7

Renato couldn't help but feel an ice pit forming in his stomach when he heard her words. He didn't need the force to know that he had probably unleashed something that should have been left buried and now he was going to suffer for it.

"Uh, okay then. Paddy, can you call the huragoks please?"

Paddy nodded and went out of the room and came back with the two huragoks behind her.

"Paddy, please translate for me, So I have some questions for you guys. Is that okay?"

"They said yes"

"Wonderful, okay first question. Who do they owe their loyalty to?"

"They said it was you"

"Ask them how they can cannibalize resources from other places and still make the devices have maximum efficiency?"

"They said they could remake any metal with the help of the nanomachines in their body."

"Ok, then ask them if they knew how they got onto this planet"

"They said they also didn't know one minute there were on some.. Forerunner installation and the next minute they were here with their loyalty changed to you. What are they talking about, master? What forerunners?"

"We will talk about it another time paddy, Now ask them if they can make any forerunner technology?"

"They said no, they were forbidden to make any forerunner technology."

"Damn, missed an easy chance. Anyway, ask them if I give them a blueprint, can they make the item from the blueprint?"

"Apparently yes,"

"Okay, that's good. Can they improve a blueprint given to them?"

"They said yes"

"That is great! The last question, if given the objective of the device, can they make a blueprint not using forerunner technology?"

"They said no"

"Damn, okay, this is fine anyway, so they can improve, but cannot improvise or create from scratch. Paddy, please give them the blueprint of the construction droid."

She nodded and gave them a datapad … which they promptly dissected and put back together. Then one of them connected their cilia to the datapad and after a second gave the datapad back to paddy.

"Pass it over, I want to see what they changed."

The new construction droid was actually not even the same as before. Instead of the bug-like mechanism before, the new blueprints were actually completely different. The new construction droid was a rectangular tube. It now moved used caterpillar tracks and could be used both vertically and horizontally.

But while it would be nice to have a construction droid, Renato didn't need one right now as each construction droid was huge to the size of a 15-storey building. Renato quickly made a copy of the blueprint and now gave the datapad back to them and asked paddy

"Ask them if they can make the construction droid as small as they can, sacrificing just the size."

One of the huragok again used their cilia to connect to the datapad and then gave it back to Renato. Renato looked through the new blueprint and he couldn't stop the smile that crept on his face.

The new blueprint was much smaller, about the size of a cow it had some disadvantages like being that it needed a minimum amount of materials to even be usable, It was a massive power guzzler, which wasn't actually a problem because he could just disconnect the generator which connected to the Jedi and use that. Other than that, the only other issue was that it was very slow.

Renato actually had some delusions about the molecular furnace before. He had thought that it worked like a philosopher stone, ripping apart atoms and making a new one. Only now that he looked at the blueprints, that it wasn't as magical as that. The molecular furnace was powerful alright. It could completely disassemble all bonds to the atoms and reverse them to their pure form.

It was basically a refiner, with loss approaching zero. Unfortunately, all good things come at a cost. Here, it was the energy cost that made it impractical for any planet not in the core world.

But Renato had a secret card for this, that was the nuclear fusion blueprints he got from halo. Deciding that this was what he wanted, he quickly added the nuclear fusion blueprints to the device and gave them to the huragok for them to remake the blueprint with the nuclear fusion generator for power, and they quickly incorporated the generator into the blueprints.

While the huragok had the same ability with their nanomachines, he can't be using them for construction constantly. It would be a waste of resources.

"Great, now ask them to make this construction droid. They can use all the materials from the Jedi temple and the master's enclave"

"They said it will take a week to build it."

"Wow, that is fast."

"Now, young master, I think it is time to start your education"

"Ah!? Where did you get that ruler from and why are you acting so weird? Hey, stop, stop coming closer, I will scream if you come any closer!"

"There is no escaping education, young master!"

"Somebody help me!"

Thus, the rest of the day was completed with paddy starting his education on the galaxy.

The next day, as he woke up, he was scared shitless when he saw A'nang floating near his bed.

"Looks like you have woken up! Good, now before I teach you the ways of the force, I think you need to learn meditation first."

"Master, you scared me. Can you please not hover above my face when I wake up in the future. But I can already meditate pretty well, as you have no doubt seen my mental shields."

"Ah, yes, but that is not what I am talking about. While your spiritual meditation has been phenomenal, your physical side has been quite lagging behind."

"You know that I am only 15 months old, right?"

"Do not interrupt when I am speaking youngling. Physical mediation with the force does not have any restrictions except not to overdo it after you have reached your limit. Understood?"

"But how will I know if I reached the limit?"

There was a glint of amusement in A'nang's face, but Renato didn't notice it. "Trust me young one, you will know."

"Now Alchaka, also known as moving meditation, is a type of meditation that deeply focuses on the physical body. While in your spiritual meditation you sit down, slowly tune out the sensations from your body and then connect to the force, Alchaka is completely the opposite in the sense that you completely tune out all the sensations other than your body and the force.

But there is a catch. You must have heard the saying no two bodies are alike? This is the case in Alchaka. In Alchaka, there are a series of base moves, but then you have to slowly feel how the force flows through you. It will also show you how the energy in your body is being used.

From there, you have to slowly change the base movements slowly until you have zero wastage of the energy and that it is flowing throughout your body equally. At this point, you would have become an Alchaka master who would have taken your body to its peak capacity.

I will, however, give you a warning, never show your Alchaka practice to someone whom you do not trust. Because an expert can dissect your body's weaknesses by viewing your Alchaka practice. This is also why Alchaka practice is seen as something very personal.

Now, do you have any questions?"

"Uh, only one. If Alchaka makes your body reach peak efficiency, how can there still be weaknesses?"

"Hmm, I don't think I need to answer that question, young one. The answer is in your question itself."

Renato tried thinking hard when it hit him, and he understood immediately.

"Looks like you have found the answer," said A'nang with a tone that was asking him to explain what he understood.

"It takes the body to peak efficiency, it doesn't actually remove the weaknesses of the body."

"That is correct. The Alchaka method strengthens your weaknesses, but as is the nature of the world, there is nothing truly perfect.

Normally this would not be a problem against an ordinary foe, but a force user, however, can exploit this weakness. Now I am going to show you the base forms of Alchaka. I will correct your posture. This lesson will be considered successful when you can do this set of exercises 50 times in a row with no mistakes."

"Yes, master."

Thus, A'nang instructed Renato in the base forms of Alchaka while adjusting and correcting him. Slowly, however, A'nang eyes kept widening in amazement as just after 3 hours of instructions, Renato could replicate the set of exercises perfectly with no errors.

If he hadn't been the one teaching, he would have assumed that Renato was a person who had been practising for years. What A'nang didn't know was that this was all possible only because of the excellent memory provided by Renato's occlumency.

While A'nang was appreciating Renato's genius, Renato was deep in a meditative state as he slowly connected to force as he did the exercises, and could observe how the energy in his body moved.

His moves started getting faster and faster as he wanted to understand how and where the energy was flowing, but each time he did the exercise the amount of energy kept decreasing, until suddenly he felt devoid of energy, with some dizziness, and felt as if he was going to vomit and he snapped out of his meditation.

"That was a very good practice youngling. You have mastered the Alachaka base forms. I have never seen one who had mastered the base forms so quickly. Now all you have to do is to practice the base forms and condition your body enough that you can do 50 of them continuously, then you can move on to the next lesson"

"Thank you for the lesson, master," said Renato, who was breathing hard, was soaking in sweat and looked like he was ready to fall asleep.

"I will give you a tip before I go. To gain the most effectiveness out of this training, you have to do spiritual meditation immediately after the Alchaka meditation."

Renato just nodded his head because he was too tired, and A'nang disappeared. Slowly dragging himself to the sonic shower. Renato activated his shower for a quick clean. Immediately, as all the sweat and grime were washed off of his body, he felt a small amount of bliss.

He pulled himself up to sit in his new trusty chair, then fighting his urge to nod off, he meditated and tried to feel the force. But it was 1000 times more difficult than before. It was then that Renato understood what the Kwa had meant when he suggested that he would get the best effects if he meditated after the Alchaka exercise.

If Renato could slip into meditation even in the conditions where his body has been completely tired and out of energy, then he could probably do it in a similarly dangerous situation in the future.

As he got into the state and let the force completely fill him up, Renato felt a slight bit better. He at least lost his overwhelming urge to sleep. However this was disturbed when Paddy came barging into the room.

"Young master, it is time for your studies!"

Renato couldn't help but groan. It was in times like this that he cursed himself for unleashing the eldritch abomination that was the teacher Paddy.

From there, for the rest of the day, he was completely in Paddy's hands, who was teaching him all she could teach him, only having moments of reprise when she went out to hunt food. Even with his occlumency, studying these many disciplines at once was a lot of hard work.

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