34 I only want her

Yan Mei was a little nervous to meet the rest of Lei Zhao's family. Even though his mother is really nice. She can't say the same thing about the rest. Taking a deep breath, she looked at the dresses in her closets.

She didn't know which dress she should wear. She realized she had no casual dress. All her dresses are office wear and some were even comfy clothes she wore when she is at home.

After contemplating for a while, she settled on a simple colored A-line printed pleated flared midi skirt with pockets, a fitted cashmere sweater in cranberry with matching heels.

Lei Zhao smiled unconsciously when he saw her coming out of the room. He pushed her closer to him. His hands went around her waist and held her firmly as if he knew she will push him away.

Yan Mei placed his hands on his chest and pulled away from him. Lei Zhao didn't let her go, but he kept his arms around her and pulled away looking at her.

"Wifey, you look so beautiful." 

He chuckled and kissed the tip of her nose. Yan Mei smiled against his lips as he kissed her.

"I really want to remove these clothes," Lei Zhao said huskily.

"I'm not going to have sex with you, Lei Zhao." 

Lei Zhao pulled away and raised an eyebrow.

"What about a quickie…?"

"Lei Zhao," Yan Mei warned pulling away from him but he didn't let her go.

"I know, I'm kidding," he said with a grin. "It just you look so hot in this cranberry color. It really suits you," he added as he held her gaze. "Just let me kiss you, alright?" 

Yan Mei nodded. She knew that even though she didn't love him, she loved his kisses.

Lei Zhao smiled as he kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands rested on her waist as she gently tugged on the back of his hair. He groaned.

They kissed passionately with their tongue battling with each other. Yan Mei didn't even know how long the kiss lasted before they pulled away from each other.


Once they reached Lei Zhao's parents' house, Yan Mei widened her eyes at the house in front of her—no, actually it was a mansion. It was huge and beautiful. Two armed guards in uniform rushed to open the gate and bowed respectfully when their car passed by them.

They drove up a steep driveway lined with palm trees. A massive pool of fountains rose out of the driveway. The late morning sun made the house more beautiful.

Yan Mei had seen a better house, but what shocked her was that this was Lei Zhao's parents' house. She knows this house might have caused a fortune. 

Once they reached the door of the mansion, Lei Zhao hurriedly got down and opened the door for her. Yan Mei got down and clenched her fist, her palms were sweating. 

"Wifey, are you nervous?"

Yan Mei shook her head. She was a little nervous. Based on the house, she realized Lei Zhao's parents might not be ordinary people like she had thought. She wondered if his father will like her…

Lei Zhao smiled softly and said, "Wifey, don't worry. My dad will like you." 

Yan Mei looked up and saw his parents waiting for them at the door. Holding her hand, Lei Zhao walked forward.

"Dad, Mom." 

It's been a long time since Mr. Lei saw his son. When he saw him, he was a little excited but his cold face didn't give anything away. His eyes fell on Yan Mei who was beside Lei Zhao, and an unknown glint passed through his eyes. 

Why is that face so familiar?

"Wifey, greet our parents," Lei Zhao said softly.

As soon as the words fell, Mr. Lei was shocked. Is this person his ruthless son? As a man, he can see the pampering in his son's eyes and tone. It seems his son loves the woman in front of him.

Lei Xiao Tong already knew her son was in love with the girl so she wasn't as surprised as her husband.

"Mom, Dad," Yan Mei greeted them politely.

"Xiaomei," Lei Xiao Tong said excitedly as she pulled her into a warm embrace. 

Yan Mei didn't know how to respond. Just as she was contemplating on what to do, Lei Xiao Tong pulled away from her.

Lei Zhao's parents were amiable people, seeing that their youngest son likes a woman, they decided to support his decision.

Lei Xiao Tong excitedly pulled Yan Mei into the house.

"Lei Zhao, come with me to the study," Mr. Lei said.

In the study, Mr. Lei sat on the chair and looked at his son. He couldn't help but feel emotional. Ever since his eldest son died, Lei Zhao had been working hard. He remembered he was the most troublesome and carefree out of the two of his sons.

But ever since his brother died, he became emotionally indifferent. Seeing him softening for a woman, he was shocked.

"Lei Zhao, are you sure about this… your flash marriage?"

"Yes, dad. I only want her." 

Seeing him admitting his affection openly for the woman, Mr. Lei couldn't help but be shocked again. 

Concealing the shock in his heart he asked, "I learned we couldn't find anything about her past, have you asked her?"

Lei Zhao has never mentioned anything about her past before. He doesn't want to force her. Sooner or later, she will tell him.

"I don't care. Once she is ready, she will tell me." 

Mr. Lei didn't expect his son to marry a woman whose identity is mysterious. Even though she was the young Miss of the Yan family, no one knew who she was before coming to this city. The fact that they couldn't find her background shows that a powerful force is behind her.

He shook his head at his son. He was happy at the bottom of his heart. His son had gone through a lot and if this woman makes his happy, then he will support him.

Also, he has heard a lot about his daughter-in-law in the business mall and he is impressed.

"If you have decided then, I don't have anything to say. If anything happens, know that I'm here for you. When you have time, take her to see your grandfather."

"Okay, dad."

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