47 The Guests are Arriving!

"The pillars of dragon society, the dragon lords!"

Applause and gasps erupted throughout the hall yet Yara had a displeased expression.

Four beings walked through the entrance to the hall and everyone was immediately captivated.

"From the BloodFlame clan…"

A small woman with pure white skin and hair, dressed in red and black armor stepped forward.

"Lady Seras Bloodflame!"

A round of applause began for the most fearsome and famed warrior under the dragon king.

"From the BlackSea clan…"

A man wearing blue pants with short black hair and light blue scales smiled and waved.

"Lord Lotan BlackSea!"

Lotan flashed a flirtatious wink at Yara that nearly made her gag but she maintained her composure through sheer will.

"From the StormCaller clan…"

A beautiful woman with long black hair wearing an extremely short dress and adorned in gold stepped forward.

"Lady Tiamat StormCaller!"

Most of the applause came from men who were captivated by the scantily clad women.

Those who had wives were thoroughly punished later on that evening.

"And last but certainly not least…"

The last of the four stepped forward and Yara frowned deeply when she realized he was not alone.

"From the SnowScale clan.."

Two men who were almost identical with long flowing snow white hair and pale skin with bright red eyes wore pleased expressions.

"Accompanied by his oldest son, Jeddah SnowScale.."

Jeddah paid no attention to the announcer and instead was looking around as if he was searching for something.

"Lord Jirai SnowScale!"

This time applause came from the women in the room who were extremely enchanted by this man's appearance.

Those who had husbands went on about their nights as usual.

Yara was trying to suppress her aura from spilling out but she was almost shaking with rage.

Exedra had an intense hatred for Jeddah due to an incident in their past as well as his treatment of Lisa and Mira and she was not the least bit certain what would happen when he saw him.

Her mood only got worse when she saw the group of five walking towards her.

Lotan was the first to speak much to the dismay of Yara. "You look as lovely as ever Princess."

He flashed his signature grin that had captivated the hearts of many women.

His harem numbered well over a thousand and yet he was still obsessively looking for more.

He had tried to woo Yara a number of times, yet she always proclaimed herself to be spoken for.

That didn't stop him from trying though.

It wouldn't be the first time he'd taken a woman from her husband after all.

Yara put her pleasant personality back on as best she could before responding. "Thank you for the compliment Lord Lotan."

She then turned to address the entire group. "I am pleased to see you are all in good health. Thank you for joining us to celebrate today."

Tiamat : "Thank you for inviting us."

Seras : "Where's the sickly little birthday boy?"

Jirai : "What's this big announcement you wanted to make?"

Yara chuckled slightly, inadvertently causing the heart of every man and woman nearby to skip a beat. "Patience my friends everything will be revealed soon but for now just try to enjoy the party."

She began to walk away but not before she brushed past Jirai and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Keep your fucking son away from my maids."

Jirai said nothing and instead looked at his son and sighed inwardly.

Normally his son was never interested in this kind of thing so why did he insist on coming tonight?

The entire time they'd been here his son hadn't stopped looking around like he was searching for someone.

'It's not like him to apologize so who in the world could he be looking for?' Jirai wondered before eventually shaking his head and putting it out of his mind.

As long as his son didn't cause any problems tonight, he'd let him be.

Jirai rubbed his neck slightly as he remembered the fallout from the last incident his son caused.

Maybe it was a mistake to bring him after all?

"May I introduce to you…"

Suddenly, everyone turned their gaze to the entrance to see which big shot was going to show up next.

"Accompanied by two of her daughters…"

"The Witch Queen, Sei Izanami!"

A tall gorgeous woman with inky black hair and translucent white eyes stepped forward.

She wore no smile on her ruby red lips, yet everyone in attendance could see the mischievous glint lurking in her eyes.

On both sides of her stood her twin daughters.

The girls looked just like their mother, but instead of her white colored eyes they each had the amber colored eyes of a goat.

People immediately walked over to introduce themselves and exchange pleasantries.

This was the witch queen!

If they made a favorable impression on her, they might be able to get a great discount on a magic tutor!

Who in their right mind wouldn't want to take advantage of this opportunity?

Yara stared at the woman briefly before turning away.

This wasn't the time to avenge Lailah.

'And besides, my son has his own plans anyway.'

"May I introduce to you…"

Yara had given up looking at the entrance since she assumed the one she was waiting for would be fashionably late as always.

"The vampire Queen, Audrina Sanguine!"

Yara immediately froze on her tracks and turned towards the entrance.

A crowd of people had formed around the newest guest. Everyone was trying to get a peak at the only woman said to rival Princess Yara in terms of beauty.

Yara wasn't too upset she couldn't see her friend immediately after a long time.

Her friend's aura was unmistakable and just knowing she was here was enough to bring a smile of genuine warmth to her face.

Eventually the crowd began to shift and parted to reveal a dangerously enchanting woman.

She was tall with a deliciously curvy body wrapped in warm grey skin.

Her long silver hair flowed freely below her perky ass and her bewitching violet eyes made her look seductive and dangerous.

When she saw Yara, her beautiful full lips curled up into a happy smile that revealed her two perfect white fangs and sent a heart shaped arrow through the hearts of all the men in the room.

Their wives weren't even upset this time.

They understood that this woman was divinely beautiful.

Faster than the eye could see, Audrina disappeared in a cloud of black smoke before reappearing right in front of Yara and wrapping her arms around her for a hug.

The sight of those wonderful melons pressing up against eachother was enough to give Lotan a small nosebleed but with a quick punch to the gut, Seras refocused him.

"It's good to see you again too." Yara chuckled and quickly returned her hug.

"Hmmm…" Audrina hummed in contemplation before dipping her hands lower and squeezing Yara's bottom.

Yara's warm and motherly expression broke and a vein bulged in her forehead. "You little pervert why do you do this every time?!"

Audrina finally separated from her and spoke in a refined and elegant voice, "I like to make sure mine is still the best."

Yara simply rolled her eyes at this childish provocation.

She'd already gotten used to it after all.


Audrina and Yara spent much of their time talking about recent events before the conversation turned to Exedra.

"Where's my favorite nephew?"

"He's your only nephew."

"Just answer the question you big boobed monster."

Yara felt herself growing a small ulcer hearing the way her friend referred to her but chose to ignore it. "He'll be here soon.. though when you see him…"

Audrina cocked her head in confusion. "What?"

"Don't fuck him."

"Excuse me?" Audrina was absolutely flabbergasted.

"Don't fuck him." Yara repeated.

Audrina was slightly insulted.

Did her friend truly not know her type?

They were competing for the same man years ago!

She should know her tastes!

While she liked her sickly little nephew, she would never see him as a man.

Was this some kind of joke?

"I-I would never! Just what do you take me for?"

Yara flashed a sneaky smile that sent chills down Audrina's spine. "I'll hold you to that."

'What the hell is going on with her?'

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