First Demonic Dragon

Carter Williams was your typical twenty year old loser. After a fight in the street leaves him unconscious he wakes up in the body of a young dragon in an entirely new world. Armed with a system to assist him and two beautiful wives to support him, Carter vows never to live his life hiding in the dark again as he seeks the title of dragon king. - Additional tag : Yuri Discord link is : https://discord.gg/q68P5JPnNz

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Eris’ Husband.

Samael unlike Antares is a much darker continent.

The skies are consistently gray and dreary looking with an arid dry landscape.

This atmosphere combined with where the group was currently headed, Exedra couldn't help but think of a certain dark and dreary family from his old world.

Exedra and his wives were currently being led into a large Victorian style castle that appeared to be crumbling from the outside.

Lusamine, Eris and Zheng seemed to be unfazed by the structure of their home and the group would soon understand why.

Pushing open the large rusty metal doors, what was revealed was a gleaming and pristine interior that didn't have a spec of dust.

While it could never compare to the lavish style of Yara's castle, it was still very nice.

"What the hell.. why does the outside look like shit and the inside is so nice?" Bekka asked the question everyone in the group was dying to know.

"Well… in lord Belphegor's words, 'Why bother tending to the outside if we spend all of our time inside.' "

The group slowly realized they should've expected an answer like that given whose castle they were currently in.

Since the demon lord of sloth was the least problematic of all of the demon lords, his castle was decided as neutral ground for the meeting.

"Should we not tell him we've arrived?" Exedra suddenly asked.

He couldn't help but notice that they were being shown to sleeping quarters instead of the throne room.

"Well… he also said that meeting you would be too bothersome so he'd wait for the meeting tomorrow." Lusamine answered.

Again, Exedra felt like that was pretty in line with his character and elected not to press anything further.

"Ah, you all have arrived."

The group turned to see a handsome demon in silver armor walking towards them.

He was tall with deathly pale skin and luminescent green eyes.

The man had a sharp jawline and a chiseled body that would've made him the most handsome man in the room had Exedra not been standing there.

He had long inky black hair that fell to his waist and a confident stride.

"I am Pythias. I am one of lord Belphegor's four generals." The man introduced himself with a slight nod.

"And.. " He wrapped his arm around Eris possessively. "I am also Eris' husband."

He planted a brief kiss on her lips before he released her and walked towards Exedra.

'Strange… I used to feel so happy whenever he kissed me but.. why do I not feel as fulfilled as before? ' Eris stared at her husband's back with a complicated expression that did not escape the gaze of Lusamine.

"So… you are the one they speak of."

Even though Pythias was quite tall, Exedra still towered above him and he found himself disliking the arrogance of this being who hadn't even evolved yet.

To add insult to injury, Exedra didn't seem interested in answering him.

He simply stared into the man's eyes with an unknown emotion.

In attempt to save this awkward situation, Lusamine made hasty introductions.

"This is Exedra the fourth prince of Antares and the only child of lord Asmodeus."

"Yes… so I've heard…" Pythias raked his eyes over Exedra's body that was under his fur coat.

'Powerful… but non threatening. I suppose the stories were just that.'

"The worlds first dragon and demon hybrid. Even the holder of a blessing from the mother goddess. My, my, what a nasty combination."

"You know you've become something of a boogeyman like your grandfather. They call you Vovin, the dragon with inner divinity. "

"How silly." Exedra finally spoke.

"He speaks!" Pythias showed a smile as white as his skin. "I was starting to feel a little insulted."

"If that's true you're quite fragile for a demon."

Lusamine and Exedra's wives suppressed giggles, adding to the embarrassment of Pythias.

He began to make a comeback, when he noticed Valerie standing towards the back of the group.

"You.. you actually brought a filthy human into this sacred place?" His eyes began to glow and release a sickly green mist. "Even if she is your woman that is extremely-"

"My friend is none of your concer-."

"I-I'm not his woman!" Valerie interrupted with a red face.

She sauntered forward and stood in between Exedra and Pythias. "And I'm only half human you pasty fuck."

Lailah whispered to Lisa and Bekka, "Has she always been like this?"

"No." Lisa promptly whispered back.

"Well then why the hell is she-"

"Normally she would've swung by now." Lisa looked like she was proud of her friends progress.

Lailah and Bekka could only look at eachother when Lisa's words registered.

"I like her."

"Me too."

Seeing how this human woman dared to be so arrogant and disrespectful with him, Pythias began to gather a sickly green energy in his fingertips. "Insolent sow!"

Exedra quickly took his weapon from his ear and turned it into a large greatsword and pulled Valerie behind him.

Before Pythias could do anything else, a giant red scythe and a sharp golden katana were both pointed at his neck.

Zheng and Lusamine had quickly stepped in to subdue Pythias before he could do anything to jeopardize Exedra's visit.

The two instinctively knew that if anything were to happen to the women he brought with him, there was no telling what he might do.

They'd failed his father once, they would not fail his son as well.

"Are the two of you joking? For a human?!" Pythias roared.

The pair said nothing but it was clear that if he took even a single step forward his head would roll.

Suddenly, a soft pillowy sensation assailed his arm.

"Let's just go okay?" Eris pleaded.

Seeing his wife earnestly begging for him to let this matter be, his gaze softened and he let the magic energy that was building in his hands dissipate.

"Alright wife… let's go then."

He turned his back and prepared to leave, but not before looking over his shoulder to leave one last scathing remark. "Disgusting half breed."

Valerie simply rolled her eyes and held up her middle finger to which Mira excitedly copied.

As the pair left, Eris looked back at Exedra for a final time.

'I'm sorry…'

Exedra couldn't focus on the look Eris was currently giving him.

While he noticed, his mind was only focused on the sensation that was now overwhelming him.

One that he'd only felt once before.

'His heart…I'm sure it'll taste delicious!'

< Pythias

< Status : Enraged

< Race: Death Knight

< Age : 475

< Times Evolved: 3

< Health: 160,000

< Strength : 84,080

< Endurance: 68,722

< Agility: 50,319

< Mana : 72,518

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