Ethan Brunson was crazy. Everybody knew that. He had once caned a bully raw with his belt whiles yelling"yee-haw" like a cowboy. the poor bully, who had thought the small framed, black haired boy was an easy target, had paid dearly that day for his mistake. his own friends had joined in the laughter as he was chased by Ethan around school as he squealed like a horror scared girlfriend in her boyfriends house.

Currently, Ethan was napping. he had a wide smile on his face as he slept and anyone who looked at him wondered just what was going on in his head. The boy in question was having the time of his life.

'Aaah...how satisfying. who would have thought that I would have girls like so around at my beck and call'. Ethan thought as he lay face-first, almost naked if not for his underwear as two girls rubbed and squeezed his shoulder blades and other parts of his back. Both girls were in skimpy two-piece swimsuits as they went about their tasks.

Ethan's eyes were closed as he enjoyed the feel of their soft hands all over his body.

"A drink for his handsomeness" a third girl who was just as stunning as the other two announced as she bent to Ethan's level whiles balancing a glass of smoothie on a round tray. 

Ethan opened his eyes and motioned for the girl to stick the straw into his mouth which she did with as much sexiness as possible. Ethan couldn't help but smile as he sucked the creamy goodness from the glass.

"Now this is the life" Ethan announced as he detached his lips from the straw. He waved the girl off and made sure to smack her ass just for the fun of it as she turned to leave.

" Now ladies, how about I take care of you for a change eh?" He suggested with a suggestive wiggle of his brows. The girls giggled as they moved over slowly whiles untying their strings.

Ethan whistled as he saw their perky beautiful breasts. He was already finding it quite difficult to keep "jester" on the down-low in his underwear. He stood up from the masseur bed as he moved over, ready to welcome those pounds of meat. "Mamacita...come to daddy," he said as he embraced the first girl...

"Ethan.. Ethan! you gotta wake up bro!". Ethan felt something hard poke him in his ribs gently. Once, twice and then very hard a third time. He jumped from his seat with a curse on his lips and murder in his eyes.

"What the fuck,bro?!" Ethan yelled "Do you know what you just did man? you ruined my chance. I was gon get some! why Kirk? why?!" Ethan shouted, almost on the verge of tears.

Kirk was taken aback, what was going on with his best friend? True, Ethan was a lil crazy but he wasn't this crazy. At least not crazy enough to curse aloud in class in front of the strictest teacher in mid-mount high.

In his anger at being woken up just before he got a chance to do what he had always wanted to do since he hit puberty, Ethan had completely forgotten that he was currently in school. In his final class for the day at mid-mount high.

A school for overly obnoxious young adults who spent way too much time chasing the opposite sex and sticking their noses where they weren't wanted. In Ethan's eyes, this was a clear example of what kinda people mid-mount turned into the society as high school graduates.

Kirk on the other hand thought something may be wrong with his friend. As a good friend, he had to know if Ethan was alright. Just as he had decided to ask Ethan if everything was alright, a low angry voice that carried across the room to everyone interrupted his question.

" There..there Mr.Brunson, I'm afraid that's two weeks' worth of detention for such vile language in my class. A week's worth of detention for interrupting my lesson and another week's worth of detention for disturbing your colleagues" Mr. Andrews, the strictest teacher in all mid-mount announced with a menacing smile that would shame the devil.

"What???!!!" Ethan couldn't help but shout out in shock as his blood run cold. "A month's worth of detention? That's crazy. Y...yo..you can't do that!" He wasn't the only shocked person in the class. Kirk couldn't believe his ears.

" Say, don't u think The old coot went too far this time?" One boy asked his friend. "Yeah, I'll die if I got even a week's detention. I can't think what will happen if I get sent to Detention for a month" a second boy answered.

The girls on the other hand were saying things like "poor Ethan, he's a goner now" and "at least he didn't get sent to the principal's office". Kirk on the other hand felt guilty, maybe if he hadn't woken Ethan up so violently, things wouldn't have been this bad. 'but Mr.Andrews was looking at him. He was bound to have called him if I hadn't woken him up' he tried to alleviate his guilt. He could only sigh as things proceeded. 

"Are u calling me crazy now Mr. Brunson?" Ethan quickly backtracked. "No sir, it's just that I think a month's detention is too harsh. I got a job I gotta get to after school. please" he begged.

Mr. Andrews flashed him his famous grin again as he replied Ethan, "I'm sorry Mr. Brunson. My word stands. Either u serve the detention for the allotted time or you go to see the principal. you can rest assured that she won't take your behavior this afternoon lightly. Now sit down!" He ordered, to which Ethan found himself complying as his legs were already jelly.

Mr.Andrews then turned to continue with his lesson. "Oh..before I forget, Mr. Brunson. Today is Friday and the last day of the month. So I'll suggest we start your rehabilitation in the detention room on Monday.that way we can keep track of your progress and the time properly" Mr.Andrews said without turning his back as he wrote somethings on the board. 

Ethan could only sit down shell-shocked and angry at Mr.Andrews. ' that old fucker. I bet no woman wants him. Stoopid git'. This and many other thoughts ran through Ethan's head. Some of the thoughts angry at the unfairness of everything. others worried about his job. In his reverie, Ethan didn't even notice that the final bell for the end of school had rung and that everyone was packing, ready to leave until his friend, Kirk rocked him gently. Kirk was careful to not overdo it since he didn't want to cause what happened earlier again.

"Bro...Ethan. it's closing. We gotta leave". Ethan looked up at Kirk and nodded as he stood up. There was no need to pack anything since he hadn't brought out any of his books from his bag. He just grabbed his bag silently and trudged after Kirk all the while thinking ' what am I gonna do now? I don't think that asshole at the restaurant is gonna allow me to come a full-blown hour after my appointed starting time. He's probably going to give me the sack, then the other one's going to get mad and do that again.

As this crossed his mind, an involuntary shudder rippled through his spine as he unconsciously grabbed his arm. An arm that throbbed with slight pain every now and then, even after all this time.

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