Fight for the throne (THE MORNING STAR 一揽子清单) Book

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Fight for the throne (THE MORNING STAR 一揽子清单)


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I didn't know why but I wished Zack was here and remembering what he told me about the ghost got me more tensed. I then felt asif someone was standing behind me and had the sudden huge to turn around ' one two three four five ... ' I counted to ten inwardly and immediately I hit ten , I turned to find a pair of silver eyes staring at me , my hands began to shake and I dropped my phone " GHOST " i screamed _______ During the period of war in hell a prophecy is given of a child born with parents from both the witches and demon beings who are in enmity The birth of this child bring problem, suffering and difficulties to the lives of both parents.After many years , and after the arrival of the morning star Zack, things slowly begins to fall into place but what would happen when he falls in love with the child of prophecy Especially now that their enemies have joined force's in other to see their end I'll be releasing minimum of two and maximum of three chapters a day stay tuned # TRIGGER WARNING


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