Fey in the Dungeon [DanMachi]

Waking up in Orario as a dark fey can be disorienting to anyone but also being a Dragonborn? Our MC will surely turn heads with her uniqueness, but how will Orario react to someone like her. Read as the story of how a winged girl takes the city by storm. ****************************************************** This novel is purely written for my enjoyment, I get nothing from writing it. There may be some inconsistencies coming up, I will try to explain everything as best as I could without a massive info dump but please keep in mind I am still human and will make mistakes. I have no editor besides myself. I will try and keep things clear and readable. English is not my first language so some spelling or manners of speech may be different than what is shown in either the Anime or manga, again I am only human. I will try be as consistent as possible with chapter release as possible but please understand that I also enjoy other fan-fics and novels as well as draw inspiration from different sources. Please leave ideas in the comments, differing points of view is always welcome. ***************************************** Please note the cover picture does not belong to me, the amazing art goes to Denahelmi and should they wish for me to remove it I will. The first few chapter’s text is a bit squashed together but please bear with me, it is my first novel and it does get better. I won’t change it because in a way it shows either the betterment or worsening of my works and it’s a way for me to see how I’ve grown as a author.

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24. The Monsters on the Surface

Having just finished forging her best piece, a more ceremonial style dagger made from the dragon tooth from the black baby dragon Marlet had killed whilst doing the deep dive with her familia members. She had fashioned it the sharp side of the blade to go along the outside curve of the dagger and on the internal spine she had carved out little roses. The blade had been made black after being forged with an ivory white handle. What really made the dagger unique was that it was also enchanted with Vampiric Drain, thus healing the user of the dagger with each cut made. Marlet's intention behind the blade was for it to replace Loki's current knife she used for updated statuses. She named it the 'Noir Fang Dagger', Tsubaki only laughed at the name and Gareth lamented over art not receiving the proper name it deserved.

"O benevolent goddess of mine, who sees through all falsehoods and protects that which belongs to thee. Claim this dagger as an offering in thine name in the hopes that it may slay your enemies!" Marlet announced during a meeting with all the executives. Loki hearing how she was addressed couldn't help but smile, "finally someone who understands how to treat a goddess, you all should maybe write this down." Every single person who was in the room looked at Loki as though she had sprouted a second head except Aiz who only tilted her head slightly and took out a piece of paper, writing down something. As if through precognition Riveria made one smacking motion with her staff but three bumps formed on three heads. Marlet for interrupting a meeting that was taking place, Loki for going along and corrupting another familia member with her theatrics and Aiz for actually following through with the ridiculousness of the situation without question. Aiz had a massive pout and Marlet simply cast a healing spell on the both of them while looking Loki dead in the eyes with a smirk. "Oi! What about my noggin?" Loki knew where this was going though. "Sorry goddess, I just don't feel comfortable pointing a spell at my patron goddess" she replied with a pitiful tone. "It's a damn HEALING SPELL! The worst you could do is fix my liver had I been mortal." She couldn't believe what she heard, yes it's taboo to attack a god with any means but healing magic should be fine! "Ohh and what's wrong with your liver, goddess?" The cold voice of Riveria could be heard behind Loki.

"Ah my feathered child! You have made an excellent dagger and I wholeheartedly accept your fine creation" the goddess decided to avoid the elf's not-so-subtle threat. After explaining the uses of the dagger and what the intended purpose for it was Loki happily accepted it, "is this why you didn't let me update your status when you arrived back from the dungeon?" Loki could clearly see how Marlet was fidgeting like a child who wanted praise from a parent so she did what anyone would do, hug her daughter in thanks. "It's a beautiful dagger, thank you. Can we update your status now?" Loki asked in a softer tone. She received a nod from the girl in her embrace as they broke the hug and she lay on her stomach whilst everyone in the room turned away.


Name: Marlet

STR: 231 G

END: 231 G

DEX: 231 G

AGI: 231 G

MAG: 231 G

Development Ability:

[Elder Scrolls Wisdom]


[Elder Scrolls Wisdom]


[Average Out]


Suppressing the urge to reach out for Riveria's whacking pole Loki could only smile at Marlet, "I have good news and a little better news." Choosing to ignore her goddess's threatening voice Marlet asked her to go on, "well you already have your feat recognised by the falna for killing that dragon when you were severely underpowered, the other bit of good news is that all those healing spells you have been giving to the familia members has boosted your stats rather quickly." At that news Marlet was quite happy, and looking at her status growth made her even happier. "You know, being with us for about half a year now you've grown considerably well" Loki was nodding her head like a proud parent and it was true, with the [Average Out] curse Marlet and everyone else expected her to have a slow growth but looking through the falna Loki could see all the effort the girl put into not falling behind.

"Well we still have to continue with the meeting you created a break for" Loki had a little amusement in her voice, "we should be done in about an hour, two tops." Marlet only nodded with a slight blush on her face and scampered out of the meeting area leaving everyone to chuckle at her antics, even Riveria had to admit that with someone enabling some of their goddess's theatrics, in moderation, the place had become a little more colourful.

Knowing that Loki wanted to be present when she unlocked another of her stars in her constellation's skills tree Marlet opted to go for a flight around Orario to get another feel of the wind in her hair, a feeling she is slowly getting addicted to. On her way to her tree wanting to take off from the top she spotted Lefiya who kept walking up and down the hallway muttering under her breath. Upon seeing Marlet though she let out a small squeak in surprise and dropped her head almost as though she was sent to the gallows.

"What's wrong Lefiya?" Marlet could only ask in concern as Lefiya was one of her closest friends and that she was already at the peak of level 1 made her the closest in level to her among the executive group of friends. In a very soft whisper Lefiya mumbled something and all Marlet could hear was "tree." "You'll have to speak up Lefiya, I can't hear you" the elf's face went a little crimson as she covered her face with her hands. After taking a large breath and slapping her cheeks twice, causing them to redden further, Lefiya looked Marlet in the eyes and spoke, "I was looking for a certain book and wanted to see if it was in your library?" Marlet could only laugh and indicate the girl to follow her, "you don't really have to ask Lefiya, I might not want people to constantly walk through my room but if you want to use the library you're more than welcome." This caused the elf to beam in happiness because Marlet had just given her indirect access to her room of knowledge. Marlet might not have known this but Riveria had talked with all the elves and it came down to a order from her as royalty to tell the elves to not be a bother for Marlet or her tree. When Gareth heard about this he laughed so hard he fell on the floor calling the elves 'tree-huggers.'

Going through the entire library and not finding the book she was looking for but found an interesting journal that Riveria and Marlet had co-written when talking about the different magics she had access to and the differences in racial magic and 'gifted' magics learnt from a grimoire. As they were about to exit the room Marlet's stomach growled, causing her to suggest that she take the two of them for lunch at the Hostess and Lefiya readily agreed.

Landing on the roof Marlet and Lefiya made their way down to the dining area and ordered some food. Before sitting down though Marlet went to Mia and indicated for Syr to come over as well. "Before I start eating I'd like to take some food to our 'damsel stuck in the tower'" Marlet didn't need to elaborate further as both woman knew what she meant. Mia laughed and Syr was blushing up a storm at being found out so casually, "I like you girly! I heard Ottar just got back and levelled up. For that, I'll give you a 2.5% discount!" Mia declared proudly and Marlet to smile wryly at this money making woman's antics. Paying for the food and dessert, making sure it was secure Marlet took off towards the top of Babel to congratulate the strongest adventurer in Orario and his patron goddess.

Flying low in order to get a good look at the passing adventurers and bystanders a lot of people were doing 2 things, they either waved at her with a smile or scowled and looked away. The number of people getting comfortable with her had increased since they had started offering the flying trips at the Hostess and a few children even asked her to cast her 'magic' to go extra fast. Whilst thinking back to all the smiling faces of the people she had taken flying, Marlet didn't notice the net being thrown from one of the rooftops.

Getting tangled up in the net and falling into a back-ally Marlet kept struggling to get out when a member of the Loki familia came running up towards her with their weapons drawn. It had been this particular elf's turn to shadow the Loki familia's healer and they had taken the job with full seriousness and upon seeing what was happening they didn't even hesitate to rush to her aid.

4 shadows leapt out from their hiding spaces with 3 surrounding their pray and the burliest person engaging the elf in combat. "Well, well, well" spoke a man with a perverted smile looking at Marlet struggle. Seeing the situation Marlet started taking in a deep breath to unleash a fire breath at the man and burn a hole through the net but received a punch to the temple before releasing her shout. "Can't have our little 'jack bird' escaping now can we" the man who punched her explained. The last the Marlet saw was the elf curse and launch a blue flare into the sky.

The four assailants didn't waste any time and all attacked the elf together, wanting to kill them before reinforcements arrived. The elf had to go on the defensive as the man with the perverted smile left the assault and made their way towards the unconscious Marlet, "you really want to make enemies with the Loki familia! We'll hunt you down like animals" the elf only received a few superficial cuts in response. "You were already our enemies, you only realised it now" as the burly man said this the elf could feel a poison act upon his body, locking up all their muscles and causing them to fall to the ground hard. "Shit! They're already here, scatter!" Shouted the final man who had been keeping lookout whilst fighting Marlet's protector.

The four of them ran into Daedalus street carrying the winged girl and trying to make their way towards the underground networking system to try an loose their pursuers. "I hope the bitch is worth it! Do you know how hard it is going to be to move around on the surface now" spoke one of the four, "well it's either the Coliseum or the Tower for her and both are willing to pay well."

Whilst the four were making it into their hideaway, the Loki familia members had found the paralysed elf and started treating them. Loki had also started sending out adventurers in all the directions to find where her winged child had gone. She may have looked calm on the surface but to anyone who truly understood the goddess knew that she was seething with anger and anyone in her way would feel her wrath.

Walking into the Hostess with a serious face Loki walked straight towards the proprietress and demanded an explanation as well as any information she might have. To say that everyone in the restaurant was ready to murder an entire familia was an understatement, even Mia who didn't like getting involved anymore gave Syr a look that conveyed a thousand words.