Fey in the Dungeon [DanMachi]

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What is Fey in the Dungeon [DanMachi]

Read ‘Fey in the Dungeon [DanMachi]’ Online for Free, written by the author Super_Surprised231, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering SYSTEM Fanfiction, MAGIC Fan Fiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Waking up in Orario as a dark fey can be disorienting to anyone but also being a Dragonborn? Our MC will surely turn hea...


Waking up in Orario as a dark fey can be disorienting to anyone but also being a Dragonborn? Our MC will surely turn heads with her uniqueness, but how will Orario react to someone like her. Read as the story of how a winged girl takes the city by storm. ****************************************************** This novel is purely written for my enjoyment, I get nothing from writing it. There may be some inconsistencies coming up, I will try to explain everything as best as I could without a massive info dump but please keep in mind I am still human and will make mistakes. I have no editor besides myself. I will try and keep things clear and readable. English is not my first language so some spelling or manners of speech may be different than what is shown in either the Anime or manga, again I am only human. I will try be as consistent as possible with chapter release as possible but please understand that I also enjoy other fan-fics and novels as well as draw inspiration from different sources. Please leave ideas in the comments, differing points of view is always welcome. ***************************************** Please note the cover picture does not belong to me, the amazing art goes to Denahelmi and should they wish for me to remove it I will. The first few chapter’s text is a bit squashed together but please bear with me, it is my first novel and it does get better. I won’t change it because in a way it shows either the betterment or worsening of my works and it’s a way for me to see how I’ve grown as a author.

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Berawal dari Gia yang sudah begitu bosan dengan hidupnya di Indonesia. Gia adalah selebriti yang di gandrungi di Indonesia, dia jatuh kedalam kehidupan selebriti yang mewah dan bebas. Dia amat sangat mencintai Dirga, sesama selebriti. Dia dan Dirga tinggal serumah, mereka membeli rumah bersama. Keluarga Gia tidak tahan akan hal tersebut dia meminta Dirga dengan baik-baik untuk menikahi anaknya dan mengikuti kepercayaan Gia. Dirga menolak, penolakan itu membuat keluarga Gia malu. Dia mengecam semua harta Gia yang di gunakan oleh Dirga dan memisahkan Dirga dengan Gia. Gia frustrasi. Dia sangat mencintai Dirga tapi dia juga tidak bisa meninggalkan keluarganya, dia tahu apa yang dilakukannya dengan Dirga sudah terlalu jauh. Dirga yang kesal atas segala bentuk penghinaan dari keluarga Gia membeberkan semua aib Gia di media masa. Semuanya menjadi sangat buruk. Gia terpuruk. Dia memilih untuk pergi meninggalkan Indonesia dan mundur dari keartisannya. Dia memutus kontaknya dari semua orang di Indoesia, memberanikan diri untuk hidup sendiri di Korea. Di negara yang mayoritas Ateis dia kembali menganal agamanya. DIa bertemu banyak orang yang membawanya jadi pribadi yang lebih baik. Segala kebaikan yang dia dapatkan di Korea membuatnya menjadi lebih baik. Bgeitupun dengan Jae Hoon, laki-laki itu sudah seperti rumah buat Gia. laki-laki asing dinegara asing yang mempu membuatnya nyaman ketika bicara, ercerita dan menikmati malam di korea. Tapi masalahnya dia tidak mau seperti sebelumnya. Jae Hoon terlalu sama dengan Dirga. Jae Hoon seorang artis dan juga seorang Ateis. JAe Hoon sellau bilang kalau cara agama Gia mengenalikan Gia itu hal gila. Tapi cukup begitu saja Gia menyangi laki-laki itu, terlalu peduli dengan Jae Hoon. Tapi sekali lagi dia tidak mau jatuh, kali ini Gia tahu batasnya sampai mana.

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The P.E.T.A.L project experiment, which stands for Purge Expert Team Alignment: Lethal, was what they yelled about. They're combatants who don't give up lightly. This is the point at which a human being is detached from his or her body, conscience, life, and logical brain. Two to four humans can be formed from a single human. However, there are times when a P.E.T.A.L can only be separated in two, and they kill each other while knowing they are the same person. The greater the P.E.T.A.L., the more divided it is, but the more physically and mentally unstable it becomes. When divided into more than four They are classified into physical, mental, logical brain, creative brain, life, and conscience. The lengthy World War 3 resulted in a significant decline in the number of human births, prompting the creation of this project. People died from infectious diseases, war-related deaths, mental disorders, and other causes as a result of conflict. As a result, Project P.E.T.A.L was born, allowing humans to be divided into four or more groups without losing their memories and allowing them to be 'tamed' by the controller. As if he were a hunting hound on a long leash. If they don't, the chain will kill them instantaneously. The body, soul, heart, and brain can all be separated from one another. Humans can be separated by merging scientific and supernatural sciences, however once separated, humans who are utilized as subjects can no longer be called human. This is to escape society's constant war. "P.ET.A.L is now officially not human." Finally, separated individuals are known as Petals because they are unable to die quickly. They're used as troop helpers, shooting targets, assassins, and a variety of other things. The Petals will continue the battle.

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Shadow of the Valley: The Modern Midnight Reaper

Shouji lives in a small town outside the greater city. The only family he has is his sister. His career path is dismal and troubled with arrests despite his passion for art. He understands his hobbies aren't well liked by his sister but he's determined to make some worth out of what he enjoys. What he didn't expect was to get tangled up in an mysterious woman with strawberry blonde hair. She was exciting, strong-willed and he was determined to find out what made her so alluring. Maybe it was the fire of her anger or that glow in her eyes when she stared at him longingly. It wasn't his fault, though. Getting tangled up with her seemed harmless at first. He just wanted to love her. Was that so wrong? Endless nights of feverish escapades through the night. Kisses and the heat of her lips on his neck till blood drew. He didn't know this type of thing was usually arranged for people like herself. He also didn't understand how a human matched up to a supernatural being such as her but he couldn't resist. He had to have her. Even if he didn't have any outstanding useful traits.... Like that of scientists and musicians. He wasn't a tactical fighter, trained as deadly bodyguards. Unlike the rest, he wasn't picked for his talents but only pure unadulterated love. He was a victim of circumstance, caught in a web of love that led him down a dark path of death and agony. A path so sinister that he'd never be able to live up to his sister's expectations all-the-while unveiling one of the oldest and largest evils to walk the Earth. He didn't know just how much his influence for her could drive him to become the catalyst for it all. He didn't expect to sacrifice what was precious to her to become strong enough to protect her. Even when he was thrust into this new place of power, with all the time to adjust. He unconsciously gave up everything for her but he never questioned the cost of it all. Could he withstand it or would he fail?

Diana_H_Forst · Sci-fi
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good. hope you don't drop this like many authors tend to do. I personally really enjoyed it. her name gets spelt wrong in some parts. but not much of a problem. keep up the good work


Can’t post without giving myself stars so might as well be five 🤷‍♂️ Only wanted to comment that it’ nice being on the other side of the story and writing ahead that I know what’s coming and everyone else has to wait for the one chapter a day release 😜😌


I really like it so far. The grammar is nice, and I like the skyrim system. Keep up the good work, would be a real shame if this got dropped.


I like the gradual disclosure of characters and plot twists. It would be great to see the story continue. Author, thanks for the work ............... ..................... . ....... .....…....


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Interestingly written. I look forward to continuing. Special thanks to the author ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




While there are some grammatical issues, the interactions of the oc and the rest of the characters come through clearly. It is an interesting combination used for the mc’s system/power set, am looking forward to seeing the results. Thank you.


At chapter 17 so far and I need to say that is is one of the best fanfics I have ever read. Some elements are lacking but add an explorationary feeling that is not an infodump, good good good. I am looking forward to reading more.


Unnecessarily long paragraphs, little use of periods. I couldn't stand reading after he revealed his reincarnation and the plot objects, but the main problem that made me abandon the story was the text structure and dialogue arrangement.


The story is extremely good although a bit of the grammar is a bit off and now that updates have stopped for an indefinite period of time, I cannot truly give a 5 star review. Still, I hope you can continue as I love this story already and keep up the great work! Have a nice day or night wherever you are!


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