21 The Hallowe'en feast

The Hallowe'en feast at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was a cherished tradition, eagerly awaited by students and staff alike. As the 31st of October approached, the air buzzed with excitement, and the Great Hall was transformed into a mesmerizing display of Hallowe'en enchantment.

Felix, after accepting Xeno's invitation, could hardly contain his anticipation. He had heard tales of the feast from Xeno, and his descriptions painted a vivid picture of a magical spectacle that surpassed all expectations. Determined to witness the grandeur for himself, Felix awaited the evening with bated breath.

After classes, Felix decided to create his own costume, drawing inspiration from the creatures he had learned about in tales. Being a wizard raised in the Muggle world and now exploring the realm of magic, he chose to embody the allure of a vampire.

He started by selecting a Ravenclaw blue cape as the foundation of his vampire attire. Skillfully utilizing transfiguration magic, he transformed the cape into a deep, rich black fabric that gracefully cascaded down his back. The edges of the cape possessed a subtle iridescent sheen, mirroring the mystique of the nocturnal sky.

Underneath the cape, Felix transfigured his clothes into a tailored black suit, evoking a sense of Victorian elegance. The jacket boasted a high collar, adding a touch of enigmatic allure, while the perfectly tailored trousers complemented his slender form. Completing the formal ensemble was a crisp white shirt adorned with intricate ruffles.

To create a striking contrast, Felix used his transfiguration skills to transform a silk scarf into a deep crimson shade. He draped it loosely around his neck, symbolizing the thirst for blood that defined the vampire legend. The vibrant red hue stood out against the darkness of his attire, captivating attention.

To enhance his vampire persona, , Drawing upon his Occlumency skills, he manipulated his emotions, creating a smoky effect around his eyes, intensifying their gaze and mesmerizing allure.

With a flick of his wand and a whispered incantation, Felix conjured a pair of elongated, retractable fangs using transfiguration magic. The fangs were sharp and gleaming, bestowing an air of danger upon his vampire persona. He ensured they fit comfortably in his mouth, ready to be revealed when the opportune moment arose.

Upon completing his costume, Felix dedicated time to perfecting his movements with grace and elegance, embodying the hypnotic presence of a vampire. Maintaining a dignified posture, he awaited Xeno's arrival in the room.

"Hey Felix, are you ready? We're going to be late!"

As Xeno entered, wearing an owl costume, his words were halted by the sight of Felix's transformed appearance. Astonishment and a hint of unease flickered in his eyes. The vampire costume had worked its magic, casting an eerie and unsettling aura around Felix. Xeno couldn't help but feel a shiver run down his spine as he locked eyes with Felix, now transformed into a creature of the night.

After a moment of silence, Xeno looked at Felix in surprise and exclaimed, "You look awesome! Where did you get this costume from?"

"I created it myself. Now, let's head to the dining hall," Felix replied with confidence, leading the way as a young vampire prince.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow across Hogwarts Castle, the doors of the Great Hall swung open, revealing a breathtaking scene. The enchanted ceiling mimicked a starry night sky, with clusters of floating pumpkins emitting a warm, flickering light. The air was infused with the aroma of delectable treats, and orange streamers adorned the walls, adding to the festive ambiance.

Stepping into the hall, Felix marveled at the sight before him. The long tables were adorned with bewitched decorations—a delightful blend of gracefully swooping bats, playful water snakes, and goblets brimming with colorful sweets. The atmosphere hummed with anticipation as students from all houses chatted excitedly, their faces painted with anticipation and awe.

The feast commenced in grand fashion, as platters of sumptuous Hallowe'en delicacies materialized before the eager students. Pumpkin pasties, cauldron cakes, and treacle tarts tantalized their senses, their enticing aromas wafting through the hall. Plates were piled high with roast meats, hearty stews, and seasonal vegetables, all prepared with a touch of magic that enhanced both taste and presentation.

Amidst the feasting, Felix's eyes darted around the room, eagerly searching for any signs of the rumored entertainment. Whispers had circulated that the Hogwarts ghosts would grace the feast, captivating the students with their ethereal performances. And true to the tales, as the feast drew to a close, the atmosphere shifted, and a hush fell over the Great Hall.

Suddenly, the ghosts emerged from the walls, their translucent forms gliding effortlessly through the air. Leading the way was Nearly Headless Nick, the jovial Gryffindor ghost, followed by the Grey Lady, the enigmatic specter of Ravenclaw Tower. The Fat Friar and the Bloody Baron completed the ethereal quartet, each bringing their unique presence and story.

With ethereal grace, the ghosts performed a mesmerizing dance, weaving through the tables and captivating the audience. Their gliding formations showcased otherworldly elegance, their movements seamless and hauntingly beautiful. Whispers of admiration rippled through the crowd as the students marveled at the ghostly spectacle.

Once the performance concluded, the ghosts lingered, mingling with the students and sharing tales of their past. Felix, ever inquisitive, approached the Grey Lady

"Good evening, Lady Ravenclaw," Felix greeted respectfully.

"It is always nice to see a young Ravenclaw," the Grey Lady said in a calm voice.

"I apologize if I've disappointed you, Helena, by not even starting the second challenge yet," Felix said calmly.

"I know. I've been watching for the past month, and you made the right decision by not rushing into the challenge. To suppass your limits, you first need to understand them," the Grey Lady explained, praising Felix for his wise choice.

"Thank you. Right now, I'm very confident that I can easily solve the Book of Enigmas" said Felix confidently while thinking about the great advantage his mind maze given him . Then he returned to the table next to Xeno to enjoy the feast without dwelling on the remaining challenges that awaited him.

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