21 Wrench After Wrench

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Fuyuki, Japan,

Edelfelt Mansion,

In the office room Roman had taken up as his own personal space, the one eyed magus sat casually, rhythmically tapping his fingers against the table, his head resting in his other hand and a calm smile on his face.

Gilgamesh appearing would have been like throwing a wrench in his plans but, it had turned out rather well. Furthermore, the true nature of his ability was confirmed too. This.... This made him the 6th True Magician, an individual whose appearance many considered an impossibility.

"This just made things a whole lot easier."

The one eyed magu- magician smiled in a pleasant manner, greatly pleased with how things were turning out... It had taken him a whole afternoon to make predictions and set up a course of action so yes, he was rather glad that it was shaping up nicely.

Thinking for a bit, he dialled a number on the telephone.

"Who is this?"

"Melvin, it's me."

The phone was silent for a moment, the sounds of hectic walking and pedestrians could be heard in the background, "Man Roman, you really have me running around." The speaker, Melvin Weins, gave a tired sigh.

"You say that like you aren't enjoying it. You there yet?"

"America isn't as nice of a place as they make it out to be.... Yes, I'm here. I'll have what you want in around two days."

Roman's smile faltered for a moment, "Make that one day."

"..... You really ask too much of me." Melvin sighed again, although Roman could imagine the white haired man smiling in amusement.

"What's with you and gathering these artefacts though?"

"I wonder too." Roman replied vaguely, not wanting to bother with explaining his recent actions.

"You lazy fa-, *ehem* Can I expect you to make a move soon?"

"I've heard my dear father is throwing a party some time next month. That's our cue."

"Moments like these remind me why I keep you so close."

"Melvin.... Relax with the faggot behaviour."

".....Riiight, I need to catch another flight to Boston now. You'll have your art tomorrow evening at max."

With that, Melvin Weins cut the call making Roman grin, any who thought he'd just been sitting idle were idiots.

Before he could continue with his pointless musings however, the door to the room opened and Sakura walked in, her gaze lowered and her steps light. The purple haired girl raised her head, looking at Roman as if to confirm something before once more looking down.

"Oh? What's this? Do you need something?"

"Why?" She asked.. nay, whispered, her voice incredibly low.

"Who knows why. I don't have any clear reason to give you." Roman replied honestly, shifting in his seat, a soft smile forming across his face, "I suppose you remind me of myself." He looked up slightly, putting his hands together, "As you can see..." He motioned towards his cane with his head, "I'm not exactly someone a magus family would back. They gave me an 'allowance'."

Roman snickered, laughing at the idea of relying on them for anything other than their influence, "I even have a fiance... Around your age actually. Sounds bloody retarded if you ask me." If they thought that marriage was actually going through, they had a whole other thing coming.

Sakura listened in complete silence, not interrupting but found herself surprised yet at the same time doubtful, her own experiences were what told her a magus couldn't behave in this manner. It sounded like he'd saved her only out of his goodwill. At the same time, she slightly pitied him if he'd grown up in this way.

"....You are not a magus?" She asked politely, slightly looking up, that was the only explanation her mind could come up with for this.

"I guess not." Roman nodded, he was actually a Magician now right? From what Goldie said, it just took a price and made his desire come true, the limits were something he couldn't ascertain but, he'd known about the nature of the Magic instinctually.

"What about....?" She looked at his leg, couldn't he have that healed?

"Hey, you have my support. Study well, grow up outstanding, maybe you can find a way to heal it? Maybe my dear colleagues will respect me then?" Roman joked, pointing at her with both hands.

"....." Sakura looked at him for a few moments before she gave a small nod... He'd saved her... She'd save him.... With that, Sakura of the Trambelio family, made up her mind to study magecraft... This time, willingly.

Outside the room, Tamamo, who'd been hiding behind the door, smiled brightly, a hand held over her rapidly beating heart. To such a man, she could offer herself.. Who knows, maybe she'd come to regret it later. Maybe it was a hasty decision made out of lack of time with how the war seemed to be coming to a close... but oh well, it wasn't like she hadn't gotten hurt before...

The Caster Class servant made up her mind to increase her capabilities as much as possible. With this thought, she headed for the basement. It was time to tamper with her current vessel and invoke ancient, powerful rituals....

Back inside the office however, Roman looked at his hand with a curious eye... or rather, the small revolving golden ball floating just above his palm.. It hadn't sapped much prana from the surroundings and was more scientific in nature in it's accomplishment... Roman had also found that the cost diminished by a significant amount if he understood the logic and/or science or the process itself behind what he wanted.

However, the phone started ringing out of nowhere and Roman almost dropped the ball but, he did manage to catch it again in the end. Cold sweat ran down his forehead and his skin visibly paled,

"Who the fuck is it?"

Picking up the phone, Roman's greeting was actually slightly angry. He flicked his hand, making the ball disappear into thin air and sighed in relief, "Who is it?"


"Why do you feel the need to always shout your name?"

"Because it's my name."

"Your inferiority complex is showing." Roman sighed slightly, he was in no mood to entertain the girl or her ego.

"That aside, prepare a room for me. I'm headed for-"

Roman cut the Edelfelt off by flicking the phone receiver, "Do not presume to speak to me from a position of power. You are the wife, not me."

"...I overspoke." Luviagelita spoke in a more subdued tone this time, "My apologies, Lord Roman..... Is that what you thought I'd say?"

"No, what you said after is what I expected." Roman snickered at her words, not in the slightest bit upset or anything. This was her usual behaviour, even if it irked him.

"Haah, well enough of this. I apologise." This time the Edelfelt apologised more earnestly, old magus families followed old traditions. She wasn't the one holding the power in this relationship, no, she was the one marrying someone of a rank higher than herself, "I ask that you overlook my mistake."

Roman tilted his head, greatly confused, "Wait what?" Was this actually Luviagelita speaking? The Luviagelita Edelfelt that had run away with his cane before? The one that ridiculed him a good number of times?

"However, I request that we not discuss this over the phone. Do prepare for my arrival."

Roman cut the call, the hell kind of ploy was this? .... Also, did she really think him so forgiving? ... Well, she was a child from an old family, those lot practically groomed children to be as they felt was best so he could understand that but still, he would much sooner annul this than actually go through with it.

It appeared that that wasn't the end of the random news today as not a few moments later, Thea walked in with closed eyes, "Your servant, has requested that she be left alone for the following day... She promises that it will be worth your while." The homunculus maid spoke in a respectful tone, bowing to her Master.

Roman sweatdropped, it appeared that fate had decided to fuck with him for thinking everything would go according to plan. Nonetheless, the magician soon got over his initial annoyance at the randomness of events and left for his bed. He hadn't slept in two days or something now. Maybe sleeping would help his case.


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The other magicians became magicians only by reaching the Root and then getting yeeted. Roman stared at it long enough that he lost one eye and half a leg, do you need me to spell it out more for you?

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