13 Roman.....No

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Fuyuki, Japan,

Edelfelt Mansion,

In the ever so prim and proper dining hall of the mansion Roman Trambelio was currently using as a base of operations, the mood was as lively as ever... Or rather, it was rather silent due to the nature of the individuals there.

Standing behind her Master's chair as he gracefully, being of noble background and descent, ate his food, Thea had a slightly upset expression on her face. Still, she didn't seek to voice out her displeasure as it would serve to be an annoyance to her Master. Instead, the homunculus silently observed Roman's eyepatch which he had taken off in order to eat peacefully.

The reason for her displeasure was the same reason the fox eared caster sitting right by her Master had a big smile on her face, her head resting in her hands as she quietly observed her Master eat, "Is it to your liking, Master?" She asked in a cutesy voice.

"This is the 5th time now." Roman didn't spare her a glance, "Your insecurities are showing."

"....As brutal as always." Tamamo looked as if an arrow had pierced her heart but then simply sighed as her ears drooped down, well she didn't mind this really. The man she sat near had saved a child for no reason other than he wanted to, it was an act of good and the Caster was no fool, she knew of the consequences he'd face for it. Him going through with that desire of his despite this certainly did tug on the heart strings of the Shrine Maiden.

Well, enough suspense has been created by now.

The reason Thea was upset and Tamamo was jovial was solely the food Roman Trambelio was eating at the moment. Where usually there was steak and an assortment of western dishes now there was a full course Japanese dinner complete with vegetables, fish and beef along with the famed Japanese Sake.

This was the reward the Caster wanted for holding off Berserker seeing as her Master did insist on it, it was quite nice to see and made the servant happy.

Roman, didn't much care for the annoyances of his two servants, he could only truthfully admit that the food in front of him at the moment was extremely well made, to the point where it may have just ruined his palate when it came to more simple dishes.

"Master, Lord Waver has returned." Thea spoke with closed eyes, she would forget this transgression ever happened, cooking for him was her rightful duty. She'd done it for nearly a decade now and now this damnable fox had taken it away from her, the homunculus didn't appreciate that at all.

"Right, can you check on our guest?" Roman looked at her with a small smile, amused with the maid's twitching figure, more so when she bowed her head respectfully and turned to walk away.

"Master, Tamamo can do th-"

"It's an order to me, wench."

Tamamo no Mae who had nearly stood up froze in place at the maid's sharp words. Now this, this was where something interesting was about to happen. The fox servant was incredibly docile when it came to interacting with her Master BUT, when it was someone other than her Master,

"Oya" She placed her hand near her mouth, a smug expression crossing her face, "Is it alright for a homunculus to be speaking like that? You're not very long lived I've heard."

Thea stared at her with a monotone face, "The irony of that statement is wasted on one of your bestial intellect." She spoke back with her hands over her stomach, even as she ridiculed the Caster, "You are a servant."

"Look who's talking." Tamamo snickered at the statement, sitting back down with a strange light to her eyes, "Are you sure a HOMUNCULUS can call someone a servant? Are you absolutely certain? You know, as in, your kind are made to serve." Needless to say, the fox eared 'maiden' wasn't as tolerant and polite as she was to Roman to everyone.

"Your audacity knows no bounds, harlot." Thea replied sharply, contrasting with Tamamo though, her expression was cold and unimpressed, her eyes completely disinterested in this exchange which she viewed as unnecessary and meagre.

Before the two women could argue further however, they were both shut down by Roman lightly hitting his hand on the table,

"You two can bugger off or let me eat in peace."

With that, the two went silent. Tamamo sat back down, upset with Thea because she'd made her Master's mood sour while the maid too walked away somewhat upset. She did hold some pride in the fact that her Master was usually nice to her and this servant was ruining it.

"Hahaha! I could hear the two from a mile away." Iskandar walked in with a massive grin on his face, throwing the doors open with a shove that may very well have thrown them off their hinges with the strength of the Rider.

"Heh, women."

Roman only sneered and went back to his food.

"Ooh.." Rider reached for one of the dishes on the table with curious eyes, he hadn't even seen such food before much less eaten it, "This looks ni-......ce?"

Iskandar looked to Tamamo who had held out a fan stopping him from tasting the food, "Excuse me, that's supposed to be for my Master..."

"But it's clearly way too much." Rider tried to be the voice of reason, clearly unbothered by the fox girl's actions. He even looked amused by them.

"Ehem, it's so Master can eat his fill." The Caster answered in a sheepish voice, stealing glances at an uninterested Roman.

"..." Rider sighed audibly, sitting down on one of the many chairs at the table though his impressive stature made the chair look like it was made for children.

"I have to ask, is that compensation for something?" Roman mused with an interested gaze, eying Iskandar with a shit eating grin on his face.

"Hahaha, I would have made you a jester of mine were you living back in my day." The King of Conquerors banged his hand on the table, laughing with a hand over his stomach, stoic people were good and all but so were these kinds.

"You would have tried to and failed." Roman replied, putting some sushi in his mouth.

"Hmm... I doubt you could have done much to stop me." Iskandar flexed his muscles, raising one of his thick arms to the side and looking at Roman.

The one eyed magus only closed his eye and smiled further, "Do you ever see me bowing down to a Gorilla?"

"Hum." Tamamo no Mae raised her head ever so slightly, smug and satisfied with her Master's response. Compassionate and unwavering, this she liked. At the same time, she'd have understood if he controlled his tongue.

"....." Iskandar looked at him in silence for a few moments, "Hahahaha!"

The King of Conquerors laughed again, he was no arrogant fool with a stick so far up his ass it could be seen when looking down his throat. This was indeed hilarious, it was like a bug telling an elephant it'd slay the thing.

"I don't like how you people completely ignore my presence." Waver, who'd been there all along, had already taken a seat, and was eating some rice with vegetables, spoke with a deadpan, was he really that unnoticeable?

"I like how you understand I didn't miss it." Roman spoke with a pleased smile, the man was learning. This was real progress!

"That aside, Waver, how'd it go?" The Trambelio asked in a more serious voice, of course the change in tone was minimal and barely noticeable but was enough for Waver, he had been with Roman for years now after all.

"Pretty much as we surmised." Waver placed a hand on his chin, folding his other arm, "These people have no guts, they literally monitored me using familiars!"

"Well said, Master!" Rider raised his bottle of sake, sporting a massive grin. Indeed! He too desired a head on confrontation instead of all this sneaking around... but, his strategist for this war thought otherwise so he didn't go with his original plan of declaring his presence to everyone.

Of course this strategist was Roman and that was something the King of Conquerors wasn't willing to compromise on once he was certain of the bond between his own master and the one eyed man.

"The masters are spread out and, I noticed a disturbance in Miyama Town...."

"...Yeah.... about that." A shit eating grin formed on Roman's face.

"Roman... no."


"What did you do?!" Waver stood up in a panic, he saw it coming, he saw it coming but! He hoped Roman wouldn't be taking risks!

"Murked Berserker." The magus gave his companion a thumbs up.


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