FATE: The Man with Divine Keys

This is the end of the Age of Gods, the beginning of the Age of Man. This is... Britain. In order to save Britain from its fated destruction, the adopted son of Scathach embarked on a path known as a hero with his Divine Keys. "Next, I'm going to unleash a badass attack. Let's see who's the lucky one to face it." Arkhan wore an innocent smile on his face as he held the burning Might of An-Utu in his hand and looked at the trembling gods before him. === The MC is a reincarnator with a non-sentient system. This story is an Alternate Universe (AU) in Nasuverse with a mix of Divine Keys from Honkai Impact and Norse Mythology. Don't expect the lore to remain identical to Nasuverse. Think of it as a new story infused with Nasuverse elements, since some of the lore has somewhat modified. === This is a translation. I'm translating as I read and making some modifications to the story if needed. Original: https://wap.ciweimao.com/book/100197196 The cover image is not mine. === Support and read advanced chapters at: patreon.com/VALRRR

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Artoria stood on the body of White Dragon Vortigern, watching the crowd boil over in cheers. A slight ease reflected in her azure eyes, hidden beneath her silver lion helmet.

As she was about to take a step forward, a sudden surge of intense danger struck her heart!


A beautifully fair fist pierced through her chest from behind, and a terrifying force erupted, creating visible shockwaves of wind.

The cheers of the crowd abruptly halted, replaced by evident astonishment in their eyes.


As Kay saw his sister get ambushed, he roared like a wild beast while his eyes instantly turned fiery red. He unsheathed Claiomh Solais and rushed forward in madness.

However, Lancelot yanked him back.

"Let go of me, dammit!"

Kay angrily turned around, almost completely engulfed by insanity, and swung his sword at Lancelot without hesitation.


Lancelot, wielding Arondight, effortlessly blocked the attack. The force transmitted through the sword made Kay's arm tingle, almost causing him to lose his grip on his sword.

Among the Knights of the Round Table, besides Artoria, no one could match Lancelot in swordsmanship.

"Calm down first!" Lancelot growled. "Take a closer look, you moron!"

Kay hesitated for a moment, turned his head, and saw that although the unknown fist seemed to have pierced through Artoria's chest, there was no trace of blood.

Hundreds of golden particles surrounded her, creating a distant and ethereal atmosphere as if she had detached from this world and entered another space.

"This thing again... Gaia really gives me a headache."

A stranger's voice came from behind Artoria. Despite the unfamiliarity, she felt a sense of familiarity in the tone.

Although puzzled, her movements were swift. Holding Excalibur, Artoria twisted her body, and the sharp sword drew a perfect arc in the void, slashing horizontally behind her.


A pure white slender hand lightly reached out, the long and flawless index finger and thumb close together, effortlessly capturing the blade of Excalibur, with no hint of struggle.

The azure eyes hidden under the silver lion helmet widened. How could anyone use sheer physical strength alone to intercept Excalibur?

But soon, a lightning bolt suddenly flashed through Artoria's mind, making her body tremble uncontrollably.

No, there was someone who could indeed do it.

She turned her head to the owner of the hand and saw a young girl with black hair and crimson eyes standing in front of her. The black dress she wore extended to her knees, revealing fair and slender legs. Her delicate, flawless face and crimson eyes exuded a sense of superiority as if she were a goddess perched high in the sky, coldly overlooking the earth.

Artoria's pupils suddenly contracted and her heart started pounding wildly.

She had witnessed this scene before, seven years ago in the War of the Great Plains against Ganna. In the final moments of the war, that being had descended onto the battlefield in the same manner, bringing immense pressure on them.

If it weren't for her teacher forcing that being to retreat, they might have been completely defeated that time.

She still remembered what her teacher had said back then. The vessel's name was Altrouge, a backup body that was prepared in case of unforeseen events. However, being a mix of Dead Apostle and True Ancestor, it had some defects and was considered imperfect by that being—Crimson Moon.

But, didn't she kill Crimson Moon three days ago?!

Thoughts raced through Artoria's mind like lightning.

"You've transferred your consciousness into Altrouge's body already?!"

'Altrouge'—or rather, Crimson Moon, showed a hint of surprise in her crimson eyes as she heard Artoria's exclamation.

"Being chosen as the successor by that man, you are indeed smarter than I imagined."

Artoria narrowed her eyes slightly. With a thought, Rhongomyniad stuck in Vortigern's corpse nearby quivered, then shot towards Crimson Moon like an arrow.

Crimson Moon sidestepped effortlessly, avoiding the sudden assault of Rhongomyniad. Seizing the opportunity, Artoria's wrist shook, and her sword deflected Crimson Moon's fingers that seized her sword.

Artoria took two steps back, holding Excalibur in her left hand and Rhongomyniad in her right while Avalon surrounded her.

"It's useless, Crimson Moon. Even with your main and perfect vessel, I've already killed you. What can you do with this imperfect vessel?" Artoria spoke with a stern tone.

Crimson Moon flicked her fingers, looked at Artoria, and smiled with indifference.

"Have you forgotten what I told you? I've meticulously studied human wisdom. If I didn't have complete confidence, do you think I would foolishly jump out like this?"

As Artoria heard Crimson Moon's statement, a sinking feeling gripped her for some reason. Her gaze flickered slightly, and without hesitation, she raised Excalibur in her hand.

"Seal Thirteen—Decision Start!"


"This is a battle against the enemy stronger than oneself!"

"This is a battle of one-on-one!"

"This is a battle for survival!"


But after two or three minutes had passed, the holy sword showed no signs of change.

Initially, Artoria thought it might be Gaia playing tricks again, but even after calling for a while, she received no response from Gaia.

"No use, the Counter Force can't interfere here anymore." Crimson Moon said with a slight smile. She raised her delicate hand, and a golden cup emerged from Vortigern's corpse, exuding a mysterious and majestic aura that irresistibly compelled reverence.

Like a thunderclap echoing in her mind, Artoria involuntarily took a step back, her eyes filled with intense shock.

The Holy Grail!

It was actually the Holy Grail!

Why could Crimson Moon wield the Holy Grail?!

With a snap of Crimson Moon's fingers, an endless radiance emanated from the Holy Grail, spreading across the entire sky and earth in the blink of an eye. Everything enveloped by this divine light instantly froze, as if petrified in amber.

Even Artoria, with the protection of Avalon, was immobilized by this brilliance.

"You must be wondering why I can use the Holy Grail, right?"

Crimson Moon chuckled with amusement.

"Actually, it's not that hard to understand. The reason I chose to cooperate with Vortigern in the first place was precisely for the Holy Grail."

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