2 Son of Dragon

"How long was I out, Sir Agravain?"

When Artorius opened his eyes again, he found himself still lying on the grassy field in front of the White Castle. A gentle breeze brushed against him, carrying the fragrance of fresh grass.

"Approximately fifteen minutes, Your Highness." Agravain stood nearby, calmly responding. He then asked a question, "So, have you learned any lessons from this battle?"

"Well..." Artorius struggled to prop himself up. He still felt a bit dizzy. After shaking his head to shake off the discomfort, the prince of Britain casually inquired, "Not to trust women easily, especially the fairies?"

"Correct, they are not to be trusted. Especially women like Lady Morgan. Anything else?"

"The downfall of my Smoky Flash Knight Demise. I thought the world's first firearm would be formidable. Unfortunately, it will take thousands of years for my legend to deeply root in people's hearts... Of course, the main responsibility lies with the fairy of Avalon."

"As usual, I will ignore the latter half of Your Highness's nonsensical ramblings," Agravain calmly stated, "Your summary in the first half is correct. Instead of relying on such unreliable devices, you should trust the sword in your hand."

"Fine, fine... it's all because this is the Britain of TYPE-MOON world, not America..." Artorius reclined back. He felt a hint of frustration with his gun.

Agravain, as usual, completely ignored Artorius's nonsense. Everyone in all of Britain knew that the mind of the prince was ever so slightly, abnormal.

In response to this, surprisingly, all of Britain remained emotionally stable and no one made a big deal out of it.

Why is that?

Let's use Sir Lancelot as an example. Everyone who's familiar with 'Fate' must know that he goes crazy and doing homicide when he's provoked. His mind is twisted, and his logic is chaotic. He's a scoundrel who cheats and betrays his partner, doing NTR; It's no wonder he got the 'Berserker' class. Even his own son wishes he could stab him as Mordred did to her 'father'. But in the end, none of this stops him from being a good knight.

And there was Mordred.

And Tristan.

Of course, there was Agravain himself.

Every one of them had flaws and mistakes, but they were still good knights.

Therefore, everyone in all of Britain remained emotionally stable when it came to the small issue of their future king's nonsense thinking.

For those who were emotionally unstable, Artorius felt it would be good to have a heart-to-heart talk with the Knights of the Round Table. Have a proper conversation about their feelings. That way, they would surely become emotionally stable.

If he were to rule this country, he would definitely do so.

"Do you need me to escort you to see a doctor?" Agravain calmly asked.

"No need, let me lie down for a while..." Artorius reluctantly replied. As the Son of Dragon, his body's recovery rate far exceeded that of an ordinary person. Moreover, this was the City of Camelot that was rich with True Ether.

The sky here is always clear and blue, the sun forever warm and constant. The temperature remains stable, with lush greenery and bountiful crops, ensuring the people are free from the harshness of winter.

The concentration of True Ether, akin to the prosperity of ancient times, is a miracle of the present world. In this dense magical energy, even a single breath is enough to strengthen oneself or heal injuries.

"Well then, I'll take my leave."

As always, Agravain excused himself with impeccable manners. After Artorius tended to his wounds or rather, stared blankly at the sky for a while, two young knights of similar age to him arrived.

One was a boy in purple attire with white short hair covering half of his eyes, giving off an outward appearance of gentleness.

The other was a cute girl with short blonde hair, resembling a small pup.

Just like Artorius, they belonged to the new generation of knights. As soon as the girl noticed something was off with Artorius, she hurriedly ran to his side.

"Ah, Your Highness, are you alright? Your injuries seem quite severe. Do you need my assistance?"

"Did you lose to Sir Agravain again?"

Unlike the cute girl, the white-haired boy spoke in a relaxed tone, cutting straight to the point.

"Yeah..." Artorius rolled his eyes and replied as such.

"It seems the new weapon isn't very effective, Your Highness." He sat beside Artorius and continued speaking in a gentle tone, "It was practically given away for free in Avalon, wasn't it?"

Artorius didn't feel like engaging in conversation with this guy that resembled Nagisa Kaworu, even though he knew the guy meant well. It simply annoyed him when he mentioned his gun. {T/N: The guy from Evangelion}

Moreover, the art of the sword that Agravain always said couldn't save Camelot and Britain.

"I'll go get some healing medicine!"

After a brief exchange, the cute girl hurriedly ran off.

"She's adorable, isn't she?" The white-haired boy looked at the girl's figure and said nonchalantly.

"Do you like her?" Artorius countered.

"Oh? No, I just want to know your opinion, Your Highness," the white-haired boy calmly replied. "As the Crown Prince, wouldn't it be good to have an heir sooner rather than later?"

"Then why don't you find a beauty for me?" Artorius continued teasing him with a joke he wouldn't understand. "Urging me to have children or cosplaying as Nagisa Kaworu won't do you any good here, Sir Galahad."

"Haha, well, regarding my question..." Artorius's 'nonsense' amused Galahad. After a pleasant laugh, he didn't forget to remind Artorius once again.

"Gareth is quite nice." Artorius calmly replied, "But she's not my type."

"I feel sorry for her..." Galahad said. "So, Your Highness, could you be more specific about your preferences?"

He looked at Artorius half-jokingly and half-seriously. "As Britain's Son of Dragon, what kind of woman would earn your admiration? Noble? Dignified? Majestic? Beautiful? Pure? or—"

"Big boobs."

Artorius declared, settling the matter.

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