1 Prologue

There is saying… something among the lines of… 'not to accept stuff from strange-looking individuals', or is it not to talk to them?

Hmm, it was few years back, or so, that it was quite hard to remember such mundane stuff...

Well, anyway, it started with accepting some brochure from a weird white dressed guy at the corner of the street, not far from my favourite store.

That was the only weird thing I remember from an otherwise regular day.

Now that think about it, no one except me saw this guy…

Anyway, the reason I am mentioning this is what happened next…

Is that the brochure simply disappeared after I put it in my pocket, my intentions were simply to throw it away after I was some distance away from that weird looking guy.

But, I didn't pay much mind at that moment because I thought I dropped it.

Turns out I did not because It was the cause of my reincarnation of sorts.

Even then I only realised that after some times has passed, the hints were there. But, thanks to no small amount of shock I missed.

Only when hearing and sight somewhat returned was able to comprehend that in world has happened.

Apart from just shitting, eating, and sleeping, I was able to remember the last day, the only reason I took the brochure was that it had something anime-related...probably...

After remembering that, I tried to recall what kind of anime it was, not that I was paying much attention as I was playing Fate Grand Order…

Damn… it going to take ages until I can watch some anime again.

The more I thought about this the more despair started to sink into me…

Once again several months maybe years passed through like flash.

After coming to terms with all that I started to pay attention to my surroundings.

The first thing which stands out for me was that where I was born, It a manse of sorts from the Victorian or Renaissance era, as there are no light bulbs or any electrical appliances.

It was another one of those despairing things, meaning that I am maybe several hundred years in past.

But, then I started to listen to what people in the manse talk, it took me some time but I started to learn the language of this place which was German.

Then when I was around 5 I think, finally realised where I was.

It was around the time when my so-called parents started to take interest in me.

To me, the whole thing smelled like arranged marriage as neither of my so-called parents cared much about me at that point.

That's why I had to figure out everything myself apart from those red-eyed and silver-haired women…

Wait, a sec…

White-haired, red-eyed women? Then it was the word 'Magus', and 'Magecraft'...

Now that I think about it I even heard about 'Clock Tower'...

That moment a very sinking feeling manifested in my gut…

With such shock, I quickly went to do some research, there is quite a library in this place so, it was not hard to do some very simple research…

All I needed was a map of Japan.

Skipping quite a few historical books, which were written by hand, it somewhat make me despair as this can indicate that Printing Press doesn't exist, or whenever I am doesn't use such a thing, I was able to find modern looking map of the world.

After seeing the geopolitical situation of the Globe I was able to relax when I saw the Soviet Union was around.

Meaning that I was in the 20th century in the cold war era.

Not that I looked a lot at it, Instead I focused on small islands in the east.

What was shown was only Tokyo, which made me frown, I quickly started going through pages of the Atlas.

It shows nations and continents in more detail, even so, it focused more on Europe, the Americas, then on Africa, eventually Asia, which was split into several areas, since it's the biggest continent on the planet.

Quickly my eyes scanned the island nation, checking each island in detail.

Only a few seconds into this my face turned pale like paper.

"Oh, fuck! Seriously? Damn…" I nearly screamed seeing the fictional city exist in this world!

"At least I am not completely helpless in this place." Thinking about this in more detail I realized that I was not in a bad starting location to survive in this extremely dangerous reality where 'simple' concept can turn into reality…

Yeah, I was in Nasuverse, as I look on the map, my eyes zoom on the city by the name Fuyuki, a city that appeared in Japan because of the Tohsaka family.

After a deep breath, I closed the map, it was time to start learning, learning everything possible, since I was born into the Magus family I will learn everything my family has to offer, Magecraft is the way, no simple common technology will save me from Dead Apostles or a blonde demigods which want to cleanse the world or some other wacky insane people.

Nah, I am not going to let someone or something fix things for me, nope. If I am to survive and flourish I need to take things into my own hands.

After making up my mind I put back the Atlas and returned to my room, after all, a kid which is not even 6 years old should not be reading things when he was not educated yet to read…


Activating one's magic circuits is not a difficult thing, only time-consuming.

It took me a couple of weeks of thinking on my trigger.

Once I got it done my whole body experienced something mind-boggling and extremely weird.

The moment the circuits activated my whole body started to heat up, it didn't stop, I felt like I am going to cook myself, and maybe even explode.

A moment I thought that my body was absorbing a large amount od, or something like that.

And then it just stopped, It was close to the point of scalding and my skin turned crimson red.

What happened I had no idea, as after that I was able to start learning theory will supervision from my so-called parents.

Yes, they finally noticed after I told them that I activated my circuits which made them slightly curious.

That curiosity only increased when I was told how much I learned so far.

The man very quickly started to teach everything about family art, the Homunculi and runes…

Which were both Gaelic and Nordic, fascinating enough, all these arts were very interesting for me. And I took them like fish to water.

And it turns out that 'simple' runes do exist, the fancy Primordial ones are by all means extinct.

But, there more I learned the more I was confused about my first time using my magic circuits while I was considered a first-class magus potential, with having 35 natural circuits of high class ranked at A+.

Nowhere in the books I read mentioned nearly frying oneself on the first activation try.

Then, I finally realised what truly happened to me when I tried to use Gradation Air one of the first and basic spells.

As any self-serving Fate fan would do if they are in said universe, and that is to use Gradation Air, or also know as Projection.

That's why, I was very, very shocked when I Projected a cup and it not disappeared!

Then of course I tried to squeeze it harder, knock it with more force. Until eventually, I just dropped the cup on the ground, now it broke apart as it was like a proper cup make from ceramic.

"What in world…" I said with shock as I went over and picked up a piece of a cup from the ground.

I just stared at the piece of the cup for multiple minutes, there was disbelieve on my face.

Until several things clicked in my head…

The unknown secondary origin, which frustrated everyone in the manse, Magus families despise the concept of not fully utilising all the available resources.

And my secondary Origin was what frustrated everyone as it was 'empty.

Now, however, it made sense, it made absolute sense.

"Denial Of Nothingness…" A said that as my facial expression morphed into a smirk.

I lifted my hand and once again used Projection thinking of a cup full of water.

And it just appeared.

"This, going to need more working…" I looked at the cup, people are going to ask questions as Projection has some sort of light of magecraft to it.

While mine just pops into existence.

Still, my smirk didn't disappeared because with First True Magic my power went from having potential for first-rate Magus to that of a Sorcerer capable of performing True Magics!

Even so, I remembered that flaunting True Magic will attract the attention of two very powerful beings, so that leaves me with using Denial Of Nothingness on my family arts.

"So, an army of empowered Homunculi it is then…" I smirked at the idea of having servant level Homunculi…

~~~~~~Less Then Decade Later~~~~~~

The year was 1994, a Teenager was walking through the halls of Clock Tower towards the lecture hall of one of the Lords.

Behind him walked a maid Homunculus, one of his superior models with impressive combat abilities, not that anyone was able to find that out yet.

'I can feel, this lecture will be quite different. So, far my instincts never were wrong.' He smiled for a second, remembering a certain classmate who was furious scribing things on his notebook the last time he saw him.

'If my understanding of the situation is right it should happen this year.' The teen thought for a second as he entered the lecture hall.

Many teens in the room turned around and looked at him.

"Did you heard Ashwell released another patent on Runic sequences?" One of the teens said with gushed voice.

"Yeah, it was already the fifth one! I heard Einzberns bought the right to use it!" another one commented.

'Einzberns already bought it? Heh, never thought I will get this famous so quickly, I've only been around here for two years…' He hummed with amusement internally as the teen took the seat in his favourite spot.

Listening to a Professor talk which is an actual anime character in his previous life is something of an amusement to him.

While he can't deny that the man is a snob, which he has the right to be one for his talent in his family art, the blond knows what he is talking about, that's the only reason why the teen was in this class, to begin with.

What he was talking about is Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald, the blonde guy which he only remembers from Fate Zero and how quickly he was delved with by Emiya Kiritsugu.

It took him some time to remember about him, that was just how pathetic he was described in the Fourth War.

But, then again Kiritsugu is Magus Killer, and the guys is super effective against traditional Magus.

Not long after that the man entered the lecture hall, his eyes scanned the students, the moment he saw the teen he looked pleased with himself.

The teen could only roll his eyes internally, being proud is not wrong. But, once it becomes arrogance then it's bad, which is whats was happening right now.

Not long after that, he pulled out a stack of papers, a sneer appeared on his face.

'Oh, goddam… Fate Zero already started?' A small amount of shock appeared on his face.

Slowly the shock turned into a large amount of excitement.

He learned how to survive now it's time to flourish, and he will start with summoning of a servant!

While the teen was grinning to himself the blond Magus opened his mouth and started to read from the stack of paper.

He could only shake his what about to happen to future Rider's Master.


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