Fate in Denial (Fateverse)

WARNING English is not my primary language so, there are and will be mistakes. Anyway, now to Synopsis: Haven't found any proper Morgan (Lostbelt King not the regular Morgan from Human history) fanfics around so, decided to make one myself. This means this fanfic is me simping Morgan while messing with Grail Wars with overpowered Mc(True Magic). So, if you want intense drama this is not for you there is no such thing here.

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Ending the Pink Menace

"Stop goddamn it!" Mordred complained as she was rushing after Siegfried.

After her fight with her father got stopped midway, she decided to finish this fight as soon as possible and then challenge the King of Knights for another fight.

The Saber of Black took the fat blond man to their seat of power, but the castle was a wreck.

"Hiii! We could barely leave that fog, but the moment we left, the castle looked like this!?" The Master of Saber complained with a petrified look.

"HA! Just look at this wreck!"


Mordred ignored the roars from the armoured knight. Bullets were flying everywhere. She concluded that the Grail War was supposed to look like that.

"...Lancelot…" While Artoria, who arrived soon after, saw what was happening.

She hasn't seen Lancelot go crazy like this for a while. The one she remembers is from her 4th war. But she never sees her Master's Lancelot going crazy like this.

"That is Lancelot? Damn, he is crazy."


Artoria had a bunch of flashbacks from that war. After a second, she shook her head, storing those memories away.

"Who would have thought that womaniser can become like this." In a way, Mordred is enjoying seeing Lancelot become crazy like this.


Artoria didn't say anything to that; she knew well enough why one of the greatest knights turned into that.

"Forget about that! Saber, continue your fight with Saber of Black!" Mordred's Master reminded her about the tall, white-haired man before them!

"Oh! Right!"

The Knight of Treachery lifted her sword and got into her stance.

"Let's finish this Saber of Black!"

The Norse Hero slowly nodded as he got his Master down on the ground.

The fat blonde man was sweating buckets as he slowly realised his situation was getting horrible.

His faction is losing; these red faction freaks are overwhelming and cheating with extra Servants! Worst of all, he is getting no support whatsoever!

"Saber! By my command as your Master, I order you to use all your power and defeat your enemies!" The Master of Saber of Black used his command spell to empower his Servant!

"Orders understood!" The Dragon Slayer dashed forward, a red aura surrounding him. The power of the Command seal was giving him an extra boost in all parameters.

"Nice! Come!"

Mordred grinned with a big smirk as she intercepted the attack.

The force behind the impact pushed her back. The Norse Hero, at this moment, had more raw power than the Saber of Red.

"Good! Make it challenging!" Her mana roared to life as she used Mana Burst to push him back. But her power was just enough to cancel the swing, not push him away.

Not that it mattered to Mordred as red lightning crackled around her blade.

Siegfried intercepted her swing with his Balmung as the blade was glowing green; the Saber of Black, this time around, was very serious.

As this happened, Artoria looked at their fight. She was feeling jealous. Her jealousy came from the fact that she had no one to fight.

So she left Mordred and went to the castle.

"...What is that thing?"

Her eyes widened for a second. She noticed Dracula, the infamous Vampire, was fighting Saber Alter.

'That— She is getting all the fights! This is not fair! Damn it! Master, why are you giving her all the fights!'


Ren heard a pouty voice from his Saber. His gaze went to the side as he saw his Servant overlooking the battlefield from the castle wall.

'I was planning to summon you, but you were busy with Astolfo.'

All he got back from her was a huff.

'I demand compensation!'

'Mordred? She wants to fight you.'


'...She doesn't work for me. I want someone new. Fighting her reminds me of my past.'

For a second, she sounded melancholic.

'Oh my, is my Saber opening up? I guess my conquest is working!'

All he could sense from his King of Knights was growing embarrassment.

Well, he should keep teasing in moderation; he doesn't want to knock his blonde knight out.


Berserker roared with anger as Astolfo kept on dodging by inches each time. By this point, the Paladin was like a cartoon character who can't just die.

"Oof, my Berserker is getting very angry—" Ren noticed that his Servant was twitching more than needed.


"No thanks! I am good as it is." Astolfo ignored the 'warning'.

"...Okay. In that case—" The sorcerer looked at his Servant.

"You can use the prototypes."

With the confirmation, the Mad Knight pulled something from his armoury. It looked sci-fi-ish with a glowing LED part. It was a weapon from the future.

The most curious part is the letters carved on the weapons.

The blonde Ruler walked over to his side while dragging a knocked-out Master of Rider of Black.

"...Are those…" The Saint had a bad feeling the moment she saw the weapons.

"Primeval Runes."

"...Oh God…" Jeanne started to pray.


The moment the Berserker pressed the trigger, it released a massive beam from its barrel.

Astolfo's eyes widened as there was no warning! There was no charging, no gathering of energy, nothing!

Just like that, the hippogriff wing got clipped.

All Lancelot needed was that short moment as he pressed the trigger again, and this time, it was it.

The beam slammed into the Rider of Black.

"...You got me…"

The pink-haired, cross-dressing Servant started to fall to the ground, but Lancelot didn't allow that as he pulled out missile pods that looked similar to the design of the beam rifle.

"...Oh crap…"


The Mad Servant released missiles at the falling Astolfo.

The missiles surrounded the falling Servant and slammed from four directions.

The impact caused a chain explosion, creating a dust cloud.

Jeanne stopped with her praying and looked at this curiously; she expected more chaos than this! Was she overthinking!?

Lancelot stopped being agitated as he finally got his kill!

Once the smoke cleared up, there was nothing left.

'Thank the Root, that thing is gone now.'

Ren sighed in relief. He was holding his breath for a bit! Being in the presence of that thing makes his skin crawl!

"Master! Since that battle is over, I can use my Noble Phantasm now!?" Saber Alter asked as she was holding down the vampire with her sheer strength.


"Yes! Finally! You can die now, you ugly thing!" Her Dark Excaliburs started to hum with thick energy.


A beam blasted out from her swords in the shape of an X. Since the blast was done at point-blank range, the beam erased the Count instantaneously.

Of course, there was an X-hole in the castle's fortification.

"Cool, he is gone."

Saber Alter said with a sigh. She was starting to get annoyed by that thing's regeneration ability.

Even the cuts she inflicted on it were healed! And her sword is a cursed variant of The Holy Blade! It just shows how absurd is the Legend of Dracula.

Well, at least it was not immune to the beam.

Ren, with Jeanne and the blonde Saber, walked over to the darkened knight.

The Sorcerer patted the head of the pale blonde Saber.

"Nicely done. As always, my Saber is the best." He praised his Fallen Knight.

The girl blushed hard, hearing the praise.

"H-Hey! I am here as well, you know!" The King of Knights complained that she got ignored.

"Of course. But you didn't kill Count Dracula." After patting her head, he pulled the alter into a hug.

She swiftly dismissed her bulky armour; this made the hug much better!

Artoria started to pout, seeing the interaction between those two while Jeanne looked out of place.

~~~~~~With Morgan~~~~~~

"That a Noble Phantasm, impressive for a Panhuman Servant." Melusine praised the floating fortress.

"Not for long." Morgan, with an indifferent voice, commented.

The dark witch raised her hand, and torrents of blue lightning descended from the sky towards the fortress.

Floating barrier walls intercepted the attack.

"Heh… not bad."

"How about Rhongomyniad?"

The Fairy Queen almost sadistically smiled as she pointed her finger, and a blueish-green pillar like a weight fell on the floating castle.

The barriers tried to hold the falling Rhongomyniad, but they started to struggle as the pillar was the legitimate anchor of reality.

This was where the castle started to attack Morgan and her Servant. Since she is the spell's caster, the pillar will be cancelled if she dies.

Sounds good— on paper.

"Yes, about that. I would like to politely tell you that your attacks are meaningless." Morgan smiled wickedly as golden light surrounded her.

In front of her, a scabbard appeared.


All the beams just bounce off.

The struggle continued until the barriers couldn't hold, and the EX-ranked Noble Phantasm Hanging Gardens of Babylon received a direct attack from the Rhongomyniad.

The pillar slammed into the walls of the fortress and pushed down to the ground.

"How about three more just to ensure it lands down with the flair it deserves?" The Witch's smile warped into a mocking one as three more Rhongomyniads slammed into the fortress.

The force of the slam caused the fortress to slam like a meteorite into the ground.

Such impact created a massive dust of clouds rolling in all directions.

Morgan used her mana to blast the dust cloud as she proceeded to walk towards the remains of the fortress. Melusine followed her without saying a word.

What she saw was something she was used to seeing. The only difference is that her Queen is having fun now.

As they walked over, a woman with black hair and elf ears, next to her was a man dressed in priest robes, his hair was white, greeted them.

These were the pair.

"For someone to use a floating castle in my presence is punishable by death. Easy to follow, yes?" Morgan said that as she stopped walking and was standing with a raised head, one could see the presence she was radiating.

"You are the witch. Morgan le Fay?"

"No, that is my human variant, a mere human turned fairy. The word 'le Fay' means the fairy. Comparing me to that is incorrect. I am Fairy Queen Morgan.

It's like comparing a Mortal to a God. I doubt a human like you can grasp the sheer difference." The pale blonde witch snared while saying that.

"For a mere terminal made for Gaia, you sure are arrogant." purple chains rushed towards Morgan, who snorted back and used her blue chains, which manifested from portals.

"Can you overpower my version of Enkidu?" The Fairy Queen mocked with a smile. As more and more portals opened with chains rushing towards Semiramis, who frowned and jumped back, a barrier shield appeared in front of her; she tried to block the chains, but they started to merge into one big chain with a sharp end, which slammed into a barrier wall.

The wall shattered like cheap glass, slamming into Assassin and sending her flying away.

This was where the Priest pulled out a katana and rushed towards Morgan.

However, Melusine intercepted him.

"You smell like a Servant." The white-haired girl commented as she was holding him back.

"That's because I am one."

The priest tried to exert his mana, but the Dragon girl scoffed and proceeded to 'move'.

A powerful punch slammed into the priest's gut.

A loud cough escaped from his mouth. He felt like someone had just slammed a mountain into his gut.

Shirou wheezed for a second as he grabbed his gut. The priest ended up on the ground holding his stomach.

"I am born from a piece of Dragon Albion. My might is far greater than yours.

No matter what kind of Servant you are. You have no chance of winning against me."


"Your power is—noted– but I have a few things up my sleeve as a Ruler Class Servant."

"Oh? Container magecraft? Fine by me."


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