'If violence isn't solving all your problems, you simply aren't using enough of it.' Shitty day at work cause your boss wants you to do overtime? Punch him. Kids giving you problems? Punch 'em. Supernatural entities trying to fuck with you? Punch 'em. Demon Gods trying to destroy to humanity? Punch the ever-living shit out of 'em. Nicholas Martel is the sort of man who can and will solve any and all problems by beating the shit out of them. Young masters and even tsunderes beware, his hands are rated e for absolutely everyone.

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Likeable Master

Martha watched over her Master dutifully, as she had always done ever since she'd been summoned, something she knew he knew.

Also, why was he tossing the skull into the sky?

... Martha deadpanned, the dumbass probably forgot to account for his strength.

Kuhum! Anyway!

She didn't want to accept that the reason her grip around her staff tightened as a burst of light exploded from Mash's shield was jealousy, it was unsaintly!

But... he was about the first person who liked Martha from the village more than Martha the sister of Lazarus, liberator of Tarascon and vanquisher of Leviathan's offspring and was so verbal and adamant about his preference.

The Saint liked the way he dealt with all his problems exactly how she wanted to, she liked how she could just cook to her heart's content instead of being careful about quantity and he'd eat it all cause of the 'grind' as he liked to say, she liked how he had zero hesitation when it came to hitting even her...

...W-Wait, that sounded wrong.

What Martha liked was how someone didn't give a shit about her status for once and appreciated her for who she was, that was it!

She glanced at the burning city below them, then at the dark skies above.

This was what the world would be like if man's enemies were allowed to thrive.

And so, Saint Martha couldn't just tell her Master she would prefer if they dealt with the problems themselves because the importance of manpower was an aspect of war she couldn't deny.

"No, bad. It's too selfish to think that way." She shook her head from those thoughts, and slapped her cheek with her free hand before nodding in content, forcing away what she designated 'bad thoughts'.

She had too much control over herself to be like that.

In doing so though, she caught how Mash shrunk back as the light faded away to reveal an armoured figure she couldn't quite discern, "What worries you, Mash?" Martha couldn't help herself, the lavender haired teen was too adorable for her sisterly instincts to ignore.

"Well it's... All of you are so a-amazing, and I... had trouble with those skeletons." The girl admitted after a bit of hesitation, letting out a sigh, "I-I feel I can't help senpai like this."

"Ah..." Martha drawled, slowly nodding, "So it's like that. Well, I wouldn't worry too much."

She sorta understood the girl's feeling, having felt the same way at a certain time in her life, "I can sense incredible power from you." Martha reassuringly put a hand on Mash's shoulder, "And you might be underestimating yourself a little too much. Archer attacked you before he attacked us, right?"

Mash nodded hesitantly but Martha gave her a big smile and pumped her fist, "Great going then! It's kinda embarrassing but I don't think I could ha-... My own abilities may have proven inadequate in dealing with those barrages. Besides, you said you neutralised Rider already while Nicholas and I are yet to vanquish even one servant. If anything, I'm the one who should be discouraged by a newbie doing so well."

"Y-You're praising me too much! The way you and senpai carved a path through the whole city is why we can rest right now." Mash closed her eyes and waved her hands, trying to deny the praise, "I don't think I could ever do that."

"Heh women." Cu Chulainn didn't know why he wanted a cup of coffee as he observed the exchange between the two women, "I ain't never gonna understand how they work."

But well, it was well and good if it gave the little one some confidence in her own abilities.

"Wait, I get that he's strong as shit and all but ain't you worried about the summoned servant bein' hostile?" Cu suddenly interrupted and pointed towards where Nicholas was, "Look, they're sizin' each other up like they're about to go at it like dogs."

"I doubt we need to worry at all." Martha giggled into her palm, "I forgot you were new."

"Yes, I don't think there's going to be any problem at all."

"That's a servant you know? You don't think you should be worried at all?" Cu deadpanned and made a sign with his empty hand, getting ready just in case.


"Nicholas Martel." Nicholas introduced himself bluntly, as always, and eyeballed his second servant.

A servant clad in overly... he wanted to say armourish? white armour accented by red patterns with massive pauldrons and hip guards.

Said servant slammed a heavy sword into the ground, placing both hands over the hilt as the horned helmet shifted to accommodate the apprehensive gaze being thrown Nicholas' way, "Saber. Name's Mordred, my father ain't here, is he?"

Nicholas pursed his lips.

There was something absolutely devious in his mouth right now.

There was no he wouldn't recognise fate's Mordred if not for the sheer amount of 'art' of her flying about on the internet, then there were also the guys who got ready to throw down when he said their feelings were stupid cause she wasn't real...

The latter were some... interesting personalities for sure.

She looked around for a moment before tilting her head, "Dunno why but it really feels like he is."

At that point, Nicholas just couldn't hold back his words, "Great, another chick with daddy issues... at least you don't dress like a hoe."

The next thing he knew, a massive blade was resting next to his neck.

Crimson lightning danced around metal and Mordred growled as her helmet clicked and receded to reveal a sharp face, green eyes and blonde hair, "The fuck you just say?"

"Shouldn't we help him?" Cu asked with a raised hand.

His answer was both Martha and Mash shaking their heads in silence as one of them recalled their own first interaction being exactly like this one... just more explosive.

"Ayo, where you get off thinking this shit works?" Nicholas elbowed the sword by his neck, clearly faster than Mordred had been expecting with how she was unable to react for a full second. A second during which Nicholas kneed her in the guts before clocking her in the face, hurling her through one of the compound's walls, "Think before you act next time."

"I get why you didn't want to help him out. Good goin' lad but... weren't we lookin' to get help?"

"If help is being a bitch, she gonna get treated like a bitch."

"But you're the one who insulted her first." Cu pointed out, his amusement visible, "If you hit someone for fucking with you, why can't she?"

"Oh she can, but not when she can't back it up."

Though Nicholas said that, it was evident that he hadn't considered that part seeing as how he tilted his head and scratched the back of his head, "Wait no, I knew I'd get hit if I said it..." Damn, was he in the wrong?

He did go off on someone who did nothing to warrant it... And he already knew how people with daddy issues reacted when called out on them from Olga.

Nicholas silently walked over to the destroyed wall Mordred was supposed to be at and found her lying in rubble, "Er... Hello?" He held out his hand to a wide eyed little girl who was clearly in shock.

"H...How the hell do you hit that hard?" Mordred carefully touched the bruise on her face and winced, "Ain't you supposed to be some weak ass magus?"

Nicholas allowed himself to slightly smile, "First, I'm not a magus. Second, I'm really sorry about saying you got daddy issues."

"It's cool that you wanna apologise but... what's a dady ishu?... Daddy issue? Also wait, you fuck, you punched me! And I'm not a girl!"

Though Nicholas could hear Cu laughing his ass off in the background... and Martha trying not to... he ignored the two.

Her aloofness made him regret his actions instantly.

"I'm sorry about punching you."

"W-Well..." The Knight of Betrayal was taken aback by how genuine he sounded, "I guess I'd be a shitty king if I didn't know when to know a dude regrets what he did so it's alright! You punch hard as hell though! I don't think I've seen someone hit that fucking hard, ever. Even I gotta respect and recognise strength where it's due." The little girl rubbed her cheek with a small grin.

The fuck kinda logic was that?

Was he dealing with a kid?

Of course that just meant he regretted his actions even more.

"I'm sorry about punching you."

"C-C'mon, I said it was cool! Don't be all weird. Besides, any healthy relationship's gotta have fights in it! I like a Master that can actually hit hard." She patted his back several times, slightly embarrassed by earnestness she'd never seen directed towards her.

"I'm sorr-"

"GAH! You're gettin' on my nerves! I said it's fine so stop already!"

She kicked him in the knee out of frustration and embarrassment.

"OW! What the fuck?! How does this even work?"

The Knight of Betrayal looked at her crumpled sabaton and massaged her cheek.


"Senpai really does keep summoning people that are just like him." Mash commented in awe.

There were enough differences to know they weren't the same but also enough similarities to say they were a lot like each other even though it had just been a few minutes since they met.

"That's the first time I've seen him in a situation where he has no idea what to do..." Martha giggled again, ignoring Mash's comment, "It's somewhat endearing."


Hope you liked it, it's a bit wobbly in my head still but I hope you get the why of how Mordred reacts to him. If you don't, the next chapter should clarify it further.

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Brute respect Brute.

The skull gets removed from the picture because it has no mystery to it, no origin and also cause any servant that you could summon with just a skull is one that couldn't possibly align