'If violence isn't solving all your problems, you simply aren't using enough of it.' Shitty day at work cause your boss wants you to do overtime? Punch him. Kids giving you problems? Punch 'em. Supernatural entities trying to fuck with you? Punch 'em. Demon Gods trying to destroy to humanity? Punch the ever-living shit out of 'em. Nicholas Martel is the sort of man who can and will solve any and all problems by beating the shit out of them. Young masters and even tsunderes beware, his hands are rated e for absolutely everyone.

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Nicholas unamusedly stared at the expressionless four eyes in a long white coat that had started following him around somewhere along the way during his 'side quest', "Stop following me, lady." He pointed at the long dark hair tied in two ponytails, "Those are way too long."

She moved the small book in her hands to the side a bit and stared at him with a large hazel eye, she then pointed at the filled jerry can that totally wasn't meant for arson in his hand, "Why do you want to burn down Professor Lev's quarters?"

"How'd you know?" Nicholas tried to imitate a gasp, keyword being 'tried'. Considering all that came out was the sound of a pig being choked to death... Don't ask how he knew that, "Have you been stalking me?"

The girl's expression lost more emotion than it was meant to have, "You've been telling everyone you pass."

... Oh yeah.


"Because he's an asshole that tried to have me whacked." That was cause to punch him, and Nicholas had done that except the cheeky bastard hadn't died... no, it was almost like he came back to life, so, he was going to do the next best thing.

Annoy him till he wanted to kill himself.

"What are you go-"

"I'm going to report it." Others didn't do it because they seemed to think he was joking, she didn't, it was impossible considering how Nicholas Martel was, "We can't have discord now because of some dumb bas-" Before she could go any further, her vision blacked out as her frail body fell sideways in response to the devastating right hook fresh outta hell delivered right to her face.


Nicholas stared at the ironing board in silence, "This is why people should mind their own business." A fact lost on more and more people in his day and age.

However, something that made him raise his brow in surprise happened.

The girl's damaged face reconstituted itself at a visible rate, returning to it's original shape and form. Her body stopped falling moments away from making contact with the white metal wall of the hallways and froze midair as her hands moved to cover the changes on her face, "I-I got careless!" 

The previous emotionless all but disappeared from her voice, "What kind of idiot hits a woman hard enough to knock her out?!" She shouted annoyedly.

"That's a lot more refreshing to hear. I don't like fake people." Nicholas lowered his fist with a small smile, "What kind of snitch expects not to be hit by the one they cross?"

She recoiled away from him, and lowered herself slightly, hand clenched as if it was gripping something, "So what now? You're going to expose me for being a monster?" A disappointed and hateful expression formed on her face.

"Dunno what you're talking about..." The teenager raised his hands, balling them up into fists, "I don't mind a tussle."

"What do you mean 'you don't know'?! I'm a 'monster' comparable to True Ancestors for you right? Something to be put down! Don't play dumb with me! Who do you think you're talking to?"

"Is it that time of the month for you, lady? I'm a civilian. Wut's a true ancestor? Didn't you just heal yourself?"

The girl's expression froze, and even Nicholas could tell her heart sank, "W...What? D-Did I just-? No! It can't be..." She'd exposed herself, to a goddamned SIMPLETON.

Oh...Oh... So she was like one of those immortal thingies who got prosecuted by society and retreated into the shadows for millennia, made up a fake identity and secretly disliked people for their irrational hate, then got extremely attached to whoever didn't hate them?


It was a stretch but this was a world where Gods were real.

"Did you just overreact and expose yourself?" Nicholas rubbed his nose, "Didn't think that happened in real life." She remained unresponsive to his words, staring at the ground with dead eyes, "I don't think regeneration makes you a monster, it's cool as shit. Imagine how rewarding the grind would be."

It would make any bodybuilder 'spit blood' like one of those chinese young masters to see someone get gains with every single workout.

Noticing that she was still not responding but now shaking in place, completely flushed, Nicholas shrugged and waved before turning to walk away, "Bye, unknown lady."

"Hina... It's Yu."

"What about me?"

"No, Yu!"

Nicholas stopped and pointed at himself, "Yeah me. What about me?"

"Arrgh!" The girl groaned and pulled her hair in frustration, "My name is YU!"

"Ohhh, nice to meetcha, Yu." He gave her a thumbs up, "You should be grateful Chaldea doesn't really use many cameras." They were used, just in important places like Chaldeas and SHEBA, not places like, say, living quarters.

The gi- Yu's eyes widened in shock before she looked around in surprise and sighed in relief at the fact that nobody was around, "You might be the third person I've encountered that doesn't fear or hate me... I hope... I haven't made a mistake..." 

Yu-Mei Ren stared at the teenager walking off in an annoyed silence, this Hinako Akuta identity of hers was created by Marisbury Animusphere, the previous Director of Chaldea and even he'd done it so he could use her.

This was the first time in a long time she had encountered someone who genuinely thought absolutely nothing of her nature to the point where it was a little infuriating.

She could tell, she could always tell.

Time had taught her to know what people were.

Even if it didn't.

As an Xian, an elemental that could be called a reflection of the planet itself, she KNEW he genuinely meant what he said.

And it was infuriating how it had played out!

Her, the consort of Xiang Yu, the Hegemon of the Vast Plains of the Qin Dynasty!


"I was told you tried to pour gasoline over and set alight Lev's lab... with him inside it." Olga massaged her forehead, looking at the rapidly nodding Nicholas sitting across from her in disbelief, "Is it true?"

 "I did it. I'll do it again." Nicholas wasn't one to shy away from his deeds, or refuse them.

He disliked everything about Lev Lainur Flauros.

The way he looked liked a Disney Villain, the way he walked like a faggot, the way he dressed like a cheaper Willy Wonka that sold drugs instead of chocolates, the way he talked like a fake, the vibe he gave off and only partially because he tried to have him thrown out the day he arrived, the rest because his fake ass emotional manipulation and nice guy act was off putting.

"Ugh..." Olga sighed, "I don't get why you hate him. He's taken care of me ever since my father died. He's the only friend I've had."

Nicholas settled down into his seat, and hung back his head, "Huh, I thought we were friends too."

"W-We are!"

"Also, woman..." Nicholas pointed directly at her, making her shrink, "How do you manage to go against every stereotype I have?"

"...What does that even mean?" Olga stared in confusion.

Nicholas grunted before shaking his head, "Nevermind that. A guy shows up after your father 'mysteriously' dies, acts all nice and now all your employees, people you worked with and respected, are suddenly afraid of you because 'apparently' there's words going around about you being a harsh bitch." Olga shrunk in response to his words, honestly considering them because of the impression he'd left on her, "But somehow, he doesn't care, asks for nothing in return. Doesn't chide you. And now, he's the only one around you."

"I...I don't get what you mean."

"He has nothing against me but when I start talking to you, he suddenly wants me gone more than ever." Nicholas started ramming her image of Lev Lainur Flauros with a fucking battering ram, speaking no lies because he didn't care enough to, "It's annoying to see someone used so plainly and be ignorant to it."

"Stop! Please."

"He wants to get in your pants like a little bitch. At least I don't hide it when I stare at your bo- Nevermind."


All he'd been saying made sense, until that last part.

Olga Marie Animupshere dumbly stared at Chaldea's 48th Master.


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