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"ARGHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!" Arissa screamed out loud while burying herself under a pile of cushions on the sofa over and over again when her ears were tormented with erotic moans from her housemates, Cristan Lewis who always bring a different bed partner every night. All of them are incredibly beautiful and sexy bitch. But, behind his selfish and annoying attitude, it turns out that Cristan is the sole heir of Levy Corp. A multinational company which has branches in almost all 3 World countries. Every night, Arissa only could let out a long sigh heavily while she was lying on the couch with a sank heart and pitiful face as she kept counting and hoping the agreement that they both has made before, about sharing the apartment and live in together, will be over soon. Both of them didn’t realize but the fact, their meeting had actually been predetermined and tied by fate from long ago. It was destiny who has united them both in a most peculiar way. And apparently, without her knowing, only Cristan was able to protect Arissa and released her from the demon of the past that was still chasing her.


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