Fate as a Servant

Is it not enough being reborn in the Nasuverse? Is it not enough being a servant? I can deal with all this, but why do I have to be Aqua?! She shouldn't even be from this verse so why?!?! Mc won't be as stupid as Aqua just in case. There is smut. I know what you are thinking, not useless Aqua + smut? Absolute perfection. Well... you are absolutely right. Slightly AU, changes will be explained. Neither the images nor the fate verse belong to me. Each belong to their respective authors.

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Master... she is bullying me!

Author note:

Honestly Illyasviel was one of the hardest characters to write, I am not sure how I did but whatever. I feel like her personality in the series was all over the place. She started by hating Kiritsugu and Shirou, yet calls Shiro onii-chan for some reason and doesn't try to do anything to him, then it is revealed she is jealous of Shirou, then Shirou 'is a hero' and she starts liking him.

Also her wishes for the grail as well as her dreams and aspiration... I feel like they never went to deep with her, like she lacked development in my opinion.




[ Saber pov ]

Saber returned immediately to her master holding the blue-haired woman she was sent to save. Taking a closer look she realised that it was a servant!

While Saber didn't understand what was going on, especially after noticing six command seals on her master's hand, she figured it wasn't the right time to ask her questions.

The servant that was in front of the blue-haired woman

"Do not worry about this little wounds my dear master, all I need is to activate my first Noble Phantasm and cast a 'sacred heal' on myself. With that being said, I will need a bit of mana to activate it, I was already on low levels when we came and fighting the big guy over there did nothing to help." said the blue-haired woman.

Saber had a hard time believing she was actually fine, but Noble Phantasms can do crazy things, besides that grin on her face is not what people have when they are about to die.

She, who had roamed countless battlefield, knew that dying people had their faces filled with pain, regrets and sadness. Dying people scream and curse. This woman however was acting as if it was nothing more than a joke... perhaps with her Noble Phantasm it indeed was?

"Well if you have time for jokes I suppose you are indeed fine."

"<Divine Staff of the water goddess>... release! Sacred Heal!"

The wounds started mending as if nothing had even scratched her skin, with this the only evidence of the fight were her dangerously low mana levels and the destroyed landscape.

Saber was amazed. The healing capabilities she just showed should be even beyond Avalon, to be able to heal mortal wound in an instant... she had never heard of something like that and, for some reason, the grail which gives servants information about history and each other had no records of someone named 'Aqua'.

For now she chose to assume that 'Aqua' was a nickname of sorts, but there is also the possibility that the blue-haired woman lied to her master, which means she should keep her guard up.

"Master, I apologise for interrupting but I have some questions" Saber said, while she didn't want to sound impolite by interrupting them, there were just too many strange things going on.

[ 3rd pov ]

"Awww look at her being so chivalrous and knightly, don't you just wanna pet her master?" Said the blue-haired woman, causing Saber to blush, have a vein pop on her forehead and nearly stumble at the same time.

'As expected of Aqua, her capabilities to annoy others truly must be on the EX category!' thought Rin, though she believed wholeheartedly that it would be best to keep it to herself, otherwise who knows if that perverted goddess chooses to change her teasings from Saber to her?

"*Cough*, of course Saber, I understand that you must have many questions, so ask what yo-"

"Ehmmm, while I absolutely hate being the one to crush the party, I am meant to be the soul of the party not it's destroyer after all, we need to do something about them." Said Aqua, hiding behind her master while pointing in the direction of Berserker, who had started making his way towards them while carrying Illyasviel on his hands.

"Master master, I am almost out of mana so you gotta protect me alright?" Aqua whispered, though it was loud enough for Saber to hear, making her eyebrow twitch at the sheer amount of nonsense that it meant for a servant to hide behind her master for protection.

"Tell me how do you know my parents." Illyasviel said/asked/demanded with a monotone expression while looking in Aqua's direction.

"Well... I said that to get you to stop Berserker so that we could make a deal, but we have Saber now so do I really need to answer you? Even if you think Berserker is the strongest, we are now pretty evenly matched so you better not get too cocky you loli!"

Aqua definitely wasn't acting arrogantly because they had Saber now, she also definitely wasn't acting petty because she was thrown around by Berserker or talked down by the loli, she was a goddess after all, she wouldn't fret or worry about the disrespect of a mortal, she would obviously act like the bigger person and forgive

Rin froze for a moment, Aqua had told her that out of all the 7 summoned servants in the war, Berserker was the strongest and Illyasviel was among the few actually capable masters participating, yet here she was acting like they were nothing.

Sigh, what a headache her servant was, yet she couldn't say anything. Up to a certain extent she had already come to terms with the way Aqua was, she knew about the pride she had and honestly expected Aqua to act petty or ask for compensation from her once the battle was over.

"Hey! I said tell me what you know about Kiritsugu!" exclaimed Illyasviel while gritting her teeth. It was true that now that they had Saber they were closer in fighting strength, however Berserker was the strongest! He wouldn't loose to anyone.

Besides, why was the blue-haired servant acting so smug about? She was just trashed by Berserker!

"Hmph, don't wanna!"

"W-What?! I said tell me!"

"And I said no!"

"Tell me!"


Getting down from Berserker's hands, Illyasviel stomped her foot on the floor while an extremely annoyed expression appeared on her face "I said tell me!"

"Well I said no! I thought only your height was low but it seems your iq is low as well if you don't understand that no means no!" exclaimed Aqua, while a small grin appeared on her face watching the annoyed face of the white-haired loli.

"*Grrrr* I will tell Berserker to throw you around like a rag doll again if you don't answer me!"

"You white-haired bitch! Then I will tell Saber to cut your Berserker in half!"

At first Saber was on guard watching Berserker and his master approach, but as soon as the two women started bickering with each other like spoiled children, she was simply speechless. Wasn't this supposed to be a war? Weren't they supposed to fight each other to death? It certainly was that way when Kiritsugu was her

"Well whatever, Saber here was your father's servant in the last war, if you have questions you can ask them to her."

"""WHAT?!""" simultaneously, Illyasviel, Rin and Saber exclaimed.

"However, you will have to apologise to me first!" said Aqua, the look on her face showing as if she had won the most important battle of her life.




[ Lancer pov ]

Returning to the church, Lancer felt angry beyond measure.

He felt was insulted unlike ever before today. Not only did he have to attack a woman from behind like some coward, he was even forced to leave once Saber showed up like a dog running away with his tail between the legs.

He couldn't have an amazing fight against Berserker who was clearly very strong, he couldn't challenge Saber to a glorious duel and he had to throw his weapon from a 'safe' distance as the command seal ordered to a wounded and distracted woman.

To add salt to his wound he knew that this would happen as long as the fake priest had command seals.

The scowl on his face deepened while he gritted his teeth, it felt as if his pride as a Heroic Spirit was being stepped on by some lowly sadistic bastard.

At least the woman didn't die, which means his 'master' would be extremely annoyed now.




[ Kirei pov ]

'Rin has been ignoring my calls, could she my any chance have learned about what I did to her father? Perhaps about me being a master in this war? Nonsense, while she is indeed very smart, she is but a child, she has no way of knowing about it.'

Kirei had been annoyed recently, for some reason it felt like things were getting out of hand.

He didn't know to which class Rin's servant belonged and, while he believed it to be a Caster, it made no sense since Caster was already summoned. The only one left was Archer, but an Archer wouldn't be fighting close combat with Berserker.

Berserker showed up and by the looks of it he was extremely strong, Lancer had gotten more annoying to deal with, the blue-haired servant didn't die which meant that Run was still a part of the war and finally, Gilgamesh had been acting like a child with a new toy recently, saying the war will be fun.