2 In A World known As Aazona.

"So, does that mean I'm really reincarnated in another world?"

I looked around with confusion, wearing my loose T-shirt and track pants. I was currently sitting on the ground, surrounded by grassland and, somewhere along the way, I could see a forest with some large trees.

The air felt warm as I tried to inhale it like I would during yoga, but one thing was for sure.

"Yes. This must be another world. There's no way I'll get forest vibes from the air on Earth. Also, I can say for sure that it's not a dream!"

By the way, there was a system-like message in front of me, blocking my vision with its big texts. Its contents were simple.

[Welcome to the world of Aazona, Random Human MW25SSX2004 (RH04)]

This is not a dream nor my imagination. I can vouch for it with my life. Nonetheless, it was making my heart explode in excitement.

But first, let's calm down and think logically. Yes, That would be better.

"There's no way I can travel to another world just by sleeping in my room like usual."

Crossing my legs, I started to think deeply about what I did yesterday.

I clearly remembered the anime I watched when I went to sleep and what else?... Yes! I wasn't drunk. Not when I'm at home.

I didn't leave my home for a couple of days…

Excluding my parents, I haven't met anyone capable of sending me to another world till now…

After I failed to summon a succubus, I stopped believing in internet rituals and never attempted again…

Confirming the facts that could prove that this wasn't just a dream, I focused on the message for a second, and unsurprisingly, it changed.

[As a Random Program, you have been selected as a random human and transferred to a random planet.]

"Hehe, hehehehehe"

I covered my face with my cold hands and felt the warmth of it getting excited.

"Yes. This can't be a dream. Not when I'm feeling like this. I can tell if this is a dream with my instinct, but I'm not getting it. Seriously, how can this happen?"

Strange thoughts flooded my head. I was just an average teenager, enjoying my time with friends and living my life in self-proclaimed solitary, and so and so.

Then, how could I get this chance? Was I lucky? Or perhaps, did God finally bless me? But whatever it may be, I couldn't change the current fact that I was in a new world, and that's all it mattered.


Inhaling one more time, I opened my mouth.


And screamed like my life depended on it and fell backward, extending my arms and spreading my legs.

"Ah, the sky looks so blue and beautiful."

Traveling to another world and having some awesome adventures was my wish, and being passed on as a legend was my only dream. That gave me hope to try harder and succeed in life, not the life that was on Earth, but in another world, filled with monsters and magic.

After lying on the grass floor for a while, all the excitement that was pumping my heart calmed down a little. I believed that I could now think rationally.

I sat straight and started to stare at the system-like screen in front of me. From the two messages, I could tell that this was a type of system that didn't interact with its host. With my vast knowledge gained from reading various web novels about systems in another world, I concluded that there was a 60% probability that everyone on this planet had a system like this one.


"What if this isn't a fantasy world? Or perhaps a world with no magic?"

There was a 40% probability of this type of world in some novels and web novels that I had read. The thought of getting reincarnated in another world with no magic made me shiver.

After some deep breaths, I made up my mind. There's nothing I can do and something can be done in the future. These useless thoughts will remain useless.

"No matter what world it is; I'll accept you as my baby."

With some newfound motivation, I gave my complete attention to this system of mine.

[As a random Program, you have been selected as a random person and transferred to a random planet.]

Now that I read this message again, I can think that I was fairly lucky this time. Well, that doesn't matter.

[This world is known as Aazona, a typical Fantasy world with magic and swords]

"Thank God!!!" I exclaimed.

Finally, I could breathe some air now. I sighed in relief.

'Thank god again'

[As a bonus and to stay alive for longer, you will be given these skills]


> Noob Skill – Self Heal (heals or repairs minor cuts and gives minor resistance to poison and curses)

> Expert Skill – Comprehension (helps you to understand and act faster in any situation)

> Master Skill – Adept (helps to become skillful and proficient at anything)

> Unique Skill – ROR (Reverse X Opposite X Reflect)

> Extra Skill – Nothing (gives nothing, takes nothing, does nothing)


So, I get that this world's name is Aazona, but…

"What? that's it? No other information about this planet? Damn!" I cursed loudly.

There was a probability that I would get into some godforsaken world that is doomed to destroy and now, that doesn't seem impossible.

As a bonus, I was given these skills. The more I read about them, the crazier my smile became, as they were all super rare.

"Khe, khehehehehe"

This Self Heal skill will make me immune to insect bites and maybe poison gas. The system isn't specifying it but I'm certain that I'm immune to those.

Comprehension will help me understand and Adept will help me become proficient at anything. I was given the more I could ask for.

Come to think of it, I calculated that there was also a probability of getting a unique OP skill in another world, perhaps is it this one?

"Reverse X Opposite X Reflect"

There is no other information about this skill that makes me 120% sure that it is. All I have to do is figure out how to use it and Bam! I'll become a protagonist who saves the world. Even if my system showed only my Skill names, I could fill up the rest with my pretty powerful imagination.

"For the last skill, I can only say that it truly is an extra"

With one last look, I focused my attention on the system again, prompting it to show next.

[You can acquire more power if you want through hard work or you can enjoy your life as a normal citizen. Lastly, Sally Jake, we wish you good luck in your new life]

[Welcome word ended]

That's the welcome word? It just welcomed me, showed me my new powers and wished me good luck, and disappeared.

"Nothing more? Why did I even expect something to pop out?"

I cursed inside once again.

This is the problem with this type of system. I can't directly interact with it, nor talk with it. Well, I have to be glad that I could get some powerful skills at least. If it wasn't for those, I wonder what I have to do in order to get powerful.

But there's one thing left to do after getting a system. With burning eyes, I started to utter my dream words one after another until my brain ran out of ideas.

With a crazy smile, I laid my back on the grass floor and marveled at the beauty of this world. Even though I don't know a thing about it.



> Name: Sally Jake (17)

> Race: Human

> Rank: Copper level 1 (EXP: 0/20)(SP: 0)

> Class: N/A

Personal -

> Health: 20/20

> Strength: 10/10

> Intelligence: 15/15

> Mana: 10/10

> Agility: 5/5




> Casual T-shirt

> Casual Track pants




> Not Joined


Teleport, magic, storage, gacha, pouch, shop, skill shop, exp shop, cat-girl shop, etcetera, I got all the fantasy words that I could imagine and lifted them off my chest. Out of them, those above were the result. But I didn't get disappointed. Now that I'm in another world,

"I'm going to give my best and will become a legend!"

... but first,

"It's time to join the real Adventurer's Guild! Ohhhh, here I come..."


[Record XXX of Sally Jake (RH04)]

> After successfully Transmigrating to Aazona, the RHO4 (Random Human 04 - Sally Jake) stayed in the same spot for 1.5 hours.

> Afterwards RH04 started the journey to join Adventurer's Guild barefoot, but went the wrong way and spent 4 hours roaming vast Greenland.

> RH04 then found the tracks of a carriage vehicle and followed it, hoping to hop on a passing vehicle but got none.

> After another two hours, RH04 got the Beginner Skill – Walker and travelled a lot faster.

> After another 30 minutes in the evening, RH04 got into the town of Karlte. Lucky or not, that was the only town that has Adventurer's Guild in that region.

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