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Fantasy Paradox


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Reincarnating in a magical world, wielding a legendary sword, taming a dragon cub, adventuring with a strong and beautiful partner (or a slave) and finally, killing the demon lord and his generals with the power of friendship… Those are all the fantasies Sally Jake dreamt of to escape his mundane life and enter a magical world filled with adventures. ...not when he was reincarnated in an absurd and twisted fantasy world that has chickens for dragons and is destined to be destroyed in impossible ways, he realizes that his dreams were more than nightmares. Even with his literally broken-down system and an unpredictable game-changing ability: [Ultimate Skill: ROR (Reverse/Opposite/Reflect)], which allows him to reverse and reflect anything he wants and everything he doesn’t want, Can Sally Jake really overcome his fate and save the world? Or will he succumb to his own power and become the ultimate villain? Find out in this thrilling and hilarious story of fantasy gone wrong. -------------------- Author's Note 1: This isn't cliché, it's a PARADOX! Author's Note 2: Don't be fooled by the comedy tag and its initial premise. Author's Note 3: I really like the POV of side characters who watches MC doing crazy and unbelievable things. I'll be doing the same. -------------------- All characters and places in this novel are frictional and used only for pure entertainment and not meant to offend someone or something. The cover is created by AI-sensei.