4 BANG! BANG!! Adventurer’s Guild!

"Hello, Ms. Lafa. I'm Bruce D. Uchiha"

Before we get to his name, there were some misunderstandings to clear:

Firstly, what Sally sees in Ms. Lafa is, a woman who uses her beauty to control and order innocent men and make them her disposable pawns. For Sunny, he considers that as truly despicable. And now, Something inside him that was making him use full guard against her.

But he is completely wrong.

Imagine on a normal evening, you are doing your work like usual. But suddenly, a man with a strong sweaty smell blasts through the door and comes in front of you to demand a service without any payment. He has no history, his personality is different, he is seeing you with lust and acting like it was all different and new to him. For all she knew, he may be a dangerous assassin who came to kidnap cute girls.

So, who should be the one to have their guard up, and against whom? Rinrin was kind-hearted to everyone until when the matters comes to her chest. So, as a senior, Lafa must do everything in her power to protect all the girls in the guild. Even if it takes her life. That was her resolve.

Second, when it comes to names, Sally is very conscious. To him, powerful people have equally powerful names. Vice-versa, powerful names will only belong to powerful people. So, being named as 'Sally Jake,' which make people turned into 'Silly Joke,' was truly unacceptable. His mother loved his name, so he refrained from changing it until he starts to work and as a result, in his original world, most of his acquaintances and friends knows him as 'silly joke'.

So, he decided to create a new name that would command respect and authority from everyone who hears it. He selected the names that he considers most awesome and powerful and combined them into one, and naming himself.

Finally, Lafa has no charm skills. Not even an item with a charming effect. Due to spending most of his time reading novels and watching anime, he has only a handful of true friends. He is also not famous and, as a result of watching some even more unnecessary animes, his view of the world is different from others, causing him to overthink and become anxious when interacting with strangers or girls his own age.

So, when Sally's eyes locked onto Lafa's mesmerizing beauty, his brain seemed to short-circuit. He was convinced that some sort of charm spell had been cast upon him, causing his intelligence stat to plummet like a lead weight. But just as he was about to lose all control, his system kicked into overdrive, frantically working to restore his plummeting stats.

Now, in the present, just as he finished telling his name,





When I introduced myself as Bruce D. Uchiha, everyone burst out laughing. The man who was near us controlled his laugh but saw me with wide eyes. I couldn't understand what was so funny, but Lafa and the other girl with blue hair couldn't contain their amusement.

'There was nothing wrong. So, how can everyone laugh at the same time?'

"W-why are you guys laughing?"

Lafa, who controlled her laugh, spoke hiding her face.

"Is this truly your name? Are you sure this isn't a joke?"

'What does she mean? I know it's a made-up name, but it's a name that I love. Everyone accepted it when I changed it to my username back on Earth, so what's wrong?'

Taking my silence as acceptance, Lafa spoke again:

"There's no way that your name would be that, right? Even if you come from another kingdom, no one in this entire continent has a name like this, that's for sure"

"Can I ask why? For me, that's a good and powerful name"

"Powerful? Who would think that 'bruise' would be a powerful name? it's just an injury right?"

"I'm 100% sure that you're mistaken. It's not that bruise, it's Bruce, B-r-u..."

"And what about D in the middle? Do you know the meaning of that D? All the adventurers are thinking that there's something in your name. Why would someone name you like that?..."

I stood there, stunned into silence as confusion raced through my mind. How could the people in this world not know the true meaning of the letter "D"? But then again, even I didn't know its true significance. If only I had spent a few more years on Earth, maybe I would have unraveled its mystery. But now, it's too late for that.

She was continuing her talk.

"And uchika? Even if you're from another kingdom, you should have known that uchika is the name of the dishwashing soap liquid that the elves make right?"

'What the, … do elves even make that kind of thing in this world?'

This world isn't making any sense. Now, there's no way I can continue with that name. After all that's happened, I think it's better to come clean.

"Actually, I have another name"

"So, that was a joke after all!"

"Ummn… It's Sally."

When I said that name hesitantly, her gaze shifted towards the man standing next to me, who gave a subtle shake of his head. He looked to be around my age, with a charming face and a well-built physique. His golden looks complemented his features perfectly. If it wasn't for the low-tier equipment he wore, he could easily pass as a typical noble.

When I observed this short exchange, I realized that he wasn't here when I was talking with the first clerk. Everyone was either eating their dinner or already left. The sky is also dark outside, which means he can't be here for checkout. So, why…?

'Something smells fishy'

When I was playing detective, Lafa continued the conversation.

"Is Sally your real name?"

'She's doubting me. If I'd told her another alias, she would've outright asked me, but she's doubting. I knew it!! That guy must have lie-detecting skill. That's why he's here'

He was right this time. Mostly because of his Expert Skill – Comprehension, his thinking capabilities have increased.

"It's Sally Jake. You can call me just Sally"

"Oh, ok. From where do you come from?"

"I've come pretty far without knowing any road and fate brought me here. So, I decided to become an adventurer and live my life here."

"You don't remember how you came here? That surprising. Did someone kidnap you? What about your family? They must have worried right?"

"You don't have to worry about them. I've already made some preparations for situations like this and I don't think I was kidnapped"

Like this, she started to ask me all kinds of questions. But I didn't come here without any preparations. I've already made various countermeasures and answers to these questions back when I was on Earth. Our conversation continued like this and I've also started to understand her personality a little better now.

When I continued to answer Lafa's questions, a curious glint appeared in her eyes and she began to relax, completely dropping her guard. However, the mob who was standing next to me found himself unable to join in on our conversation and felt like an unwanted outsider. Heartbroken, he retreated to an empty table and ordered a drink, feeling the weight of loneliness settling in on him.

Rinrin who left them returned after some minutes with a muscular man who looked like a bodybuilder at the age of 40. He had a shiny bald head and wore a serious expression on his face. He was also wearing an apron without any shirt.

When I noticed the new arrivals, mostly the man beside Rinrin, his gaze combined with his not-cute apron sent creeps all over my skin. If not for my skill, calming my heart down, I didn't know what would've happened after seeing his pissed-off expression.

'S-scary. Did I do something wrong to him?'

"Oh, You're getting along! That's nice"

The angelic-like figure beside that monster of a man saved me.

"Is this the man you talked about?"

But, before I would speak, with a strong voice that tells 'come at me you fools,' that man asked Rinrin looking displeased.

"Yes, Master. Um... I forgot to ask his name, but this is James. The chief cook at the guild."

After hearing what Rinirn said, gesturing to that man, many thoughts went through my mind at that time. Questions like 'a chief?' 'Why does he have a serious face?' 'why do I feel like I can die from that stare alone?' 'that apron doesn't look cute on him at all' etc. but only one word came from my mouth.


When those words reached James's ears, his pissed-off aura turned into killing intent.

"You're not worthy to call me by my role"

With a command-like voice, he started to drag my body into the kitchen side of the tavern as if I was a kitten, caught between the jaws of a lion. But...

'… and no one laughs? When I told my name, not a single soul took it seriously!!!'

Before Sally realize what was going on, he worked like a dog until the middle of the night and was given a corner of a wall to sleep with some rags and two silvers.

"Dogshit and bullshit!!"

With that last curse, his first ever day in the world of Aazona has finished.

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