3 BANG!! Adventurer’s Guild!

'Finally!! My first legendary quest to find the Adventurer's Guild has completed.'

With a ragged breath, I squatted down a little in front of the Adventurer's Guild building located in a town called Karlte. Well, that was truly a legendary quest for me to arrive at this destination without any maps or even a sense of direction in a new world like this, even before night! I'm truly proud of myself.

With a smirk, I look at the large building in front of me and wipe all the sweat on my face. Not only is this an Adventurer's Guild, but there is also a Merchant's Guild located on my right side that is perpendicular and connected to the Adventurer's Guild.

Both have three stories and on the first floor, 70% of the walls are made with some kind of red sandstone that gives me a powerful vibe. There is also a pretty large ground in front of both the buildings that reminds me of my previous school playground.

Thinking that I will be getting a real Adventurer's Card, my excitement is slowly building inside my chest. I waited for a while to revise all the plans that I made for the questions that may be asked by the cute clerk during the process. Taking a large breath, I corrected my clothes and hair, narrowed my eyes, checked my voice, made a serious face, and opened the large wooden doors.


I slip my footing and slam open the light door that I thought would be heavy. With all the attention on me, I gulp my life back.

'Nice way to die in first step, you damn fool!'

Cursing myself, I drag my frozen legs forward. The place is pretty huge and bright. On my right side is the attached tavern where most of the ragged and hardcore-looking adventurers are sitting with their armor and swords and enjoying their meals with drinks. But that was until a moment ago though. Now, all their hands are on their weapons, and all their attention is on a certain someone who dared to slam the front door open and stare at them like an idiot.

Trying my best to ignore all the killing stares from them and maintain my serious-face façade, I focused my attention on the remaining room. In front of me, grand stairs that lead to the upper floor are built, and on my left side was the reception area that has a long counter and three cute girls looking at me with curiosity…

…and adventurers in front of the counter, holding some crazy-looking monster's head that is dripping with green blood and giving me killing looks.

As the center of attention for all these deadly stares, I walked and stopped in front of the only free clerk that has small boobs and is the nearest one to the entrance.

'Who knew that my Skill – Walker would come this handy'

Recalling my introductory speech, I cleared my voice one more time and start my first-ever conversation with another human in another world.


The clerk is a little short and wears a white and green combination of a shirt and skirt that seems to be her uniform. She has big red eyes that are shining. But not after when I started to speak with her.


After a moment of disbelief that shows on her face, she then spoke to me with an angelic smile,

"I really appreciate you coming all the way to here, but…"

With a voice that seems so sweet, she shows concern for me which I'm very grateful for. Just looking at her angelic face, tears start to well up on the corner of my eyes. Walking for a whole day in an unknown world without any type of protection and not a single soul to give me company, deep in my heart, I know I'm not strong and scared a little. but not now…

'Not when there was an angle in front of me. Ohh, she was still talking!!'

"As I said, we really appreciate you coming here from who-knows-where, but please understand we're not giving any donations to beggars."


Most of my brain cells killed themselves after hearing those words. There was only one thing that I didn't like. The word "p-l-e-a-s-e." I thought that using that taboo word was like begging for someone, and I didn't like it one bit. After realizing this when I was still 15, I stopped using that word and would even argue with my close friends when they used that word in front of me.

But now, being mistaken as a beggar by an angel resulted in shutting down my brain for three seconds. With my Expert Skill – Comprehension and my optimistic side, the remaining brain cells started to work again.

"I'm sorry for being alive..." Taking a deep breath, I spoke. This time, loud enough for the clerk to hear. "I c-came here to join the A-Adventurer's Guild. So, umm..."

All the stares didn't help me, and the built-up nervousness from everything before was finally reacting now.

"Oh...Oh! Sorry, forgive me. I thought that you were a beggar."

Dumbfounded, she bowed slightly to me. Feeling somewhat confident now, I spoke: "It's okay. I know I'm wearing weird clothes and all, um... you don't have to apologize."

"Um... okay."

Inside her head, she thought that the person in front of her was a beggar because of his sweaty smell, but didn't have the nerve to break that young man's heart once again after seeing his pitiful expression.

"So, to join the Adventurer's guild, we require an amount of fifty silvers as admission fees."

"Silvers means... mm, silver coins?"

"Yes, coins minted from the Empire."

"Isn't registration supposed to be... free?"

"If it was free, even slaves would be able to join the guild. Besides, we are only taking money for creating the Guild Card and checking if they're really worthy or not."

"I came from far and didn't have any money on me. So... isn't there any other way for getting that card?"

"There's no exception."


'There's also no room for negotiations.'

I understood this thing. I calculated that there would be a 60% probability that the admission would be free, but if it didn't, I would have to work and earn money. I didn't even know the worth of a silver coin but knew that it would take a heavy amount of time if I left it like this.

When I looked around, all those killing stares from before were nowhere to be seen. Even if I stared at someone deliberately, they looked away and ignored me. Before, everyone acknowledged my existence even if I didn't want them to. But now, they're treating me like a ghost.

For me, getting an adventurer's card was one of the things to do before dying. I didn't want to become a legend who didn't even have an adventurer's card. It was truly humiliating for me. After taking another good look at my surroundings, I arrived at my final decision. But before I could speak, the cute clerk who was whispering something with her fellow co-worker on the left side looked at me with narrowed eyes.

"Wait a minute, I'll be back. Until then, why don't you have a nice little chat with Ms. Lafa here?"

Saying that; she gestured to the next girl who was also listening to our conversation for a while and left. I noticed something was off after those two girls exchanged words, but…

…Ms. Lafa was beautiful. Too beautiful.

Her uniform fit her perfectly, with how big her chest is. Her body moved gracefully with every step she took. Her eyes weren't as big as the previous clerk's but they were seductive. With golden hair, that flowed till her back, she walked to the position of that clerk and introduced herself with a bow.

"Hello. My name is Lafa. That girl before, her name is Rinrin."

I couldn't help but think that she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. 'This is another world indeed' And now, I had to have a conversation with her. I prayed to God that she wouldn't try to trick me or make me her slave.'God, don't influence her into doing some kind of trick to me'


> Charm effect detected.

> Expert Skill – Comprehension has been activated to nullify the effect.

'I jinxed it too early'

With my Expert Skill – Comprehension, the system activated itself to nullify any charm effect that she is using on me. I knew that she might try to use me for her own gain, but my skills were also no joke. With a confident smile, I began my psychological warfare with my toughest opponent yet.

"Hello, Ms. Lafa. I'm Bruce D. Uchiha,"

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