Arthur, who had left the town, didn't know about the statues. He brought Lu Yu back into the wilderness and headed toward Cantero City.

He had already reached energy level two, so his walking speed was much faster. Within a day, he was already over a hundred kilometers away from Huska.

After another night, Arthur arrived at Cantero City.

On the city walls, there was news that people from the Sky Radiance Transcendent Academy would come in two days to select new students!

Arthur was even more impressed with Lu Yu's incredible power when he saw this message. No matter if it were holy knights or mages, they would still be sensed by Lu Yu's perception. With the help of such a powerful force, Arthur's courage to face Count Magnus increased by a notch.

Like Arthur, many people had received the news and came to Cantero City. The city was filled with young people, and the surroundings were very noisy. Many people who couldn't find an inn set up simple tents by the roadside to sleep. It was obvious they wouldn't be staying here for long.

In this chaotic environment, many people held their wallets tightly in concern it would be stolen.

At this moment, Lu Yu was looking at his surroundings with great interest using [Perception].

"Catch the thief!"

"The person in front stole my things. Come and catch the thief!" A blue-haired girl was frantically chasing after a figure in front of her. She looked very anxious as she cried while running. The item stolen from her seemed to be very important.

However, nobody seemed to have any intentions of helping her, no matter how loudly she shouted. Instead, they all glanced at her indifferently and didn't take any action. Soon, the thief disappeared into the crowd.

The girl couldn't track the thief down anymore. She looked at the crowd in front of her with a dejected expression, her eyes full of regret.

She shouldn't have brought it outside with her. 

Just when she thought the stolen item would never come back, a young man wearing country clothes walked up to her with a bag and said, "Is this yours?"

Jynx glanced at the boy, and her eyes immediately lit up with ecstasy!

"Yes, It's mine! I'm Jynx, thank you so much for helping me!"

Then, she happily took her bag and deeply bowed to Arthur.

Arthur waved his hand. "You're welcome. The thief ran in front of me, so I just caught him."

"Oh, you should check if there's anything missing. I don't think there's anything precious in there, so the thief might've taken something."

When Arthur saw Jynx, he immediately noticed the clothing she wore. This girl didn't lack any money, so why was she so sad over a stolen wallet?

As Jynx heard Arthur say something might've been stolen from the bag, she quickly opened it. It wasn't until she saw an ordinary iron ring that she heaved a sigh of relief. No matter which way Arthur looked, the ring seemed worthless.

She put the ring on her finger carefully and said to Arthur gratefully, "This is my mother's keepsake. It's really precious to me. Thank you for getting it back for me."

While Arthur and Jynx were conversing, Lu Yu used his display skill.

[Name: Jynx]

[Age: 17]

[Ability: Energy level two(Beginner)]

[Weapon: High-grade Magic Staff]

[Occupation: Transcendent - Apprentice mage]

Jynx raised her hand in the direction of the light with a joyful expression. She stared at the ring for a long time before putting it away.

She wrapped the ring many times with an expensive piece of fabric and finally put it in her pocket before sighing in relief.

Jynx saw that Arthur had been staring at her with a curious smile on his face. Noticing this, she turned red from embarrassment.

She touched her tear-streaked face because she couldn't catch up with the thief earlier. Then, she stood before Arthur and said, "I really have to thank you for today. Can you tell me your name?"

"I'm Arthur, and I came from a town called Huska. I'm happy to be of help." Arthur replied.

"It's great that you didn't lose your things. Since the matter is settled, I'll leave now."

Arthur patted his clothes, which were wrinkled from the strenuous exercise. He got up and prepared to leave.

"Wait a moment!" Jynx stopped Arthur as soon as he turned around.

"I would've lost a very precious item if it weren't for you, so I must show proper gratitude. Is there anything you need?"

Jynx's eyes widened as she looked at Arthur expectantly, "Anything like gold coins, or a set of new clothes."

Arthur smiled when he heard Jynx's words. Jynx seemed to be an easy person to get along with. Based on her outfit, she shouldn't be short of money. However, Arthur didn't lack any of those things.

"Thank you," Arthur replied with a smile. "If you really want to show gratitude, then just don't lose the ring again next time."

"As for the other things, I don't need them."

Upon hearing Arthur's reply, Jynx, who was supposed to be disappointed, thought of something.

"You're here to participate in the Sky Radiance Transcendent Academy's recruitment, right?" she asked.

"How did you know?" Arthur's brows twitched. She had seen through his intentions, so he couldn't help but feel curious.

Jynx placed her hands behind her back and confidently said, "It's because you came from a very far place and you're still very young. Recently, a lot of young people from far away are here to participate in the recruitment."

"Moreover, you're very good at fighting. You're obviously a kind transcendent. You helped me out, but you don't want anything in return. Such a person would definitely not hurt anyone or take advantage of the current situation in the city to steal around."

"Through this, I guessed that you're here to participate in the recruitment. Am I right?"

Arthur couldn't help but praise Jynx's reasoning ability. He thought she was just a normal noble girl who had been robbed, but he didn't expect her logic to be so clear.

After only a few minutes of interaction, he understood what had happened. From the looks of it, the ring just now was so precious that she got flustered when it was stolen. Otherwise, the thief wouldn't have escaped so easily.

After hearing Jynx's reasoning, Arthur nodded and said, "Your reasoning is correct. I'm indeed here to participate in the Sky Radiance Transcendent Academy's recruitment."

"If that's the case, then come to my ball tonight!"

"My father is Viscount Alger. He's a teacher at the Sky Radiance Transcendent Academy. We just happened to be here, so we wanted to hold a banquet for Cantero City's nobles."

"At the banquet, there will be many teachers in charge of the academy's recruitment. If you're willing to come, I'm positive that with your strength, your chances of entering the academy will be high!"

Jynx looked at Arthur with anticipation.

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