1 Hidden Strength, Heaven's Son!

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Within a dilapidated house somewhere in the back mountains of the Heavenly Flame Kingdom's Saint Sword Sect, Lin Xuan opened his eyes. Then, he felt a sharp pain as if his body was about to split apart, causing his hair to stand on end and his entire body to spasm.

He checked his surroundings and found himself in a dilapidated house with the wind blowing in all directions. There were a few wooden tables beside him and mottled murals on the wall.

The decorations here were very ancient, and one couldn't tell which dynasty it was from.

"What… what happened?"

Lin Xuan felt extremely confused and shocked. He could actually… see things clearly now!

He remembered that when he was 10 years old, he was in an accident, causing him to lose his sight. From then on, he had lived in the endless darkness. However, Lin Xuan quickly understood.

He… actually transmigrated! The memories left in his brain told him that this was a fantasy world!

There were tens of thousands of races with demonic beasts running rampant, bringing with them vengeful spirits that roamed the world. It was extremely dangerous, and there were even powerful beings who could gather their energy to form a sword, severing the dimension, and single-handedly sweep through an entire army! Lin Xuan was one of the core disciples of one of the three major sects of Tian Yan Kingdom, the Saint Sword Sect.

His talent was outstanding and the precious bloodline flowing in his body was even rarer!

Back then, Lin Xuan had joined the Saint Sword Sect as an ordinary person. At the time, he was just an ordinary outer sect disciple. After leaving the Humble Class, his achievements were even more dazzling.

"I'm a genius?"

Lin Xuan couldn't help but mock himself! Just half a year ago, just as his junior-apprentice sister Lin Xuerou was about to break through to the Profound Black Mirror, she was struck by heavenly tribulation, and her mortal body was nearly destroyed!

Lin Xuerou was the daughter of the Grand Elder of the Saint Sword Sect. Lin Xuan and Lin Xuerou were childhood sweethearts. Lin Xuan had always treated him like his own sister!

At that time, Lin Xuerou had perished. Lin Xuan had saved her by sacrificing his own bloodline to protect her!

Lin Xuerou used this opportunity to become a Physical Establishing Sage. Her strength soared, and she broke through to the Stygian Realm! In the path of cultivation, one's perception was at the primary level of Qi Condensation. Once one reached the Stygian Realm, one could be called a Master.

That was the peak expert of the entire Heavenly Flame Kingdom! On that day, another master-level expert from the Saint Sword Sect came to congratulate them from all directions! The sect master of the Saint Sword Sect announced on that day that Lin Xuerou had become the Saintess of this year's Saint Sword Sect.

That was a position that was revered by countless people. However, Lin Xuan had lost his bloodline and had been unconscious for half a month. By the time he woke up, he realized that he had been expelled from the inner sect and had become an ordinary disciple of the Saint Sword Sect. To add insult to injury, his cultivation level had dropped from the late Qi Condensation Realm back to the middle Qi Condensation Realm!

"You promised me back then! As long as I save Lin Xuerou, you will use your Marrow Cleansing Pills to restore my entire bloodline!"

"But you lied to me and even expelled me from the inner sect!"

Lin Xuan's expression became increasingly malevolent. From the looks of it, he had been completely abandoned by his sect! But what pained him even more was that his childhood sweetheart, Lin Xuerou, who was like a blood sister to him, had now ascended to the heavens in a single step, becoming the Saintess of the Skysword Sect. Yet she had turned around and treated him with such cold indifference!

She only left behind a few sets of ordinary herbs and a few cold words before completely cutting off contact with him.

Some time ago, he received news that shocked him. Lin Xuerou was already engaged to the Young Master of the Green Leaf Sect, which was also one of the Three Major Sects!

From that day onward, countless people that had tried to curry favor with him before, including his senior brothers and junior brothers, had jumped out as if they were instructed by someone, and they swarmed forward to challenge him while his cultivation fell, and they used all sorts of reasons to punch and kick him!

"Hehe, these animals even cut off all my living expenses for the past two days!"

"You forced me to steal food from the front hall! You're just like a thief!" But just as Lin Xuan was about to succeed and was about to slip away…

Lin Xuerou's subordinate, Zhang Long, caught him on the spot. Just because of a small piece of steamed bun, Zhang Long got someone to beat him up. He, who was already weak and sickly, was bedridden and could not get up. Not long after, he died. Only then could he transmigrate to this world!

"How ridiculous! How pathetic!"

"I've been kind all my life. I was afraid of hurting ants when I swept the floor!"

"In the end, I was harmed to this extent by a vile person!

After all, as a transmigrator, he could empathize with the pain of his original master. Thinking of this, Lin Xuan's expression darkened. If his memories hadn't gone wrong, then his current situation would be extremely dangerous; a world where the strong preyed on the weak.

Strength was everything! Weakness, kindness; in the end, they would all be like fish meat, waiting to be slaughtered!!!

"Since I've already transmigrated and become a cripple, do I have to wait for my death?" Lin Xuan tried his best to sit up. He could not just sit here and wait for his death! It was clear that he had already been abandoned by the Saint Sword Sect. Without the support of the sect's genius disciples, staying here would only lead to disaster!


Just as he sat up, every single part of his body was screaming, and it was extremely painful. The intense pain caused Lin Xuan to fall off the bed and onto the ground. But at the same time, a turn had arrived!

A beam of light appeared before him, forming a transparent status column!

[Host (Lin Xuan): Male]

[Level: Mid-stage of the Body Refining Realm (Incomplete Bloodline)]

[Hidden information 1: Heaven's Chosen One with two bloodlines. Hidden with Supreme bloodline but undiscovered!]

[Hidden Information 2: Top-notch bloodline damaged. Cultivating 10 cycles can activate the Supreme bloodline!]

Looking at everything before him, Lin Xuan was flabbergasted. Was his system finally here?

"Supreme bloodline?!"

"This is impossible!"

Lin Xuan sat on his bed with a look of disbelief on his face. This was the Supreme bloodline, the most powerful bloodline in the world! Legend had it that those with the Supreme bloodline gathered the destiny of the heavens and earth on their bodies. When they were born, they were accompanied by the phenomena of the heavens and earth. In the future, they would be able to enter the highest realm!

This kind of person only existed in legends. Even in the ancestral Holy Land of the Dongyi Kingdom, the most outstanding of the younger generation and the chosen one only had the Saint-level bloodline.

This was already completely incomparable to the Supreme bloodline!

"In that case, if I give up my bloodline to Lin Xuerou, it would be a blessing in disguise?" Lin Xuan laughed coldly. Very quickly, he returned his attention to the system interface.

When he fell, he looked at her. That was why the system displayed his message. If that was the case…

He turned his head to look at his surroundings! As expected! Soon, one translucent system interface after another appeared before him like an online game interface!

Broken Wood

Materials: Real Wood

Hidden information: Nothing. It's just an ordinary wooden bed. Nothing special.

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