Fantasy: I Can See The Secret Reports Of All Things Book

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Fantasy: I Can See The Secret Reports Of All Things

A Turkey

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[Inspecting Luck, Fate, Cause and Effect, and Fortune!] Lin Xuan transmigrated to a perilous fantasy world where demons and monsters roamed rampantly. From the very beginning, he activated the Supreme Bloodline and acquired the ability to read hidden messages. [The World Source is hidden in this ancient tree. If left untaken, it will be found by the Son of Luck three years later and he will become a Great Emperor.] [The maiden before you has her eyes gouged out. If you give her a drop of your Supreme Blood, she will activate her Eye of Blood Demon.] [There is an unclaimed fowl that is about to become a roasted chicken… It is actually the Immortal Bird.] [There is a cruelly abandoned loli… Warning: She is the future Empress of Darkness. Countdown to her awakening. 3,2,1!] In the Dark Era of the fantasy world, different nations invaded. Lin Xuan pushed through with an invincible stance and stunned the world! The entire fantasy world trembled before him!


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