14 Obtaining the Azure Supreme Thearch inheritance! Great Freedom!

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A few huge monsters that were neither human nor beast rushed out of the hall. Their bodies were covered in ferocious bone spikes, and they had green faces and fangs.

Looking at the terrifying figures in front of him, Shen Ran's expression changed.


Although Shen Ran was someone from 30,000 years later, he had never seen with his own eyes what the outer-realm demons who had broken through the spatial barrier and invaded this fantasy world 30,000 years ago looked like.

However, the novel that described the legendary story of the Azure Supreme three years ago also depicted what the outer-realm demons looked like.

The appearance of the monsters that appeared in front of Shen Ran at this moment was completely identical to the descriptions in those novels!

An indescribable terrifying pressure emanated from the outer-realm demons.

Shen Ran was surrounded.

For a moment, his muscles tensed up and his hair stood on end.

For the first time, he felt a life-and-death crisis.

I didn't expect the Azure Supreme Thearch's land of inheritance to be invaded by outer-realm demons! No, I can't let these monsters break out of the Ghost Cry Cliff and cause trouble!

Shen Ran's gaze became extremely deep.

His eyes widened in anger, and in an instant, golden light spewed out of his eyes.

Shen Ran's clear eyes became like mirrors, slowly breaking apart!


Flirtatious double pupils appeared in his eyes!

Ancient Immortal Eyes, Open!

The golden light that burst out of his eyes instantly turned into chains that filled the sky, targeting the outer-realm demons.


The runes on the more than 300 Supreme Bones in Shen Ran's body also began to burn crazily.

Endless vigor suddenly rose in his body.

A majestic phantom that was filled with endless dominance, sitting on the throne slowly appeared. It reigned in the Ninth Heavens!

Supreme Bones, open!

This was not all.

Infinite power seeped out of his every taut muscle fiber.

A Pangu phantom that could effortlessly destroy the world, condensed behind him.

Pangu Sacred Body, open!

The divine sea that stored spiritual energy began to boil. Under the stimulation of the Heavenly Spirit Root, all the golden spiritual energy was mobilized and instantly filled Shen Ran's meridians.

He was ready to unleash his strongest attack.



This was the first time Shen Ran had used all his trump cards.

All the strongest talents in the world were displayed at the same time. Instantly, the surrounding space could not withstand the power emitted by Shen Ran, causing a continuous shake up.

Everywhere he looked, there were dense spatial cracks!


Shen Ran roared.

Compared to the huge outer-worldly demons, Shen Ran was only the size of a grain of rice in their eyes.

But Shen Ran remained tenacious and resolute. With the determination to die, he forged ahead to fight them.


All of Shen Ran's strength was compressed together in an instant before exploding.

It smashed fiercely at the outer-realm demons controlled by the Ancient Immortal Eye.

The extremely terrifying power filled the entire palace in an instant.

Divine light dazzled, and time and space reversed.

Under the immense force, the outer-realm demons, whose bodies were as large as mountains, kept hissing in pain.

However, it was unable to stop their bodies from being gradually bombed into dust by Shen Ran.

"The outer-worldly demons are the mortal enemies of all humans. They must be killed!"

Shen Ran's heart froze, and he tightened his grip.

The Supreme phantom and Pangu phantom behind him nodded in unison, as if they were very gratified by his performance.


Amidst the explosion, all the outer-realm demons turned into dust.


Shen Ran, who had landed on the ground, looked exhausted and was panting heavily.

All the power and energy was all gone at this moment.

Even the pair of Ancient Immortal Eyes became dimmed.

He had just given it his best shot.

At this moment, the Divine Sea that stored spiritual energy was already empty.

"Pa pa pa!"

A burst of light applause came from an unknown source in the void.

A translucent shadow slowly came out from the palace.

"You are… Azure Supreme! Shen Ran greets Azure Supreme!"

Shen Ran had never seen the Azure Supreme before.

However, just from the aura emanating from the shadow in front of him, he could determine that the person who had come was the legendary Azure Supreme celebrated and praised by billions of humans.

Only the Azure Supreme could have such a unique temperament.

The Azure Supreme shadow nodded slightly, and his majestic voice seemed to ring directly in Shen Ran's mind.

"At the end of my life, I made a divination. Thirty thousand years after I die, a young man with a pure heart will obtain my inheritance."

"In the face of the outer-worldly demons charging at you, you did not retreat. Instead, you resolutely waved your fist for the sake of the common people behind you. You are worthy of my inheritance."

"It's not that no one has come before you, but those people chose to escape when faced with the outer-realm demons. In the end, they died under the claws of these outer-realm demons. Actually, if they dared to face them, even if they were weak, they would be safe. It's unfortunate."

So those outer-realm demons were just a test.

Only those with both temperament and strength could pass the test.

Then, he remembered that Azure Supreme had said that he had been dead for 30,000 years. Shen Ran was stunned. "Azure Supreme, aren't you still standing in front of me?"

The Azure Supreme shadow shook his head. "What you see now is just a projection I left behind. A fragment of consciousness, a thought. I myself have long disappeared from the river of time that cannot be reversed.

Actually, after I suppressed the outer-realm Demon Master, I was seriously injured. Even the strongest doctor could not save me.

However, because I had just ended the war with the outer-realm demons in the fantasy world at that time, and my vitality had yet to recover, the outer-realm demons could sweep over at any time. Therefore, I dragged my heavily injured body and endured for 5,000 years. It was only when the human race reappeared with a person who could carry the heavy burden, that I could leave behind this inheritance and leave in peace."

Hearing this, Shen Ran's respect for the Azure Supreme rose to another level.

He bowed solemnly. "Shen Ran represents all humans to thank the Azure Supreme for his efforts!"

The Azure Supreme shadow smiled faintly. "Are you willing to accept my inheritance?"

Without needing to ask, Shen Ran was naturally willing. "Student Shen Ran greets Master, the Azure Supreme!"

Seeing Shen Ran's actions, the Azure Supreme shadow no longer said anything. He reached out and gently tapped the former's forehead.

In an instant.

Shen Ran felt a vast amount of cultivation knowledge pouring into his mind.

All the information was interwoven, structured, and finally formed a supreme cultivation technique—Ancient Seven Mystic Transformations!

"Do you know what realm you can reach after cultivating to the limit?" The voice of the Azure Supreme posed this question in Shen Ran's mind.

"On the path of cultivation, from low to high, it is divided into Qi Refinement, Divine Sea, Illumination, Marquis, King, and True Emperor. When you cultivate to the extreme, you will become a True Emperor!"

Shen Ran answered solemnly.

At the same time, he was delighted. Could it be that this "Ancient Seven Mystic Transformations" inherited from the Azure Supreme would allow me to use it all the way to the True Emperor Realm?

I suppose so.

After all, the Azure Supreme was the strongest human since ancient times.

In his head, the Azure Supreme was laughing.

Is the extreme of cultivation a True Emperor? No, no. The realm at the end of the cultivation path is called 'Great Freedom'! At this realm, one can transcend everything and be unrestrained.

"It's a pity that when I touched the threshold of the Great Freedom Realm, I was already seriously injured and could only see some of the scenery in the Great Freedom Realm. The cultivation technique I taught you is enough to be the key for you to step into the Great Freedom Realm. I hope you can take a good look at the scenery for me."

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