Fantasy: Dual Cultivator in Manhwa

Kai Chen finds himself trapped in the monotony of his daily life, overwhelmed by the relentless demands of his job. However, his existence takes an unexpected turn when he is transported to a completely new reality: the dangerous world of Cultivation Fantasy. Here, powerful beings dominate and manipulate reality at will, unleashing chaos and destruction with just a thought. But Kai is not alone on this journey. With him, he carries a 'Golden Finger' that allows him to transport himself to a new reality that he knows from his daily readings. As he immerses himself in this world of cultivation and danger, Kai faces challenges he never imagined. He must learn to navigate the complexities of Cultivation while struggling to understand his role in this ever-changing universe. But as he discovers more about his own abilities and the potential of this world, he also finds himself in the midst of an epic struggle for the fate of reality itself. With powerful enemies lurking in the shadows and unexpected allies emerging in his path, Kai must find the strength and wisdom to face his destiny. Can he master the secrets of Cultivation and stand at the pinnacle of realities? _________________________________ Note: The cover in not mine all right reserved to the original creator, if you are a creator and want me to remove this art then plz feel free to comment or try to reach out to me. English is not my first language, written to add more words to my vocabulary and earn some money. If you want to support my writing, join my patreon: Athome790 patreon.com/Athome790

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Enigma on Campus

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Moving away from those thoughts, he focused his attention on the elevator within the sea of consciousness.

Kai knew that this so-called "elevator" was a Magic Treasure.

A magical weapon very similar to what he had read in novels.

And this said Magic Treasure has the extraordinary ability to allow him to travel between dimensions freely and without restrictions. Kai felt an innate connection with this Treasure, a connection so deep that it allowed him to control it with mastery, as if it were a natural extension of his being, like an arm or a leg.

However, something peculiar surrounded the elevator: a mysterious black mist that enveloped its perimeter, preventing any attempt at external inspection. This mist acted as a protective veil, denying information and revealing its secrets only to those who had permission.

But Kai felt an unshakable confidence in its potential. He was convinced that this artifact would be his best ally in the world of cultivators, an invaluable tool on his path!

Without hurrying, aware of the time difference between dimensions, Kai decided to invest his time in exploring the campus. With determination and stealth, he would enter the university environment, avoiding being detected by the security patrolling the area.




"Come this way!"

"It's a cafeteria during the day~ and a bar at night~!"

"Ice tea with honey for sale!"

"How about trying a fruit juice?"

As he entered the campus, in addition to the different looks upon him, Kai was greeted with lively bustle. There were stations where one could join different departments and stands selling a variety of products.

Listening to the cheerful voices and tempting offers, Kai felt overwhelmed by the vibrant energy filling the atmosphere.


"Ni-Nice to meet you, we are a theater and cinema club called P&M!"

Although he felt the presence of two people behind him due to his acute senses, he didn't pay much attention to them. However, upon hearing that it was about a play, he stopped and turned to see them, encountering two extremely beautiful and voluptuous women.

The girl on the left had burgundy hair and wore a white blouse with a black tie and a beige skirt that exuded a mix of shyness and charm, avoiding eye contact with Kai while her face blushed softly.

On the other hand, the girl on the right had light brown hair and wore a short high-necked brown top and black shorts. With a nervous expression, she held a rolled-up paper in her left hand and a sheet in her right hand. Despite her stuttering when speaking, her determination shone through her embarrassment.

But despite that, with a forced smile, she handed Kai a paper which was a brochure.

Clearing her throat to recover from her embarrassment and calm down, she spoke again.

"Beauti-Cough if you have time, would you do us the favor of watching our play?"

"You will surely like it! It will be held at the Millennium Hall auditorium, starting at 3 PM, the entrance is free so we look forward to your presence!"

*Swoosh Swoosh*

Without waiting for Kai's response, the two girls ran off as soon as they finished... begging him to come to their play?

Although this matter didn't matter much to him, what continued to bother Kai was the excitement he felt at seeing the breasts and buttocks of these women, so beautiful that he couldn't take his eyes off them.

Especially the women who approached him to talk, his thoughts were almost clouded with desires.

But what troubled him the most was the persistent feeling of having seen these women somewhere before, a sense of déjà vu that intrigued him and kept him alert...



Sitting on a bench near a tree, Kai created a dreamlike scene that perfectly combined his imposing appearance with his exquisite attire: a black hanfu that highlighted his elegant figure. The tree, with its extended branches and the wind rustling the leaves, seemed to pay tribute to his majestic presence. Every detail, from his hair swaying gracefully to his impeccable attire, exuded an irresistible aura that attracted admiring glances from anyone passing by.

As he tried to clear his thoughts, Kai looked at the brochure given to him by the beautiful girl. To his surprise and delight, the brochure was written in Chinese.




Fatal Love


Produced by: Club P&M


Script: Emma Dong


Directed by: Cloe Dayoung / Eun Sung]


[Cast: ...


 Actress (student number XX, Emily Yeon)]


Although initially nothing caught his attention, a particular name made him freeze in his tracks.

"Emily Yeon...? Wait!"

"Korea... university... theater club... Beautiful women everywhere... isn't this very, very, very similar to the manhwa 'Circles'?"

The manhwa "Circles" is a work that tells the story of how a boy newly arrived at university has relationships with all the women in a theater club.

In the first chapters of the manhwa, the art is not very good, but that makes the story unique and entertaining.

But the best part is, as in most +18 manhwas, the women, who are beautiful and have very unique personalities.

Thinking that he had been transported to this reality, his eyes lit up with enthusiasm.

Although he longed to return home, the idea of exploring this new reality full of beauty and potential excited him.

"No wonder most girls have such perfect bodies..." Kai reflected, aware of the attraction his divine presence generated in that world. The combination of his unique aura and progress based on Dual Cultivation brought a sinister smile to his face, drawing the attention of some women in the distance.

The women watching him from afar couldn't take their eyes off him. Their eyes shone with admiration and desire as they gazed at his impeccable figure and magnetic presence. Every move Kai made seemed to exude a supernatural grace and elegance, triggering a wave of excitement and fascination in those who beheld him.

With a greedy look, Kai's eyes roamed over the bodies of the women on campus, from ample breasts to tempting thighs. His thoughts filled with desires as a clear idea formed in his mind: 'This place was essentially an experience farm'.


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