Fantasy: Dual Cultivator in Manhwa

Kai Chen finds himself trapped in the monotony of his daily life, overwhelmed by the relentless demands of his job. However, his existence takes an unexpected turn when he is transported to a completely new reality: the dangerous world of Cultivation Fantasy. Here, powerful beings dominate and manipulate reality at will, unleashing chaos and destruction with just a thought. But Kai is not alone on this journey. With him, he carries a 'Golden Finger' that allows him to transport himself to a new reality that he knows from his daily readings. As he immerses himself in this world of cultivation and danger, Kai faces challenges he never imagined. He must learn to navigate the complexities of Cultivation while struggling to understand his role in this ever-changing universe. But as he discovers more about his own abilities and the potential of this world, he also finds himself in the midst of an epic struggle for the fate of reality itself. With powerful enemies lurking in the shadows and unexpected allies emerging in his path, Kai must find the strength and wisdom to face his destiny. Can he master the secrets of Cultivation and stand at the pinnacle of realities? _________________________________ Note: The cover in not mine all right reserved to the original creator, if you are a creator and want me to remove this art then plz feel free to comment or try to reach out to me. English is not my first language, written to add more words to my vocabulary and earn some money. If you want to support my writing, join my patreon: Athome790 patreon.com/Athome790

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"The Crossroads between Two Worlds"

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Kai returned to the "Hall of Knowledge", following the shelves to the most secluded reading room, where there was no one else. On the desk, only this book, but Kai could feel the energy emanating from it despite it being just a simple book.

Looking at the cover, he could immediately understand the importance of what he had before him. It was the secret and unique technique of the Hehuan Sect: the "Yin Yang Jue"!

Taking a seat in one of the chairs around the table and opening the manual, he found two intertwined figures in a peculiar way on the first page. As he opened the manual, his eyes landed on the two intertwined figures on the first page. Immediately, a shiver ran through his body. His heart, previously serene, began to beat forcefully, like a steam engine. His qi overflowed, filling the environment with a scorching and intense heat.

Within his mental sea, the different postures of dual cultivation came to life, where the duality of sex revealed itself as the very essence of exchanging and strengthening vital energies. But this reality soon evolved in his mind, representing much broader concepts encompassing the entire universe: man and woman, creation and destruction, life and death. The most primitive desires of gods and demons impacted his will, resonating in his will, subtly impacting him.

Fortunately, Kai managed to maintain his composure, his mind firm and serene. But at the center of his consciousness, a burning mountain rose, emanating an eternal fire. The revelation of this ardent symbol in his being left him perplexed.




After what seemed like hours, Kai finally emerged from his state of epiphany. Opening his eyes, admiration was reflected on his face. "How amazing!" he exclaimed, impressed by what he had learned from the "Yin Yang Jue" manual.

The various postures and techniques had been recorded in his mind with clarity. But beyond that, he had also gained a deep understanding of the origins of this cultivation art. He discovered that the "Yin Yang Jue" was born from the legendary Fuxi and Nuwa, in the primordial period of creation, and later perfected by the Yellow Emperor himself.

It emphasized the harmonious integration of Yin and Yang energies. These fundamental forces, which represent the interconnected aspects of the universe, held the key to balance and power. Yin, which embodies femininity and receptivity, intertwined with Yang, which symbolizes masculinity and action, creating a dynamic equilibrium.

Kai meditated on the fact that even everything around him was intrinsically linked to these principles of Yin and Yang. He then understood why the Hehuan sect valued its Celestial Solar Roots so much, as they granted it immense Yang energy, allowing it to practice dual cultivation without problems.

But along with this advantage, Kai also noticed a troubling side effect. Upon ascending to the first level of Heart Gu, improving his physical prowess, he noticed a new intensity in his desires. Even the mere contemplation of the cultivation guide ignited a burning passion within him, kindling a golden flame of desire in the demon residing in his Dantian, agitating not only his body but also his mind.

"Tsk, is this the danger of the demonic path?" Kai clicked his tongue, feeling the subtle but powerful effects of desire clouding his thoughts. Despite the overwhelming sensations, he reminded himself of the importance of self-control and refused to be enslaved by his own impulses.

After regaining his composure, Kai remained in the pavilion, absorbed in further study, particularly attracted to the manuals represented solely through images. Lost in a realm of total immersion, he was unaware of the passage of time, unaware of the approaching nightfall and the imminent arrival of the pavilion's guardians.




Kai stood up, determination shining in his amethyst eyes. "Now I have firmly entered the stage of 'sowing demons'," he told himself. "The only thing I lack to progress is the accumulation of more qi."




With urgency, he hurried back to his new home, walking under the moonlight. Upon arriving, his gaze swept the vast but cold residence.

Sitting on the edge of the bed. "Seeing the reactions of most people who know my spiritual roots, maybe I can achieve immortality," he thought, a spark of ambition igniting within him.

But then the words the Fairy Ye had told him echoed in his mind: "The path to immortality has always been dangerous and unpredictable. It requires tremendous will for those who wish to reach its pinnacle."

Kai knew and had read about many of these cultivators in novels, all of them completely dedicated to their practices, competing tirelessly to reach the top. But as he thought about this, a mischievous smile spread across Kai's lips. "But..." he murmured, his expression transforming into one of excitement, "what's the fun in climbing the mountain when I can simply crush the dreams of those practitioners, destroying them mentally and physically?"

"sigh... forget it." A sigh escaped his lips as he calmed himself. Adopting the lotus position, Kai immersed himself in meditation, clearing his mind of negative thoughts. Although he had reached the realm of "Heart Gu," he was still, in a sense, a simple mortal, needing to sleep, eat, and rest.

But Kai was used to staying up late into the night, and so he did, absorbing the surrounding qi as the night progressed.




However, the next morning, opening his eyes to reveal violet eyes filled with fury, "Slow, too slow! At this rate, it will take me years to catch up to the others," he lamented, disheartened.

Being from the modern world, where everything happened quickly and immediately, he found it difficult to adapt to the slowness of the cultivation process. Invaded by unnecessary thoughts once again, he decided to enter his mental sea, his gaze resting on the imposing mountain of fire that rose high.


But as he looked more closely at his mental sea, Kai was completely petrified. There, something he would never forget. Right beneath the imposing mountain of fire was the same elevator that had transported him to this realm of cultivation. He had believed that the elevator that had brought him had vanished once it had fulfilled its purpose, but now, to his surprise and excitement, he found it here, in his own spiritual sea.

"!! Good, good, good!! I can go home now!!" exclaimed Kai, joy overflowing in his voice. He expanded his spiritual sense wildly, exploring every nook and cranny of that elevator.

Could he return to Earth through it? And if there was spiritual energy there as well? The questions swirled in his mind, filling him with anticipation.

When his spiritual sense came into contact with the elevator, a series of messages resonated in his head, answering some of his questions. With this, Kai understood that he could travel freely between realities, without limit of times or time.

Even more surprisingly, he discovered that the temporal flow between these two worlds was approximately one to ten! In other words, one day in his cultivation world was equivalent to ten days on Earth.

A manic smile spread across Kai's face. "If Earth were to have no spiritual energy, who could stop me?" he wondered, "Even if there was energy there, with my current strength, I should be the only one on Earth!"

Without hesitating any further, Kai enveloped the elevator with his spiritual sense and, with a simple wish, disappeared from the room where he was.




(South Korea)

Among the towering skyscrapers of South Korea, the sun shone like fire, bathing the streets in its golden glow. In a dark alley, the space distorted momentarily, and suddenly a figure appeared.

This figure emanated an aura of total authority. His slightly pale face showed a touch of emotion in his intense amethyst eyes. His black obsidian hair fell in silky strands, and his attire, a completely black hanfu with golden embroidery, shone under the sunlight.

"Hahaha... I'm back... eh?" Kai exclaimed, letting out a laugh full of happiness at being reunited with this world. But quickly, his expression darkened as he observed the surroundings carefully.

Upon emerging from the alley onto a main avenue, Kai was confronted with an overwhelming panorama. The streets bustled with frenzied activity, filled with strange-shaped and colored automobiles that moved at high speed. The sidewalks, covered with people walking at a brisk pace, seemed like human anthills.

Towering glass and metal structures rose on both sides of the street, their shiny facades reflecting the sunlight like mirrors. Large, luminous signs adorned with characters that Kai could not decipher hung from the buildings, adding a touch of vitality and technology to the scene.

"What the hell is this place?" Kai wondered, perplexed. "Could it be that I have been transported to another location?" The air had a different scent, a mixture of gasoline, food, and a subtle floral touch that Kai could not identify. The sounds, a constant murmur of intermingled voices with the roar of engines and the occasional honk, created an urban symphony that was strange and overwhelming to his senses.

Kai observed everything around him with a mix of amazement and bewilderment. This world, so different from the one he had left behind, seemed to have changed drastically, and Kai found himself immersed in an environment that was completely alien to him.




Only ten minutes after his arrival, Kai was already surrounded by people. His unusual attire and unique appearance had inevitably attracted attention, especially from the Korean women who could not help falling in love at first sight.

Kai found this natural, for since he had reached the Realm of "Heart Gu," his body had evolved, cleansing all his previous imperfections. Although he was still in the early stages of his cultivation and had not completely purified the impurities of his being, in the eyes of these mortals, Kai seemed to be the very embodiment of physical perfection.

Currently, Kai stood in front of the gates of a university, which rose imposingly, its modern glass and steel buildings reflecting the sunrays. The spacious gardens, filled with lush trees and well-tended paths, gave the institution an air of sophistication.

Thanks to the improvement of his body and spirit through cultivation, he was able to learn the language spoken around him quickly. But just as he was about to delve deeper into learning Korean, he heard someone speaking in Chinese.

Approaching and engaging in conversation, he discovered that it was a Chinese student studying abroad. While they talked, the young man explained to Kai that they were in South Korea. However, something about this fact made Kai feel uneasy.

Standing in front of the university, observing the students entering and leaving the campus, Kai could not help but ponder deeply. "Something is not right here..." he thought, slightly furrowing his brow. "Why do these girls have such sensual bodies?"


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