Falling Dreams, Rising Hopes: Saving Mr. Boyfriend Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Falling Dreams, Rising Hopes: Saving Mr. Boyfriend


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[Completed] What happens when two cold as ice people cross paths? Do they form Antarctica around them or do they melt each other's hearts? What made them like this in the first place? What secrets are hiding in their past lives? Mei Qingyang has joined the elite school of M nation as a part-time worker and a student. However, she is here on behalf of Education Ministry of the country to uncover the dirty operations that are rumored to happen here on day to day basis. That is when she meets the cold and aloof Yu Tian, the heir to the owner of the school and one of the richest families in the country. But what is up with the gloomy demeanor of this guy? He was born into riches, he has everything he can have in this world. While his one glare can haunt anyone for life, just what is he so scared of? What kind of secrets is this school hiding? And what is the real story behind Mei Qingyang entering this school? Despite being one of the most intelligent people in the school, with even great computer and martial arts skills, why did she need to enter this dirty world? Will their fates make them stand on opposite sides or will they happen to solve this mystery together? -------------- "Will you leave me now that you know of my secret?" he looked into her eyes, just to get a hint of what she was thinking. She took his right hand in hers and delicately wiped the blood from his wound. "You should understand one thing here, it was not your fault. There is no way my feelings will change for you after this. You are mine and will always be." "That's my girl," he beamed from ear to ear and kissed her forehead in his elation. -------------- Instagram and Twitter: @eastasianlover Discord: https://discord.gg/U2rwEyQ *The cover art does not belong to the author. If you are the original artist and would like to get credits/ me to take it down, please contact me on discord/ instagram.


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