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Faithless Faith


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I remember that life was always gray and dreary, those who saw it as grass and flowers were naive. Those who said that life revolves around the memory you made are fools. Those who spoke that life is a beautiful creation of some being are delusional. They think I'm pessimistic, an oddball of society, a piece of trash who doesn't have the will to live. In all honesty, they are just afraid, fearful that life won't be so green anymore, they felt rushed to enjoy life as it is. But I don't see it that way, life was never green or colorful to me. It was an illusion to cover up the impending doom of self-blame, destruction, and unknown time of death. They fear time, as long as the river flows death follows and gazes at the fishes that swam till they die and collect them. To me, it's laughable that they fight and fight until someone dies and then they felt remorse and wish they could turn back time to redo everything. The beliefs of many are easily shaken when life withers and turns into a cold corpse. Even at my death, I was peaceful as I took my last breath and look at the world with my empty eyes filled with dimness. I thought I would be free as I enter my eternal slumber but I then felt a beating heart, heard muffled noises, and an expanding light that quickly came. That was the time I was born and lived again to see life once more who smiled at me with malice on her lips. She was gorgeous, her beauty knows no bounds but she is quite fickle and is easily irritated. And she seems angered by me who doesn't look at her beauty very much. 'Sorry, all I see is gray and dread wherever I look. Your beauty is untouchable but we are privileged enough to witness it, alas, your colors don't enchant me.' That was my last thought after I was born. ... The cover is not mine, the credit fully goes to the owner.


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