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This is the story of a man who died and reincarnated in a completely different world, with powers beyond his understanding. Life, Death... who would've thought they were so flexible?

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Chapter 54 - Vengeance!

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[Adam POV]

I opened my eyes to the pale light that was beginning to seep through the slats of my window. The rising sun sent a warm, golden glow over the room, casting its gentle rays onto my face.

I yawned and stretched, feeling the soft, cotton sheets beneath me, as I sat up.

"I'm hungry," I muttered to myself, as I stood up and made my way to the kitchen. The hardwood floors creaked beneath my bare feet as I walked.

As I arrived in the kitchen, I noticed a note on the counter alongside a packed meal. It was from Cordelia. The note said she had let herself enter the apartment to leave me a homemade breakfast.

I smiled to myself as I read the note and opened the container. Inside was a stack of fluffy pancakes, a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice, butter, and some maple syrup.

Happy with my meal, I sat down at the small, wooden table in my kitchen, and began to eat, savoring each bite of the warm pancakes. I had to admit, Cordelia was a great cook, like the best in all of Magnolia.

As I continued eating, Mavis materialized into my kitchen, her ethereal form emerging from the wall like a fog rolling in. "Morning!" she said cheerfully, her voice echoing off the walls.

"Morning," I mumbled around a mouthful of pancake, as Mavis floated over to the table and hovered beside me.

"Is that breakfast from Cordelia?" Mavis asked, eyeing the pancakes hungrily.

I nodded. "Didn't you see her enter?"

Mavis shook her head. "Nope, I must have been busy haunting someone else."

"So, what's on today's schedule?" I asked, taking a sip of my orange juice.

Mavis floated over to the counter and looked at the note, scanning it quickly. "Nothing for me, but for you, it looks like Cordelia wants to meet up later today. Apparently, she has something important to tell you," she said, pointing at the note.

I raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Really? I wonder what it could be."

I had read the note, but apparently, I hadn't read it all. I guess my stomach was stronger than my brain there.

Mavis shrugged. "I have no idea, but unless you want an angry Gildarts behind you, you better go and see what she wants."

Not that I was ever going to ignore an invitation from her, but yeah, it is not in my best interest to have an angry Gildarts hunting me down, not by a long shot.

I chuckled at the thought of Gildarts hunting me down for something like that. I mean, more than not, he was a laid-back guy.

Pushing those thoughts aside, I finished the last of my pancakes and took a deep breath. "Alright then, I better go and see her. Thanks for letting me know, Mavis."

"That's what I do, help people!" Mavis said with a big grin, before disappearing into thin air.

Rolling my eyes, I finished my juice, got dressed, and headed out to meet Cordelia.


As I walked through the quiet streets of Magnolia, I couldn't help but feel a tangible sense of anticipation. What could Cordelia want to tell me that was so important?

She wasn't one to leave invitations in notes.

Perhaps it was a surprise?

I sighed, realizing that I was building up my expectations too high. Perhaps all she needed was a babysitter for Cana to have some alone time with Gildarts and didn't want to wake up.

Either way, I would find out soon enough.

I finally arrived at the café where Cordelia had asked me to meet her. I walked in and spotted her and Gildarts sitting at a small table in the corner.

Cordelia, being the first one to notice me, waved at me, beckoning me over.

"Hey," I said, taking a seat across from the pair.

"Hey," Cordelia replied, a serious look on her face. "I have something to tell you."

I leaned in, curious. "What is it?"

Cordelia took a deep breath. "We're adopting."

I felt my jaw drop open in shock. I did not see this coming... at all.

Way to drop a notice on a guy.

"You guys are?" I asked, my mind trying to process the sudden news.

Cordelia nodded, a hint of excitement and nervousness in her eyes. "Yes, we've been talking about it for a while now, and we decided that we're ready to take the next step and grow our family."

Well, I couldn't say I saw this coming. But if this was what they wanted, I couldn't be happier for her and Gildarts. I mean, for as long as I have known them, they have always been like family to me, and because of that, I knew without a shred of doubt that they would make great parents.

"That's amazing news, Cordelia," I said, a smile spreading across my face. "Congratulations!"

Gildarts grinned, but it wasn't a normal grin, it was a shit-eating grin, one that made me feel a little bit uneasy, something that didn't go away, as he leaned in, his eyes gleaming with mischief.

"So... when is this happening?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at Gildarts.

Cordelia's serious expression turned into a more playful one as she elbowed Gildarts in the side. "It already happened, wanna meet our new son?"

I nodded slowly, wondering what Gildarts was planning. "Wow, that was fast..."

Gildarts nodded, still wearing that mischievous shit eating-grin. "Yeah, we just signed the papers this morning."

Cordelia leaned across the table, excitement radiating off of her. "So, wanna meet him?"

I nodded, and Gildarts handed me a mirror.

Maybe it was one of those mirrors that worked as a communication device, a weird way to introduce me to their new kid, but okay.

Confused, I held up the mirror, but instead of a call, I saw my own reflection staring back at me. "Uh, Gildarts, I think your magic mirror is not working.."

Gildarts chuckled, his grin growing even wider. "No, no, look closer."


Oh no.

He couldn't...


I'm old enough to own a property and drink... it can't be!

"What did you do!" I muttered, crushing the mirror under my hands.

"We fucking adopted your ass!" Gildarts laughed, his laughter filling the air, as his eyes crinkled with amusement, tears streaming down his face.


I will fucking kill him.

"You really thought I wouldn't get payback for everything?!" Gildarts roared with laughter, his abrasive guffaws echoing throughout the room as he pounded his thighs.

I glared at Gildarts, my hands crushing the table that was under my grasp, as much as it pained me to admit it, he had really played this well.

As for Cordelia, she looked apologetic, but her giggles betrayed her amusement.

"How can this be? I mean, as a licensed wizard, I'm a legal adult right?" I asked, still trying to wrap my head around the situation.

At this, Gildarts' eyes twinkled mischievously as he let out a low evil chuckle. His broad grin revealed a set of pearly white teeth that shone like the stars in the night sky of someone planning something truly evil. "True, but… that wouldn't be the case if someone were to revoke your license and kick you out of the guild for a day," he said with a sly smirk.

"I will kill you," I replied with a big smile, unsheathing my blade.

"Ah, they grow so fast, one moment you adopt them, and the next they want to fight you," Gildarts replied, standing up from his seat, ready to face me head-on.

"Sirs! Not in the café! SIRS!" One of the clerks shouted, trying to stop us.

"Before we begin, there's something else I must tell you, son," Gildarts grinned, the corners of his eyes wrinkling and his teeth flashing in a broad smile as he spoke, making emphasis on the last word. "We heard about your last mission, and how you almost fell into the charms of an older lady... so, son, it's time to talk about the birds and the bees!"


How does he know about that?!

I didn't tell anyone... except... Laxus.

"That bastard..." I muttered, one of my eyes twitching.