Fairy Tail: Shinigami

This is the story of a man who died and reincarnated in a completely different world, with powers beyond his understanding. Life, Death... who would've thought they were so flexible?

CORNBRINGER · Anime & Comics
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310 Chs

Chapter 216 - Walking into a dream.

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[Third Person. POV.]

[Aizen and Adam.]

Aizen's laughter echoed in the stillness, a sound that was both amused and somewhat melancholic, something Adam didn't miss. "Isn't it fascinating, Adam? Two beings of immense power, both yearning for a similar change, yet divided by the means to achieve it."

"You mistake my acknowledgement for a desire to change anything," Adam replied, taking a deep breath. "This isn't my fight to fight, or my world to change."

Aizen sighed, his gaze became distant, reminiscent, "Is your world better than this? The current system is a farce, a web of lies where the powerful dictate the fate of the weak, and where souls are treated like mere pawns in a grand game. Surely, you've seen it too."

Adam tightened his grip on his blade, the still air humming with anticipation. "I have," he admitted. "But your vision... it's no better than the current system. You seek to replace one tyrant with another. That's not a world of peace; it's a world of submission."

Aizen tilted his head, eyes narrowing slightly. "Peace comes at a cost, Adam. Complete freedom is chaos. Some form of order, some level of control, is necessary. Don't you think?"

"I do," Adam retorted. "But not at the expense of individual will, not at the cost of souls being manipulated and sacrificed."

The two stood their ground, neither giving an inch, their beliefs colliding as fiercely as their reiatsu. The sand swirled around them, as if trying to keep pace with their intense confrontation.

"Adam," Aizen began, his voice softening. "Join me. With your power by my side, we can create a world where souls are truly free, where the corruption of the Gotei 13 is a thing of the past, we can even change your world."

Adam's expression hardened. "And what about you? Would you step down after this new world is realized, or will you sit on your throne, watching as everyone bends to your will?"

Aizen paused, the brief silence speaking volumes. He then smiled; a shadow of his earlier amusement evident. "Someone has to rule, after all the reason this world is like it is, is because the throne is empty."


[Adam C. POV.]

The desert winds howled around me, grains of sand striking my face, but my focus remained solely on Aizen. His words echoed in my mind, each syllable dripping with both conviction and manipulation. I hated it. 

I hated how much sense he made. Hated how his logic, his vision, appealed to that small, rebellious part of me that had seen the flaws in the system for so long.

'A world without divisions, without classifications.'

On paper, it sounded like an ideal world. One where every soul, regardless of their status or power, could live freely, unburdened by the chains of the cycle imposed by others. But at what cost? And under whose thumb?

Aizen's ambition was clear as day, as bright as the moon that illuminated Hueco Mundo. He didn't just want change; he wanted control. He sought to replace one tyrant with another, under the guise of liberation. It was a seductive promise, one many would fall for. But not me.

'Peace comes at a cost.'

His words played over and over in my head. Yes, peace did come at a cost, but not at the expense of one's free will, not at the price of bending everyone to one's whims. Aizen's peace was not true peace; it was control, a world of puppets dancing on strings he held.

I tightened my grip on my blade, feeling it's reassuring weight. I needed to remain steadfast, remind myself of why I was here, and what I stood against. 

Aizen may have been persuasive, weaving his narrative so masterfully that it was hard to distinguish the truth from the lies, between right and wrong. But I knew who he truly was. And while part of me did resonate with his desire for change, I couldn't, and wouldn't, let that overshadow the real threat he posed.

I had to stay grounded, stay focused, and remember that no matter how much sense Aizen made, his ultimate goal was to stand at the top, overlooking a world of his own design. 

And I couldn't let that happen. Not on my watch.

Taking a deep breath, I held my sword high, and the world around me seemed to stand still. As a few words escaped my lips, "Judge All things in this Universe, Zanryuzuki!" , reverberating in the air like a sonic boom. There was an explosion of energy that surrounded me as I released my Shikai, ready to face him, once and for all.

"Such a marvelous display of power," Aizen smiled, seemingly pleased with the results of my training. 

"Could we please cut the chit-chat and fight?" I shot back, pointing at him with my blade. 

As I did so, from the corner of my eye, I could see Gin and Tosen shifting, positioning themselves for what was likely to be a coordinated attack against me. 

But before they could make their move, a commanding voice rang out, stopping them in their tracks.

"Gin, Tosen," Aizen's voice was soft yet carried an unmistakable authority over them. "Leave us. Deal with the other intruders. I will handle Adam."

The abruptness of the order caught them off-guard. Gin's ever-present smirk wavered for a fraction of a second, and Tosen's seemingly calm posture shifted, revealing a hint of hesitation. 

It was clear they hadn't expected this command. Which made sense, seeing he had brought them with him in the first place.

Gin turned his gaze to Aizen, his eyes glinting with a mix of curiosity and something else I couldn't quite read. "You sure, Aizen-sama?" He drawled; his voice filled with a mocking undertone. "He might get ya, you know~"

Aizen's response was immediate, his gaze never leaving mine. "I'm certain. Now go."

Tosen nodded. "As you wish." He then moved, using Shunpo, disappearing from sight in an instant.

Gin lingered for a moment longer, his smirk now replaced by a contemplative expression. He looked between Aizen and me, as if trying to gauge the nature of the impending confrontation. After what felt like minutes, he shrugged, his casual demeanor returning. "Well, this should be entertaining," he commented, before flashing away to join Tosen.

One on one. Just the way I wanted it. 

Aizen raised his hand slightly, the motion prompting a momentary pause. "Let us move this elsewhere," he proposed, his tone calm and composed.

I frowned at the sudden suggestion, my instincts immediately on edge. "Why?"

Aizen chuckled softly, seemingly amused. "It's not a trap, if that's what you're thinking." He paused, surveying my expression intently. "You're a powerhouse, Adam. I've seen glimpses of what you can do, but I know there's more. Much more. And I want to witness it firsthand."

I cocked an eyebrow, still not convinced. "And?"

Aizen sighed, "And I know you won't truly unleash your potential here. Not with so many within the range of your power. You've shown restraint before, and I suspect you would do it again."

He had a point. If we fought here, so close to everyone else... Every movement, every technique, every swing of my blade would have to be measured and calculated. One wrong move could lead to unnecessary collateral damage, especially with the scale of our combined powers, and even more so if he forced me to use my Bankai.

His understanding of my hesitance was unsettlingly accurate. And while it would be more comfortable to keep believing in the inherent malevolence of his character, this... foresight he showed made him even more dangerous.

"You want a no-holds-barred fight," I mused, piecing his intentions together.

Aizen smiled, his eyes reflecting genuine interest. "Exactly. Somewhere where neither of us has to hold back. Where we can truly test our limits."

I pondered the offer. It was true that fighting here, amidst potential allies, was a heavy limitation. But relocating posed its own risks, I could be walking into a trap. After a few moments of contemplation, I nodded slowly. "Fine. Lead the way."

Aizen's smile widened just a fraction. "Excellent," he replied, his voice dripping with anticipation before moving away, with me following close behind.

As we moved farther and farther away from the epicenter of it all, I began to ponder how to deal with him.

If he managed to get me under the influence of his Kyoka Suigetsu, I would lose, of that there was no doubt in my mind, even if I turned out to be stronger than him.

I had to avoid that if I wanted to win. 

"This way," Aizen said, stopping midway in order to open a Garganta. "I'll lead the way."

I frowned, where exactly was he taking me? 

"Very well," I replied, following inside the Garganta. If anything at this point, I was intrigued by this, and wanted to know where he wanted our fight to take place.