Fairy Tail: I Am Not The Most Terrifying Wizard

Deception Magic? "It's just a weak magic that merely deceives the five senses, 7 basic emotions and six desires," Everit would often say, but no one truly believed it! Natsu: I remember spending an entire day with Everit in the forest, only to realize from Happy that we were actually fishing by the river that day! Gray: I thought I had worn clothes countless times until Master scolded me for walking around shirtless all year! Erza: I used to dismiss Everit's magic as mere trickery. It wasn't until my face erupted in acne after unknowingly consuming chili peppers for a month! Lucy: I once underestimated Everit's strength. It wasn't until we were utterly exhausted from battling the Dark Mages that we realized he had already... Wendy: Despite Mr. Everit's gentle demeanor, he’s really scary. Laxus: Everit, I'd rather not fight with you. "..." Everit could only sigh, "I'm just a weak wizard without offensive magic." ********* *THIS IS A TRANSLATION* https://www.69shu.pro/book/57523.htm Fairy Tail: I am not the most terrifying wizard 妖尾:我才不是最恐怖的魔导士 This is a translation of Chinese Novel. **** Support me on my patreon and read upto 15 early chapters. https://www.patreon.com/AniScout

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Chapter 38 : Angry Laxus!!

Gray unleashes his ice magic!

Ice and water, each forming a distinct type of magical attack.

This battle presents a different spectacle compared to Natsu and Gajeel's clashes. The arena is ablaze with dazzling displays of magic.

*Kacha kacha*

Everit watches, impressed, as he dodges the residual effects of Gray and Juvia's spells.

"That's an impressive move, Gray. When did you learn that?" he wonders aloud. "Juvia, you've got quite the arsenal of tricks. Gray's lucky to have you."

"Boiling Water!" Juvia shouts, commanding the elements with precision. 

But Gray's physical endurance rivals Natsu's, allowing him to withstand the onslaught.

Ah, as much as I admire the destructive power of their magic, Natsu and Gray's battles always seem so brutal, Everit muses, watching with a mixture of awe and concern. After all being injured is not his wish.

*Boom boom boom*

Initially evenly matched, Juvia begins to falter under Gray's relentless assault. Determined not to go down without a fight, she channels her remaining magical energy into a desperate gambit.

With a fierce incantation, she summons a scalding column of water.

But Gray is equally determined, amplifying his own magic to counter her attack. With a swift motion, he freezes the boiling water solid.

"This is the end!" Gray declares, closing in on Juvia and pressing his palm against her.


Juvia is caught off guard, unable to evade as Gray's magic envelops her, freezing her in place.

"Wow, Gray, you've got quite the grip," Everit remarks, seizing the opportunity to capture the scene with his camera.

It turns out Gray's enthusiasm for battle led him to inadvertently press his hand against Juvia's ample... mass.

"Ah-" Juvia lets out a startled sound, more of embarrassment than pain.

"Sorry!" Gray withdraws his hand hastily, flustered. "It was raining so heavily, I couldn't see clearly. Terrible weather, isn't it?"

"Haha," Gray chuckled twice.

Little did he know, this would be Juvia's breakthrough!

Rain. Hatred.

She recalled her childhood memories—wherever she went, rain followed, and she was despised by others.

"Are you really that kind of person?!" Juvia exclaimed furiously. "Gray, I misjudged you!"

With her final burst of magical power, Juvia unleashed her ultimate attack!

"Regardless, I am the annoying rain girl, the girl nobody likes!"


Juvia transformed into water and charged at Gray with formidable magical force.


Gray's eyes widened. The power within this attack was immense. He had to respond!


"Ice Make: Ice Lock!"

Gray unleashed his magic to its fullest extent.

The entire sky's rain froze solid!


A massive icicle erupted from below, instantly encasing Juvia in ice.

It was over.

With her magic drained, Juvia could no longer battle.


The ice shattered, and Juvia plummeted from the sky.

In defeat, Juvia gazed at the sky.

I'll fall to the earth like rain and shatter.

This is the most fitting end for the perennially despised Rain Girl.

Farewell, everyone. The rain girl you loathe is going to die.

Juvia accepted her fate and closed her eyes.


Sharp pain shot through her wrist.

Juvia's body swayed, feeling someone grasping her hand.

She blinked rapidly, finding herself staring into the serious gaze of the boy above her.

"Gray yelled, 'Stay still, I'll pull you up!'" With determination, Gray swiftly exerted force and hoisted Juvia to safety.

Exhausted and drained of her magical energy, Juvia collapsed onto the ground.

"Why did you save someone like me?" Juvia pondered as she observed Gray's scarred physique, unable to comprehend his actions.

"Oh, it's sunny." Gray fashioned a makeshift shade with his hands and gazed up at the rainbow adorning the sky.

"This is the blue sky, and those colorful arcs are rainbows!" Juvia exclaimed in astonishment, tears streaming down her cheeks uncontrollably.

So beautiful.

The clear sky.

"Huh? Is this the first time you've seen this?" Gray was momentarily taken aback before offering a smile and a reasoned explanation, "Perhaps it's because your magic is so potent, it affects the weather. With your magic spent, it naturally becomes sunny. Ultimately, it's about controlling your magic power."

"It's quite a feat for someone as powerful as you to deplete all their magical energy."

"That's why I've never witnessed such a sight."

Juvia gazed blankly—

Beneath the blue expanse, the sunlight transformed the battle-worn and drenched Gray into an arresting figure, accentuated by the beautiful rainbow against the backdrop of the azure sky.


Juvia's heart raced uncontrollably.

"Juvia's been captivated!"

With those words, she succumbed to exhaustion and exhilaration, fainting away.

"Hey, are you alright?!" Gray exclaimed in alarm, though he soon realized she was still breathing and her heart was beating steadily, prompting a sigh of relief.

"What a peculiar woman. Despite her beauty, she always seems to bring trouble."

"Oh, and she's undeniably strong. It's a bit overwhelming."

"Just rest."

Gray settled down beside her.


Everit snapped the final photo.


Suddenly, a golden figure plummeted and crashed not far behind him.

The crackling of electric current filled the air.

Laxus scrambled out of the pit, his cheeks burning with embarrassment, only to meet Everit's half-smirk.

His expression darkened, muscles tensing as he prepared to strike, but a sudden wave of dizziness forced him to clutch onto a nearby pillar for support.


"And Everit?"

Gray's voice interrupted the tense moment.

Everit wiped the smile off his face, sensing trouble brewing.

Darkness spilled from the top floor of the building.

This was Jose's magic at work, and the intensity of his rage was palpable.

"Gray, find Natsu. I may need your help later," Everit's voice echoed in Gray's ears.

"Got it." Gray wasted no time, scooping up the unconscious Juvia before fleeing.

"Laxus, are you alright?" Everit inquired.

"Hmph," Laxus grunted proudly, taking a deep breath to compose himself.

"Let's cooperate, Laxus," Everit insisted.

"No need," Laxus retorted, chin raised defiantly.

"Is that so?" Everit produced a card from his pocket. "Gildarts has been off the radar for nearly three years. I wonder who's stronger now, you or him."

"Obviously, it's me!" Laxus declared with unwavering confidence.

Everit idly flicked the card with his fingers, transforming it into a photograph.

"Marvelous. Seems like that image of Laxus nursing his bruises after a clandestine challenge with Gildarts three years ago will soon become legendary," Everit remarked casually.

"Oh, and Laxus, you disappeared from the guild and your home for a whole month recently, didn't you?" Everit's smile took on a mischievous edge.

"Everit!" Laxus shot Everit a fierce glare, baring his teeth like a predator ready to pounce.


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