Extra's Hatred System

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What is Extra's Hatred System

Read Extra's Hatred System novel written by the author Endratox on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, r18, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[December/January WPC Entry] [You can support this novel by adding it to your library, or donate golden tickets/gifts/power stones] Kaine didn't have the best life on earth: no friends, no family, no lover. The only thing that he liked was the novel he read daily, "Descent of the Heavenly Demon". But what was Kaine's reaction when an astral entity told him that he died in his sleep and that he would be reincarnated somewhere with a system. As you guessed it, he is now in the world of the novel he read with all the information he needs to live a good life. But... [Anger issues detected, rewarding accordingly] "What do you mean anger issues?" [Hatred System activated.] --------------- 1 additional chapter per 150 cols (max of 4 per week) 10GT = 1 additional chapter (max of 4 per month) Every super gift (dragon, castle and above) = 3 additional chapters Mc is a psycho who gets angry easely (hatred system duh) yet he stays calm in most situations, so if you expect some guy who is only nice get out, he does get a harem though.

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Feel free to go check my other book (a thousand times better than this one and probably one of my fav novel, yes, even though I wrote it, I am sure it's gonna become one of ur favs too). The name is "my assassin divination is evil" and you can check it out on my profile.


I give myself five stars because it's my novel!Feel free to ask any questions in the replies and I will do my best to reply without giving any spoilers. [img=recommend]


Well, it is getting a bit annoying that he does all the hard work and the other party just reaps the reward, it was fine in the beginning for the sake of character development but he just remaining in the sidelines and protecting the original protagonist for the entire storyline doesn't sound too well for me, except that it is a remarkable and interesting story and his relationship with the female characters is wholesome.


He knew that place (academy) have half of the plot also most dangerous place and he doesn't want to be part of the plot at yet .. every single time or i say every plot he's involved .. his basically dont't have much power and I feel you keep pushing in that place like force plot .. so ya that's NO for me my review is honest writing quality is 5star


I really love this novel, it's my go to everyday for the brief moment I open the app, the mc isn't too overpowered and I like how flexible the system is. 1 for harem with actual interactions with the girls. 1 for fast pace, I hate novels who take 20 chapters to explain one thing.I saw some minor grammar errors but it doesn't distract so yeah, good job author and keep it up


Reveal spoiler


Hey Author I am intrigued by the system. Just don't drop it. At least Write 150 chapters. I will more review after I read some more chapters, so plz don't drop it.


Reveal spoiler




lo único malo es el MC ..................................................................................................................................................


Absolutely brilliant writing and descriptions shines through most works on the platform


Let him cook.


This novel... I really like it! The MC is actually not just 2dimensioal and he has real thoughts and feelings, as well as the girls he approaches. Honest thoughts, I am not too big of a fan of Harem, as most of the time they are more like a humanoid and less-interesting version of Pokemon, but I see a lot of potential here! There were some minor grammatical errors, but honestly, nothing that made reading it difficult at all. (at least not that I know) I really recommend it to those that are a little hesistant about their decision of reading a Harem novel, and those that like the genre will surely like this even more, as it isn't just a dude that takes a gf, marries her and then forgets her for the next 100ch ;_; [Trauma of experiencing the mc forgetting my fav waifu]


unique story with hatred system, only read three ch so far but already hooked. wonder if he will become the hulk lol


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