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writting quality is 5 ⭐and everything is average.first, it was a good concept like a berserker type but not properly executed.. like he said "w0w" but his angry meter rise up.. he nervous bcs he met a villainess yet it still rise up...then there's time that his angry meter suddenly rise up without reason....secondly, is this type of concept(berserker/angry) is not synchronized with mc's POV bcs his angry yet he still explaining what's happening around him and to himself and doesn't really shows that his angry... it would be better if it's author POV or neutral POV or what u call that ..idkthirdly, the woman in the harem is like"OHH 😯 YOU SAVED ME! I WILL GIVE YOU MY VIRGINITY THEN! OHHH 😮 YOU'RE HAVING SEX?LET ME JOIN THEN BCS HE SAVED ME!🤷lastly, why did he have to kill alicia?? for the plot to get the protagonist to target someone?? if its for that then he didn't need to kill alicia!! bcs the moment he is attack by the villain his already dead and the the one backing him bcs the protagonist will do that.no!! everyone will do that!! your gf is targeted and u wouldn't help her? and it's your fault why is she targeted. that's why the protagonist will target them so killing her doesn't really help or anything.. and mc said that before that happen that she was only there to die and fuel his anger, thus leading him to the next arcs then after that everything will go back like nothing happened... arghhh

Extra's Hatred System


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