Evil Devourer: Chaos Bringer in Futuristic World

[Hello~ It’s nice to meet you, Rai. Ossa is here to give you an offer.]. An extraterrestrial spirit suddenly appeared before Rai with a contract to play with the Magical Girls in his new favorite novel. He nodded firmly to the sweet offer. In response to helping the Spirit’s evil organization by playing and corrupting Magical Girls, he gained Devour ability to extract Magicule from them. —on that day, an『Evil Devourer』was born in a place that no one knew. Beware, Magical Girls, as that monster was unleashed into the alternate world. A new life full of fun was waiting for him. But who would’ve thought playing with them would be really hard? --- Word Counts = 1800-2000

MarudameOssan · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
48 Chs

Chapter 33 – Drown You In Pleasure

"Drown me in pleasure?!" Ahri's face paled as she looked at Rai's handsome face. Her body shuddered in fear, and she squirmed around, trying to free herself but to no avail.

As Rai leaned closer to try to kiss her, she moved her head around in order to resist.

"N-No, stop!"

"Just enjoy it. It will feel good."

Pulling her face with a slight force, Rai kissed the struggling girl. Her lips were soft and slightly sweet. It tasted like an orange.

'Did she just drink an orange juice?' He chuckled as he saw the bright aquamarine eyes widen in shock.

The kiss was brief and only lasted a second, but that was enough to shut the Magical Girl up. Her body relaxed slightly, and Rai used this chance to change the way he tied her up.

With a flick of his arm, the ribbon moved.

"Hya! S-Stop, don't move the ribbon!" Ahri protested, but Rai didn't stop. She didn't even look that convincing with her high-pitched voice.

The golden wand fell to the ground and disappeared in the darkness as the ribbon went into Ahri's inner thighs, tickling her and spreading her legs. Pure white panties could be seen underneath her short blue skirt.

Her hands were tied behind, and her chest was emphasized with the ribbon going through the top and bottom underneath her clothes, digging into her sensitive skin.

When the ribbon fully tied her up, she looked so sexy, and Rai wanted to play a lot with her. Licking his lips, he caressed Ahri's cheek gently.

"You look ready to be devoured, Miss Magical Girl. Kukuku."

Saying so, he leaned forward again. The Magical Girl tried to dodge it, not wanting to kiss him again. But Rai didn't plan to kiss her. Instead, he went to her slightly red neck that was slightly injured from earlier and licked it.

"Ah!" She raised her voice in both pain and the sudden wet sensation. "W-What are you do– Hya! Stop it, or I will scream!"

Rai chuckled, "Just scream then. No light or voice can come in or out inside this barrier. And nobody is allowed to pass without my permission. It's quite strong, considering I made it using a robotic arm, so… Don't hope for help."

'But she can get out easily, but I won't tell her.' He added in his mind. 'I don't want my prey to escape.'

He continued down her neck to the nape, kissing it softly to get Ahri's reaction.

"Hnn! D-Don't. Not my nape!"

'So that's her weak area.' Rai thought, deciding to lick around her nape area.

To corrupt Ahri was simple. This girl was pure and believed in justice. If he attacked her as he did right now without tying her, she probably would only resist a little and only try to push him away.

That was why she shouted that she would put in Tartarus instead of killing him. A naïve girl who thought the world was white and black. She didn't think that she would be attacked that way and secretly began to enjoy and seek it.

Yes. To corrupt her, Rai just needed to drown her in pleasure. But she hadn't transformed yet, so he could only tease her while waiting for his partner to return.

Rai's hand went to Ahri's inner thighs as he licked the back of her neck behind her hair.

"Hya! T-That tickles! Stop it!"

Ahri pushed Rai's body away from her with her shoulder. He didn't resist and pulled away, looking her straight in the eyes.

"How could I stop when you look like you are enjoying it?" He chuckled and approached her ear. "Just admit that you're a dirty girl."

"I am n- Hya! W-Where are you touching me now?" She shouted, obviously embarrassed. She felt a soft touch against her inner thighs, slowly crawling upward in a perverted manner. "N-No, please! Stop this!"

"No," Rai replied, biting her ear, sending a shiver of pleasure down her spine.

"Ahn! W-Why?!" She couldn't understand it.

The Magical Girl's face turned red, and she shook her head without being able to do anything with her tied hands and legs.

All this time, she felt the wet sensation, every kiss and his tongue running against her sensitive skin. She also felt his gentle touch against her thighs, giving her a strange sensation.

"N-No… I-I feel strange. If you continue, I…"

"Just enjoy it. Let out your moan. There is only us in this place, and not even a camera could see what happened. Just embrace the feeling." He whispered softly and kissed her neck.

Rai's voice rang in Ahri's ears, causing her to stiffen.

Using this chance, he moved away from her, moved the ribbon to gag her mouth, and strengthened the tie. Her legs were spread wide in front of him, giving him access to her sensitive inner thighs, and her clothes were pulled up, revealing her cute navel and stomach.

His hand caressed her thighs gently as he moved toward her stomach. Without wasting time, he began pampering Ahri, touching her butt with the other hand and kneading it softly like dough.

"Mnnn!! Hmnnn!!" Ahri could only moan loudly with her gagged mouth as she felt Rai's tongue exploring her body slowly. It didn't feel disgusting. Instead, she felt strange in the head because she began to enjoy it, as he said.

'N-No way! Am I a pervert?' She thought in her mind. Shaking her head greatly, she denied it herself, 'N-No! I am a pure Magical Girl!'

However, now that she was conscious of his touch, she couldn't help but seek more of it and…

"Hnn! Mnnn!"

Feeling that Ahri's resistance lessened and her moan turned louder, Rai couldn't help but get excited himself. The Magical Girl's clothes were slowly undone by the tip of the ribbon, revealing her underboob.

Slowly, he went up, licking her stomach to her chest. There was something he wanted to try. This was a question that plagued his mind. Could he only use 'Devour' from his palm, or could he suck the Magicule directly without creating a connection if his mouth was connected near the Core?

Before that, he didn't forget to whisper some words to Ahri. It was necessary, especially since he found out that words could also influence people to make them fall and get corrupted.

"You like it, right?" He teased, his hand tracing the trail where he had licked her earlier before finally grabbing her large breasts, inviting another moan from Ahri.

"You like being humiliated like this. You don't need to answer because your body has already answered me. Don't worry, it will be over soon, and you will be able to experience an orgasm."

"Hnn! Mnnnyy!!" Ahri moaned loudly as she shook her head left and right.

Seeing her, Rai chuckled as he squeezed and massaged her large breasts with his hand.

"I will take that as a yes. Let's try your Magicule again, Miss Magical Girl. Will it be as delicious as before, or will there be a little chance?"

If there was a slight coffee taste, then what he did was a success. Through the skin underneath her boobs that were exposed, Rai planted his lips and activated Devour. A strange connection was made with Ahri's core, and it deepened his smile.

'So I can activate Devour through my mouth too.' He thought.

Then through that strange connection, he activated Devour.

"Hnnn!!" Ahri moaned loudly as her body shivered, attacked by a sudden unexplainable wave of pleasure.

Unlike when he activated it with his palm, the liquid didn't condense but swirled into his mouth. He couldn't accumulate it and must drink it immediately.

A sweet taste exploded, combined with a slight bitterness that came from grounded coffee. It wasn't that strong, but it was there.

'Aha! I succeeded.' He celebrated as he drank the liquid in his mouth in two tiny gulps.